"Petty! Lily! Come look at this." I cried out looking at the little violet spinning and moving in my hand on its own.

"What is it Vi?" Petunia asked running outside gasping at the little flower moving in my hand.

"Oh Letty that's great!" Lily said hugging me.

I looked at my other older sister hoping that her eyes would hold the same pride Lily's did but all I saw from the ten year old girl was sadness and disappointment as she looked away.

"Petty?" I whispered out with a pout.
"Yeah, that is great sweetie." She said softly looking anywhere but at me.

"Petty are you made at me?" I questioned standing up and walking over to her.

"Nothing you need to worry about. Excuse me I was in the middle of getting ready for Jesse's party." She said running into the house.

I sat on the bench looking at the garden sadly running my fingers through my messy chin-length hair. I swung my legs back and forth since they couldn't reach the ground yet. Why did my sister hate me? I thought she would be happy she liked the magic just as much as Lily and I. So then why did she brush me off like making the flower move was pointless?

"Sev guess what we have another witch in our family!" Lily yelled to her best friend as she piggy-backed me to the park later that day.

"Petunia?" the eight-year-old asked looking curiously at the two of us.

"No…I don't think she will be magic." Lily told him setting me down her voice was upset like Petty's had been earlier.

"Then is it little Violet here?" he asked placing his hand on the top of my head and giving me a partial smile, nothing like he would give Lily, but better than nothing.

"Of course she was doing the flower trick. Why don't you show Sev, Letty?" She said grinning at me with pride.

I shook my head feeling really shy around the older boy. He bent down to look me right in the eyes his smile had widened slightly as his long black hair swung forward to tickle my cheeks making them heat up.

"Come on Violet show me what a great witch you are." He said his black eyes staring straight into my pale green ones.

I bit my lip looking away but held the flower I still had clutched in my hand out and concentrated making it move like I had earlier that day. It didn't look at clean as it did when Lily did it but I knew I would never measure up to my sister she was the best at everything.

Severus was smiling looking at me then up at Lily.

"I think Slytherin House will be getting another Evans shortly." He said gasping a bit as I hugged my arms tightly around his waist.

He smiled and picked me up hugging he had just said the nicest thing he ever could. I cuddled my face into his shoulder and wrapped my legs around his stomach when I felt like I was going to fall from his grip.

AN: Okay so this is the prologue to my upcoming story. I've been reading a lot of Harry Potter Fanfiction and have become discouraged with the portrayal of one Severus Snape. He is not the evil conniving bastard everyone sees him as. He is my absolute favorite character and i thought he deserved a story that showed that side of him. On a side note yes i realize that he seems to be acting really out of character here but here is my reasoning. First he is eight years old obviously he isn't going to be the snarky double-agent yet, he hasn't had to much bad with his life. Yes his father is a bastard but i don't think he was to bad until Severus was actually accepted to Hogwarts. Second he is around Lily and he's always mellower around her according to his memories, he is in love with her always has been and always will be and yes I know he wasn't nice around Petunia but think that might be because of her obvious disdain of him and the fact that she is a muggle so when Lily's little sister who loves magic and Lily and wants to be like Lily is around and has finally discovered her own magic i think he would be a little more open to her. Also as a side note I do like Petunia so she also will be written how I see her which I know isn't what a lot of people think of her even after the last book was published. Please review especially if I got too out of character I'm still pretty young and would love for help polish my writing. Thank you for all of you who have read this insanely long Author's Note I know most people just skip over it