'Hikaru! Hey, Hikaru wait up!'

Haruhi sighed as she watched Kaoru chasing after his twin. His wild red hair bounced erratically as he flew towards his exact opposite. She noticed the expression on his face as his brother stopped and smiled at him. Kaoru's features lit up, as if the world for him was perfect, and nothing could tear his eyes away from the boy in front of him.

Koaru clearly loved Hikaru much more than he realised, and Hikaru clearly felt the same way. Yes, it was true that they used this theme to entertain the girls of the Host Club, but it seemed like they both wished that they could act that way every day. After all, she had seen both Hikaru and Koaru blush to themselves during their acts, and the way their voices trembled was too good for a false show.

But why was Haruhi the only person to have noticed the true love between the two of them?

Perhaps she was just overly intuitive. She thought about what she should do as she continued her walk home. Perhaps she would have to take it upon herself to show these two just how they really felt...

The next afternoon, Haruhi entered the Host Club with a plan up her sleeve. After the usual greeting, and Tamaki's attempt to give her a bear hug, she stood at the middle of the Music Room and declared an idea for a game they could play.

'Hide and Seek!' she exclaimed, as the other Hosts looked densely at her. 'It's a commoner game', she added reluctantly. Tamaki's eyes immediately grew in wonder at her words.

'Why, a commoner game you say! That involves hiding AND seeking? I never knew such a glorious thing could exist! Please, Haruhi, do go on!' he cried in enthusiasm.

'Yeah, Haru-chan!' sang Honey. 'How do you play 'Hiding and Seeking?' '

'Hide and Seek', Haruhi corrected. 'It's really quite simple, all you need is someone to count to 100, then everyone else has to choose a hiding place. When the person who was counting reaches 100, they then have to find everyone. Does that sound good?' She smiled at them, hoping to win them over with cuteness.

It worked.

'Yeah!' the twins cried. 'Hide and Seek! Hide and Seek!'

'Haruhi, if you like, I'll be the person who counts,' suggested Kyouya as he cleaned his glasses. ' I highly doubt that some of my comrades will be able to count to such a high number.'

'Kyouya!' gasped Tamaki in hurt, but Haruhi had no objections. In fact, this only helped to aid her plot. 'Yeah, Kyouya-senpai, that would be wonderful!'

Kyouya turned and sat in his chair, covering his eyes as he did so.

'One, two, three...' he droned.

'Right everyone!' Haruhi whispered. 'Hide!'

The Hosts fled to the corridor outside the music room. Honey skipped in excitement, while the twins stiffled giggles.

'What now!' asked Tamaki hurridly. 'Where should we hide?'

'Hmm', said Haruhi, in a false sense of thoughtfulness. Now that Tamaki had asked this, her plan was slowly coming together! 'Well Tamaki, I think you should hide in the kitchens in the cafeteria. Honey and Mori, hide in the trees near the fountain. And the twins, follow me! I know the perfect place!'

Honey and Mori nodded and followed the orders, but Tamaki was more reluctant in doing so. He had been keen to hide with his beloved daughter, but he didn't want to make her mad by disobeying her. 'All right', he sighed as he trudged towards the cafeteria.

Now it was only Haruhi and the twins. It was perfect!

'So Haruhi', enquired Hikaru, 'where are we going to hide?'

'Yeah,' followed Kaoru, ' I mean, it has to be a good hiding spot! I hate losing!'

'It's all good, guys', she answered. 'Just follow me!'

'What?' demanded Hikaru as he stared at the tiny closet before him. 'You want me and Kaoru to hide in here? It's tiny! And besides, isn't this an obvious place to hide?'

'No no no!' Haruhi cried 'It's the perfect place! Kyouya doesn't seem like the sort of person who could be bothered opening closet doors in the name of a silly game. And if you're BOTH in there, it means you BOTH have a better chance of winning!' Haruhi used her sly cute-as-a-button smile technique, which once again, worked like magic.

'Okay Haruhi', they said in unison. 'If you say so!'

The two boys clambered into the closet and sat down on the boxes that lay strewn about the floor.

Haruhi slowly closed the door, and realised that her plan was all coming to shape. In a few hours, maybe even a few minutes, Hikaru and Koaru would confess there love and be the happiest residents of Ouran Academy. To be totally certain that the twins would not leave the closet before her plan would turn out, Haruhi quietly locked the door, and tiptoed away to hide in her Chemistry classroom.