This is a HnKnA manga fic. Sorry if you were looking for something off the games! ^^; I'm pretty proud, it's good for any pairing. (Though for Dee and Dum or Vivaldi, you'll have to suffer with the 'I' pronoun. Sorry, I can't change it for just two pairings! D=) But its up to you if it's worth your time! =3 Sorry it's short. ^^;

She's so beautiful it hurts.

Her beautiful, shining smile. Lighting up my day, my life, making me feel love, as I've never felt before. Tricking me into an emotion I don't know. She makes my clock-heart skip seconds, makes me swoon. Of, course, I don't tell anyone this. But she knows I love her. And if she decides she loves someone else, I'm not sure how I'll go on. Living with just her friendship seems like a tough run.

Those bright blue eyes, gently washed like a cool, clear pond over soft sand. Her eyelashes, full and characteristic. She uses no makeup and still looks so stunning, causing us all to love her, to want her. How could we not love and adore the outsider, the one with the qualities we all want. Her never-ending tough love and happy attitude, cheering us and giving us all reasons to both shoot each other(though she'd hate that) and to value our own lives.

Her blond hair, falling just so over her shoulder, swaying with her steps. It shines with the sun, or the moon, the Wonderland moon, so full and bright. It glints off of the grass in the woods, tracing the paths she's walked, giving me a trail to find her. But everyone else can follow that same trail...

The blue dress, surrounded with gold trim and white lace. She floats in it, her love carrying her like the sky carries the sun. Her mary-janes pushing her up those few centimeters, just enough for her to be the 'right' size. Maybe I'm the only one who notices. But I think we all appreciate her little differences. Even if I can see them elsewhere.

Her heartbeat. That simple thump, that is so unlike me, that is so different and worth pursuing. It makes her so lovely, so cute, so human. I am not human...but she could help me become it. I know somehow that Alice could make me a real person, without a replaceable clock, without a rebuildable heart.

Me, Nightmare. She thinks she can defy me, but I'll win her over. I love Alice Liddel.

Me, Blood Dupre. I am caught in her wake of feelings. I love Alice Liddel.

Me, Elliot March. I'm swept up in her smile and care. I love Alice Liddel.

Us, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. We're pulled to the thought of having our favorite toy, Lady, forever. We love Alice Liddel.

Us, Queen Vivaldi. We are enamored of her adorable look. We love Alice Liddel.

Me, Peter White. I know we are meant to be together, and that's final. I love Alice Liddel.

Me, Sir Ace. Her 'difference' and real heartbeat draws me to her. I love Alice Liddel.

Me, Card #5 of Hearts. She sees me as a separate person, a face with definition. I love Alice Liddel.

Me, Julius Monrey. She values me as a person and sees what I'm worth. I love Alice Liddel.

Me, Mary Gowland. She's happy, can have fun but be serious all at the same time. I love Alice Liddel.

Me, Boris Airay. Her heart is full of laughs and joy and love, and she shares it with me. I love Alice Liddel.

I can't live without her. I'll fight for her. Even if it means someone dies, I want to be the one to take her home. I want to be the one to see her happy in her own world.

I will win her heart.

And I will have Alice Liddel, my love.