Scully is getting ready for her night at Mulder's. The dress she describes is the one my poor mum was made to wear to her brother's wedding when she was a bridesmaid at 16. I don't think she ever quite forgave him and having seen the photos, I don't blame her!

Scully pulled open her wardrobe doors a little more forcefully than she intended to, causing the right door to swing back on its hinges and almost bang into her shoulder. She muttered under her breath, still fuming at Mulder's attitude. She could be cool, far cooler than Mr Spooky. She carefully scanned the top shelf, looking for something. Standing on tiptoes she began to pull items down. A box full of winter jumpers, a couple of old coats she really needed to give to a charity shop. Ah ha! She pulled down the large box and dumped it unceremoniously onto her bed before pulling off the lid. At the top of the box lay a large piece of salmon coloured taffeta. Scully shrugged back a shudder of revulsion as she pulled it out of the box and placed it on the bed. She still hadn't forgiven Bill for making her wear that hideous dress to his wedding when she'd been a bridesmaid; she'd looked like a walking prawn. Her only consolation on the day is that her sister had been made to wear an identical dress; together they had made good use of the free bar and plotted schemes to get back at Bill. The only reason she kept it is to remind her exactly why she hadn't forgiven him, the photos didn't do the full horror of it justice.

Under the hideous dress were her old baby blanket and a t-shirt that had belonged to Melissa. Finally she found what she'd been looking for. Buried toward the bottom of the box was a pair of lethal looking platform shoes, a studded dog collar and a black t-shirt. Scully couldn't help giggling slightly as she pulled them out and fished a pair of tight, flared jeans from her main wardrobe. Of course this wasn't her usual look. The items in the box were from her friend Charlotte from college's bachelorette party several years ago. They'd all got dressed up as rocker chicks and gone to a rock club. It was the last time Scully could remember pulling a guy on a night out, with ample help from the vodka that had been free flowing since they were at the apartment. Scully pulled on the tight jeans and the black t-shirt which was torn in strategic places and had the Metallica logo shimmering slightly on the chest. She clicked on the dog collar and couldn't help laughing at how silly she felt wearing it. Reaching back into the box she dug out a large leather belt with a massive skull buckle which she fastened around her waist. Finally she slipped on the shoes which added a good two inches to her height. Looking at herself in the mirror, Scully couldn't help grinning. Mulder was going to get the shock of his life when she arrived.

Wandering into the bathroom, Scully found a can of hairspray and dug out her makeup bag. She rarely wore anything other than a few basics that she kept on the shelf so the contents of the makeup bag didn't see much action. She found a black glittery eye shadow, a slightly darker shade of lipstick to her usual one and her black eyeliner and began work. As she applied the eye shadow and the eyeliner thickly, she thought about the game she was going to play. When Mulder had told her they would be playing Guitar Hero, Scully had resisted telling him that she actually had some experience on that game. A few weeks previously she had attended her nephew's birthday party where he and his friends were playing it. After the kids had left and her nephews were in bed, the adults had relaxed with a few drinks and got to playing themselves. Brotherly teasing never completely stops, even into adulthood and Scully had found herself coerced into having a go. Surprisingly, she had found herself playing easily, her brain had just clicked into place and after a few attempts, she was completing songs easily and winning battles against her brothers. By the sounds of it, Mulder and the Gunmen had never played so unbeknownst to them; she would have the upper hand.

Straightening up, she checked her makeup in the mirror. She grinned, liking the new Scully for the night. The only thing remaining was her hair. Grabbing the can of hairspray, she mussed up her hair with her free hand and began spraying liberally. After a few minutes she had perfected the "just rolled out of bed" look. She clicked the lid back onto the can and switched off the bathroom light. Scully swept through the apartment, grabbing the usual bits and pieces she took with her when going out; cell phone, purse, gun. Finally she clicked off the light to her apartment, locked the door and headed down to her car and on to Mulder's apartment.