Ahhh here it is, the finale of The Clueless Love of the Hitachiin Twins! Right in the feels *clutches at heart* but seriously, I'm so grateful to everyone who has been reading, and hopefully enjoying! Have a great 2013, guys :)


Renge Houshakuji could barely contain her glee as the audience swelled around her. Her ex-friends, her ex-enemies…Heck, even her school teachers! They were all wanting a piece of her because Renge Houshakuji had become an IDOL! A STAR! A PRINCESS!

However, even Renge could admit she was slightly peeved off that nobody was actually looking at her. Though people were initially stunned by her entrance with not only one, but TWO host club members, the fascination had died down, and had resumed to usual Host Club fawning.

'Kaoru, you're a terrific dancer; will you teach me someday?'

'Hikaru, you're so pretty surrounded by all this blossom, the pink really brings out your cheek bones!'

'Oh boys, don't worry about your Maths test on Monday, just give me a hug and I'll pass you both!'

There was an audible sigh of relief from the twins as the Principle took to the stage, immediately shutting up the crowd around them.

'Ladies and gentleman, please grab you partners for the last dance of the Ball!'

Hikaru glanced at Kaoru, giving him a pained look.

Now it was Haruhi's time to shine.

Haruhi Fujioka was trembling in her suit.

Would she be able to carry this off? Would this ruin everything, or fix everything?

Now was the time to find out.

She approached the trio, squinting her eyes in a vain attempt to come across as emotional and brooding. Taking her place before Renge, she began to recite her scripted lines.

'Renge, would you grant me the honour of sharing this last dance with me?'

The night filled with the gasps of astonishment from the audience, including Haruhi's biggest fans.

'THREE Host Club members in one night? What kind of magic spell is this girl using!?' came a woeful cry from behind her. Another girl began weeping to her left, while a boy's yell of 'What the HELL!?' came from her right. She'd forgotten to warn Tamaki of their little show.

As Renge feigned a gasp of surprise, Hikaru stepped in with his lines. Hikaru had always been a great actor so the words sounded genuine, but underneath there was a clear undertone of 'I don't want to be here right now'.

'No way, Haruhi!' he retorted. 'Me and Kaoru want Renge all to ourselves tonight! She's too…uhh...precious to share.'

Kaoru nodded half-heartedly, and Haruhi detected a sly roll of his eyes. 'Yeah, she's my…she's my everything.'

'Oh you boys!' Renge squealed, bouncing up and down with genuine ecstasy. 'Sorry Haruhi, I know you want to dance with me because, hey, I'm me, but sorry, not tonight! Now, off you go!'

Haruhi thought back to the script, where 'HARUHI MUST WALK AWAY SOLEMNLY, FOR HER HEART HAS JUST BEEN BROKEN' was underlined three times by the girl in front of her.

'Okay Renge. I understand' she murmured, and slowly began backing away from the trio. She knew what was about to happen. But she was ready for it.

As Haruhi retreated, Kaoru knew what was next. The kiss.

Sure, it was only on the cheek, but Kaoru knew there wasn't anyone else in the world he wanted to kiss, other than Hikaru. The thought of letting them touch someone else disgusted him.

When Kaoru turned to face Renge, he meet Hikaru's eyes. The buzz of electricity he had come to relate to Hikaru's gaze returned and nearly made him melt. If this is what they had to do to avoid judgement from the school, then this is what they would do.

They could practically feel the eyes of their audience surrounding them as the pair shared a nod. It was time.

Renge's squeals of anticipation became the soundtrack of the evening as the boys leaned in with closed eyes. Suddenly, they made contact.

Kaoru was confused. Renge's cheek felt strange. It was warm and wet and…strangely familiar. With his heart hammering, Kaoru gingerly opened his eyes…

Hikaru was staring right back at him.

The pair's lips instantly broke apart as blood rushed to their cheeks. Haruhi slowly came into their vision, clutching Renge in her arms. Clearly pushing her out the way had annoyed Renge, but the feeling of being held by Haruhi seemed to make it up to her.

The twins gazed back at each other, and then at the floor, as the silence of the night drowned them. They both expected boos and hisses, cries of disgust and horror.

Instead, it was the sound of cheering that filled their ears.

As the applause grew to a crescendo, Haruhi approached them, patting each of them on the shoulder.

'You can't deny who you are, guys,' she told them with a grin on her face. 'If you spend the rest of your lives keeping quiet…well…what kind of life would that be?'

Haruhi sighed, turning to look at the clapping audience surrounding them. Some girls had even fainted from the scene. Others were weeping whilst chanting 'BROTHERLY LOVE! THE BROTHERLY LOVE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!'

'You guys don't have to hide anymore,' Haruhi continued. 'Renge may have been threatening to reveal this secret, but by the looks of it, everyone else had already guessed!'

Kaoru's vision was getting blurry as his emotions got the best of him. This acceptance, this love, from everyone surrounding them was…it was…

'Thank you, Haruhi,' he said with tears blotching his cheeks. 'Thank you.'

As the applause continued and the blossom speckled the dance-floor, Kaoru's hand found Hikaru's and he squeezed it tight.

There was no fear.

There was no shame.

His name was Kaoru Hitachiin.

His brother's name was Hikaru Hitachiin.

His lover's name was Hikaru Hitachiin.

And everything was going to be okay.