Joey Wheeler has been living in the orphanage that was built during the 1500 ever since he was 10. None of his friends at school know about this since he kept his background secret. And he plans to keep it secret.

"Joey? Are you ok?" Yugi asked in a worried tone.

Joey gave him a little smile, "I'm fine, why?"

"Well, lately you've been running home after school and you don't hang out with us that much either." Yugi replied.

Joey patted his head and gave an assured smile, "Sorry. I have been busy with my job and… something." He looked at his wristwatch, "Shoot! I gotta get out of here right now! See you tomorrow Yug!" he shouted back as he ran out of the room with his schoolbag in hand.

Yugi stood dumb folded in his spot. "What's wrong with the mutt lately?" Yugi turn to someone beside him. Seto Kaiba looks down at him with his usual glare.

"I don't know, he said that he was busy with his job and something else he didn't mention," Yugi replied. Kaiba heard as the limousine pull out in front of the school gate. He turns to Yugi, "Follow me if you want to know where the mutt's been going."

Yugi thought a bit before agreeing to come along. They got into the limo and drove after Joey. They stop a few feet away when the saw Joey standing in front of a kindergarten. When the kids pour out, they saw two little look alike, must be twins, jumps into Joey's open arms. They were all laughing and smiling happily. Yugi couldn't help but get swap along with the moment. Kaiba however, was glaring at them as usual when it comes to the blond teen. Joey grabs the twin's hand and started heading somewhere.

"I didn't know Joey had little brothers?" Yugi said in a bit of confused. He didn't know why Joey would keep it a secret. Kaiba smirk, "I didn't know the mutt would be kidnapping little children for money?" he earned himself a death glare from Yugi with that. They decided to follow Joey on foot this time. The streets were too small to fit the limousine.

They hid behind a corner when they realize Joey stop in front of an orphanage. The kids ran inside first and Joey follows. A few other kids ran outside and jump on him. He laughed and patted all their heads, then a young girl around 15 came out and jump on him as well. He got up after a while and walk inside with everyone. Yugi turn to Kaiba. "Do you think Joey works here?" Yugi asked. Kaina didn't answer and just walk back to the limo. Yugi took one last glance at the orphanage and ran after Kaiba.


Joey sat on the edge of the bed and flip through an old magazine. The young girl poke her head through the door. "Can I come in Joey?" she asked.

"Sure," Joey answered with a small smile. She walks in and sat down beside him on the bed. "Joey? Are you going to leave next year after you turn 18?" she asked in a sad tone. She looks at the floor then to him. Joey turns away from her, "I'm not sure. It depends on if I get adopted or stay here until I turn 18. Either way, I am going to have to leave sooner or later. But don't worry," he turn to her, "I'll always come visit when I have time. I won't leave you here to take care of the children, Yuki."

She gave a short nod and walk back to the door. She turn around and smile, "I love you, Joey." She ran out the room embarrassed. Joey sighed with a chuckle and look back at the magazine.


Joey sat down on his desk beside Seto Kaiba that hadn't arrive yet and look toward Yugi, who was trying to finish a problem he did wrong. Joey looks at it and noticed that Yugi make another. He point to the place where Yugi make the mistake, "It's suppose to be a two instead of a three." Yugi look at it and notice it as well. He turns to Joey with a big smile, "Thanks Joey!"

"You welcome," he said with a grin. When he noticed Seto Kaiba approaching, he turned back to his schoolbag and pill out his homework. He laid it on the desk and reviews them again. Once he decide it was correct, he put them together in a pile and turn back to Yugi who just finished his homework.

"Joey?" Joey turn around quickly when he thought that Seto Kaiba just say his name for the first time in all his years of knowing him.

"D-Did you just said my name, Kaiba?" Joey asked in shock.

Kaiba gave him a glare, "Follow me, I'm should you wouldn't want to talk here." He got up and walked to the door. Joey sallow hard and got up slowly. He followed Kaiba without Yugi's knowledge. They head up the stairs to the roof. Kaiba stood up in front of the fence and cross his arms around his chest.

"What do you want to talk about?" Joey asked with a serious expression. Kaiba return a glare, "What were you doing at the orphanage yesterday?'

