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Chapter Ten: Epilogue

Harry looked up as the front door to Potter Manor opened, and four children entered, followed by Severus and Hermione. He'd had to work today, so the other two adults of the house had taken the kids to Paris for the afternoon. Saturdays were normally a chill out day for the family.

"Hey dad!" chorused the twins, Ronnie and Jillyn. They were Ron's children, but very few people knew about that. Not even the kids did. Harry, Hermione, and Severus had all agreed to wait until the twins were of age. Almost exactly a year from now. The twins had been born on September the first, seven months after the death of thier real father.

"Hi daddy!" the other two children said, crawling next to him on the couch. Twila was thirteen now, and in another week she'd be starting her third year, while her little brother, Brian, would be starting his first year at Hogwarts.

"Did you kids have fun?" Harry asked the group.

"Uncle Russ wanted to apparate us to the top of the Eifle Tower, but mum said no," Ronnie complained. Ronnie and Jillyn called Severus Uncle Russ. Hermione's aunt, Emily, was to blame for that one.

"Father wouldn't take us up without mum and the twins," Twila scowled. Harry held in a laugh. Twila was Severus all over again. While Hermione was 'mum' to all four of the kids, and Harry was 'dad' or 'daddy' to all of them, Severus had chosen to be called 'Father' by he and Harry's two, and 'Uncle Russ' by Hermione's twins. To the general population's knowlege, Harry was indeed the father of the twins. The twins looked more like Hermione than they did Ron, though they'd both been born with the Weasley red hair. Hermione had been mixing a hair dye potion into thier shampoo bottles since they'd gotten old enough to wash thier own hair. A color close to her own for Jillyn, and black like Harry's for Ronnie. They were not identical twins, so a difference in hair color was no big thing. The black hair for Ronnie made him look more like Harry. When the twins were told the truth, they would be free to stop using the dye and wear the red hair they'd gotten from the Weasley line.

"I missed you daddy," Brian said, crawling onto Harry's lap. "I wish you could have come."

When the twins were about two, it had been Severus who'd decided it was time to have a child of their own. Along came Twila, who was her Father's daughter through and through. When she was a year old, it was Harry who'd decided he wanted another, and in turn, Brain was daddy's boy. While Twila acted like a Snape and looked like a Potter, Brian acted like a Potter, but looked more like a Snape. They both had some of Hermione's features as well, since they both were a product of all three adults.

"Any mail from Hogwarts?" Hermione asked.

"Merlin's pants, Hermione," Severus said. "We just walked in the door. How about, 'Hello Harry'?"

Hermione blushed. For the last five months, Hermione had been secretly seeing a young professor at Hogwarts. She hesitated to be open with anyone, especially the children, about the relationship, because not only was he their professor, but she knew that the twins accepted that Harry was thier dad, and since she had Harry got on so well, they would probably see any realtionship outside of him as cheating. This really was the frist real relationship she'd been in since the twins had been born.

"On the kitchen table," Harry said. Harry shifted as Brain got off his lap, and he and Twila started to head of the stairs, probobly to the play room. Ronnie and Jillyn had already vanished.

Severus said down beside Harry has Hermione bounded off to the kitchen to read the letter from her beau. "I love you," Severus said.

Harry sighed. "I love you too."

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