Violet sat in a cold and dank room her face covered with a sheer veil. She was next to a few other girls approximately her age. She listened as the leader kept rapt attention of his followers.

"Tonight we come out of the shadows and show those sympathizers what it truly means to be proud of our heritage and we will do that starting with cleansing the world of this disgusting creature." He yelled revealing a young boy.

The boy was about 12 maybe younger, his eyes flashed with a reckless courage of a Gryffindor.

"Crabbe come here this will be your initiation rite."

A figure stepped forward shrouded in black and started casting the cruiatus curse. The boy screamed out but did not break, not in the hour of torture he was subjected to before Crabbe grew bored and ended him.

"Well done my boy, you may be first to partake in the delicacies I've gathered up here as treats for my followers."

The boy silently went up grabbing the arm of a girl a little bigger than Violet taking her out of the room wordlessly.

"My inner circle you may have first pick but I am quite fond of these little whores do not break them beyond repair."

Violet sat stock still as men came up picking from the different mudbloods taking them to back rooms where the screaming seemed amplified.

She stood in front of the towering and slender death eater removing the mask her green eyes almost dead no expression in them as he took off his own shaggy brown and grey hair framing feral face.

"Such young blood pumping through this body." He growled pressing his nose right below her ear.

He bit her roughly throwing her small body on the bed. Closing her eyes she took a steadying breath. She could not show fear to this beast. She could not let him see the pain in her eyes when he took away the last shred of her purity. Her mind strayed to her first meeting.

"Regulas what a good lad you are finding a worthless mudblood who knows her place." Came the high pitched voice of arguably one of the strongest wizards in the world.

"Severus found her my lord I've just trained her." He growled kicking the girls bare calf leaving a bruise.

The dark one would of course peer into his follower's mind watching the memories of the youngest Black abusing this young woman in front of him. He looked down and recognized her but not her. He had been trying to recruit her sister a woman who had bested many of his own in fights but had repeatedly turned his generous offers down.

"Why should I believe you when your sister so often has denied me." He hissed.

"My sister is prideful, she is headstrong, a true Gryffindor. I am not my sister my lord. I am a Ravenclaw. I am smart enough to see that you will win this war and I know this may be my only chance to survive longer than my eighteenth year." The sixth year said her head down in reverence.

"Look at me my child." He whispered.

Coal black eyes met emerald green ones. He was assaulted with her memories, her thoughts. He could see the driven but angry woman. The woman who wanted nothing more than to kill his greatest follower, who felt a burning envy that was slowly turning in to hatred for her sister for holding the heart of the man she loved. He came back out when he came upon an obvious fantasy the girl held not needing to see what she thought of the wiry Slytherin in his ranks. To her credit she blushed but did not lose eye contact leaving it up to him to probe her mind further for thoughts of betrayal.

"You are not your sister. I cannot trust you completely with your hatred of one of my most trusted members but I can give you a place among the worthless mudbloods. If you prove yourself you may become like the werewolves that is the closest you will ever get to being a full member."

"What does this membership entail my lord." Came her soft but strong alto.

"You are a toy for all of my followers to take part in. That is of course when you come of age." He said with a smirk. "Do you wish to take the mark of toy."

"Any mark from you my lord is an honor." She whispered.

Laying on her stomach he lifted her shirt to show the smooth skin of her back. He blazed a dark mark into the skin there. A mark that would burn when around his followers who wished to have her and she had to obey it no matter what or the burning would become worse. She did not scream even though the pain of it on mounted being worse than that of a muggle tattoo in the same area and immediately she felt the burning.

She looked up at the few members there her eyes turning to Regulas seeing he was the one causing it and she went over to him. "How do you want this sir." She said in a small subservient tone as the man grabbed her chin length hair roughly.

"Show them what it means to be a toy." He growled out.

Her deft fingers released him and without a word she took him in her mouth not looking at him a sign that she was not worthy to do so. The girl was young but she had done this a few times and within minutes she took her mouth on him the white sticky liquid around her lips dripping onto her robe unable to swallow it all. The burning finally stopped and the man backhanded her as if she was nothing.

She was taking out of her reverie when she felt the much older man mount her and she stared into his eyes. She could feel the marks he left on her skin. Deep gouges around her hips and more than a few of his bite marks were bleeding but she made no sign to show pain. She had had the cruciatous curse on her multiple times this pain was nothing. Not wincing she felt the man swiftly take her maidenhead sucking the blood from one of her marks.

She gasped out not expecting the pleasure she felt from him. She had heard from those before her that men do not bother with their pleasure but this one changed positions multiple times to offer her more enjoyable ways going deeper into her newly non virgin body. Never once did she lose eye contact as they both reached the crescendo of the act at the same time.

"You girl will be my own when the time comes." He growled leaving the girl after biting her neck once again.

Getting up after he left she pulled a dress on and combed out the growing curls. She had a family dinner with her sister and her husband to get to. Both her sisters had news to share with the girl and she already knew what it was. It would be impossible to be anything else, but she chuckled at the thought of it being at the same time.

Exiting she headed to her eldest sister's house. She would not enjoy this night. Not with both husbands at each other's throats about everything. Vernon after all abhorred magic and…well everyone but Petunia hated Vernon.

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