Lizzie: Alright! This is my first story that's not a one shot or a collection of one shots!

Muse Judai: Even though this is based off chapter 15 of Moments an Memories.

Lizzie: Details, details... Anyway, on with the story!

Pairings: JohanxJudai, maybe others added later.

Warnings: BoyxBoy, AU, mythical creatures, blood, lemon(s) in later chapters, OOCness (Kinda, hopefully not too much)

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! GX


Do you believe in vampires? If you don't, you might want to start believing in them now, since they are real. Very real.

Vampires wander the earth, looking just like normal humans. That teacher with the slightly sinister smile? She could be a vampire.

Of course, I'm not saying she actually is a vampire, just that she could be. Vampires are in our every day lives, most just don't know it. Especially since there is that myth that the sun destroys vampires, the sunlight only weakens them slightly, barely affecting them at all.

Vampires even want the same life as most humans, a happy family with enough money to keep them living comfortably. The only difference is that vampires have to feed on blood at least once a week.

To them, one person's blood could be very different from another's. Like if one person drank alcohol excessively, then their blood would taste very bitter. The more bitter the blood, the less the vampires liked it. The sweetest blood they could obtain was from innocents, but very few humans were truly innocent these days.

But there is one type of blood that all vampires would do almost anything to get. Seraph blood.

Seraphim used to wander the earth with vampires, but the vampires, craving their blood, almost killed them all, so they created another dimension they could live in and not have the fear of going extinct.

Every so often, a seraph would appear on earth to guide good souls to heaven after they died. Those times were very risky for seraphim as the could be attacked by a vampire at those times.

And this is why Judai Yuki, a seraph, was on earth, guiding a soul to heaven for the first time.

But Johan Anderson, a vampire, would make sure he didn't get back to his home dimension.


Lizzie: So that's the prologue! I hope you enjoyed it!