Joey was a bit surprised. He bit his lower lips and look at the ground, "You follow me?"

"Not just me, Yugi as well." Kaiba added. Joey looks up in horror, "Y-Yugi saw?"

"Yes. Now tell me, why were you at the orphanage?" Kaiba asked again.

Joey clenched his hands into fist, "Why did you follow me?"

Kaiba sigh in annoyance that he didn't answer his question, "Yugi was curious."

Joey glares at him, "I was visiting the orphanage and help takes care of the kids."

Kaiba snorted, "Don't lied to me. I know that you actually lives there."

Joey's glare turn into complete shock and horror, "How did you?"

"I was curious myself, so I did a little research and found out that you've been there since you were 10. Why?" Kaiba asked.

Joey was about to burst out in tears, but he held back, "It's none of your business what happens to me in the past and where I lived. Besides, why should you care?"

"I don't," Kaiba replied, in truth, he actually really like the blond, "I'm just curious as the owner of his dog."

Joey death glared him, "You're not my master and I am not a dog! Just leave me alone!" he ran back downstairs leaving the young CEO behind. A smirk appeared on his face, "I don't think I can do that puppy."


Joey sat down on the floor leaning on his bed in fear. /Yugi knows. What if he tells everyone? No, Yugi isn't someone like that. I need to calm down./ he took a deep breath/ the most important thing right now is how to keep Kaiba silent about this. Maybe if I kill him… definitely no. mokuba would be seriously sad./ no matter how much he hate Kaiba, he can never hate Mokuba. He actually is quite fond of the kid.

A knock came on the door. Yuki open the door and poke her head through the open space, "Joey, someone's here to see you. He said he's a friend from school."

Joey got up instantly and look at her in horror, "Um, tell him I'm not home!"

"Don't be silly. Hurry up!" she closed the door behind her. Joey slump onto the bed and curse whoever came to see him. /Hmm, since Yugi doesn't know I live here, it has to be Kaiba! Damn him! I'll show him who's boss!/

He got up and walked down the hall to the living room. As soon as he entered the room, he snorted quietly. Then he noticed someone else beside the CEO. He was tall man around his 40s and 50s. He wore a black suit and had a brief case on his laps. Across from them on the other side of the couch was an old lady in her 60s. She was the owner of the orphanage and a very nice owner at that. She usher him to sit down beside her. Joey did just that, ignoring eye contact with the CEO.

As sson as he sat down, the man in his 40s or 50s begin talking, "Hello Joey Wheeler." He reached out a hand that Joey willingly shook. Once they part hands he continue, "I am Harrison Tyler, Mr. Seto Kaiba's lawyer. Today I am here to for your adoption from this orphanage to a new home."

Joey froze and become very stiff. He looked at Harrison to Kaiba who had a smirk on. Harrison continued, "Ms. Weather had already sign your adoption papers that will be ready in a few moments. From the looks of it, you and Mr. Seto Kaiba is already familiar with each other, so there will be no problem." He turn to Kaiba, "Mr. Kaiba, I will take my leave now. Once the papers are done, you can leave with Mr. Wheeler." Kaiba nodded. Harrison shook his hand and then Ms. Weather's. Joey was the last to shooked his hand before he left. Joey was still too stunned to say anything. Ms. Weather let Joey and Kaiba alone to talk for a bit before the papers are done. Kaiba keep smirking as Joey stared at the floor in shock.

"Are you breathing mutt?" Kaiba asked still smirking with delight.

Joey glare at him, and then it fade away, "Why did you just adopt me?"

Kaiba cross his arms and legs, "I decided it would be fun to have a mutt around the house. Besides, Mokuba would really like having you around."

"I'm not a mutt," he muttered in a whispering tone.

Kaiba got up and walk around the table to him. He pulled Joey up and held Joey's chin so he'll look at him. "This is a welcoming party," he whispered before locking their lips together. Joey stared at him in shock. He could Kaiba's tongue touches his. His heart went racing and he close his eyes tightly shut.

They pull away for breath and Joey look away embarrassed. Kaiba smirk and left the room. Joey slumped onto the couch and touch his lips. /that was… my first kiss./