The phone rang causing Mulder to leap off the sofa and across the room in one fluid movement to answer it.


"Hey Mulder, it's me", Mulder smiled as he recognized Scully's voice down the line.

"Hey Scully. You OK?" he asked, slightly concerned as it was unlike her to call for a trivial reason.

"Yeah, just bored" she answered.

"What have you been doing today?" he asked her, relieved that nothing serious was happening but confused as to why Scully was ringing apparently just to chat. It was a Saturday and for once they were in town and not away on a case.

"Erm, I met my mother for lunch and then we went shopping. Just clothes and stuff, she'd been bugging me since my birthday that she wanted to buy me a new outfit and I wanted to get some bits for the house too. Oh! We bumped into Langley at the mall too."

"What did your mother make of him?" Mulder asked, chuckling. Scully laughed.

"She was exactly as you'd expect my mother to be. She was a bit confused at first, he doesn't really look like the kind of person I'd know - she thinks I only know FBI people who wear suits all the time, but then I told her he was a good friend of yours and she started fawning over him, saying how much she likes you." Mulder groaned, Langley would have told the Gunmen all about this by now, he was in for some serious ribbing from them. "But we only spoke for a few minutes," Scully continued "then mom and I went to look at some bake ware."

"Fascinating" Mulder said his voice sarcastic.

"Yeah well, what have you been doing then?" she asked him, a hint of amusement in her voice.

"I went to the shop to buy food and then to the pet store for fish food and a new tank filter. This afternoon I've been cleaning my apartment" he told her.

"Positively riveting" she replied, her voice dripping sarcasm. Mulder ignored her.

"So come on Scully, what's up, you never just call me to chat?" he asked. Scully hesitated for a moment.

"Well I was wondering if you fancied getting a pizza and watching a movie tonight?" she replied. Mulder squirmed slightly, of all the nights.

"I'd love to Scully, honestly I would, but the thing is, I already have plans. The Gunmen and I try and have a games night every month but we've been out of town so often it's been a while now. As soon as they figured I was in town tonight they pinned me down and made me commit to hosting. I'm sorry."

"Oh, it's ok" said Scully, trying to sound blasé but unable to hide the disappointment in her voice completely. "I'll just eat your share of the pizza and watch a movie that's actually good instead. What game are you playing? Dungeons and Dragons or something?"

"You know there is more to the Gunmen than that sort of thing Scully" Mulder replied, "but tonight it's Guitar Hero. One person hosts and another brings a game, Langley's pick tonight; in fact that's probably why he was at the mall today. Hey Scully!" he suddenly thought aloud.


"Why don't you come over and join us? The Gunmen always say you're welcome anytime and I bet you'd whup their collective asses."

"Well that's always an enjoyable thought" said Scully, laughing, "But I doubt there'd be much ass-whupping from me if you're playing Guitar Hero, you know video games aren't my scene."

"You have a Wii in your apartment Scully, I've seen it." Mulder countered.

"Well yes but the only games I have for it are the sports thing it came with and that fitness game for me to practice my yoga. Unless Langley is planning an evening of yoga and muscle exercises along with playing guitar I doubt my Wii experience would be of much help to me."

Mulder tried not to picture Frohike in a leotard but the image had already formed in his head so he tried to quickly replace it with the girl on the front cover of this month's Playboy instead.

"Come on Scully, it'd be fun. We'll have takeaway food, drink a couple of beers, and have a few laughs. If nothing else you'll definitely beat Byers, my fish have beaten him before now. Besides, what's your alternative?"

Scully thought about her alternative, sitting at home alone eating slowly congealing pizza and watching TV. The thought of being with friends, even if they were Mulder and the Gunmen pretending to be Guns N Roses had to be more appealing.

"Ok I'll come over" she decided aloud.

"Brilliant!" Mulder practically shouted, he hadn't realized just how much he'd wanted Scully to join them. "One thing Scully, tonight we're chilling out and becoming rock stars" he tried to find a 'cool' voice to use but it appeared he didn't have one. "So no nice, smart pant suits or formal skirt and blouse combos ok?"

"What am I supposed to wear then?" Scully asked.

"I dunno, something that screams rock goddess!" Mulder sniggered slightly and Scully snarled quietly to herself. "I'll see you in two hours ok?"

"Yeah ok" Scully replied curtly. So Mulder found the idea of her being cool in anyway laughable did he? She'd show him. Putting the phone back down on its cradle she stalked towards her bedroom wardrobe like a woman on a mission…