Entertainment Payment

It's been a long week for Ciel Phantomhive. So much paperwork and so many problems have happened. It was now Friday, and already, things have gone mad. Bard managed to blow up the kitchen once again, Maylene happened to trip and break tons of dishes in a hallway, Finny tormented Pluto too much and set the garden on fire, and Tanaka…..well, he was just being Tanaka. Sebastian had went to take care of all the servants' mistakes, leaving Ciel all alone in his small office.

"Sebby-chaaaaan~!" A voice rang out annoyingly, startling the small blue-haired boy.

Suddenly, Ciel looked over to see a certain feminine-like shinigami standing near the newly opened window. The red head gazed around the room, then made a disappointed face when his emerald eyes stopped at the boy.

"Hm? Where's my Sebas-chan?" The death god's heels made a slight patting noise as he made his way over to where Ciel was sitting, and leaned over the desk.

Ciel felt his eye twitch a little in frustration and decided to close it, also lifting his hands up to rub his temples. The only noise that came out of the boy's mouth was a small "tch".

The shinigami pouted and leaned over the desk further, folding his arms so that he could lay his chin down on them.

"Why are you in such a gloomy mood today?" The red head sulked quietly, showing his disdainful liking to the boy. "Not like you're always in a gloomy mood."

"It's because I have a lot of work to do and you're distracting me. Why are you here, Grell?"

"Why, to visit Sebby-chan of course!" Grell replied gleefully, jumping up in sudden excitement. As if on cue, the same butler walked into the room, completely ignoring the presence of the shinigami, and put a teacup down onto the desk for his young master. Finally, he addressed Grell firmly, without even glancing at the red head.

"Grell, the young master has a very busy schedule today and he must get his work done. I suggest you leave at once."

"Ohhh~! Sebas-" Grell opened up his arms and ran for the butler, only to crash into a wall when Sebastian stepped to the side. "chan…."

Ciel slammed his hand down onto the desk, looking directly at Sebastian.

"I'm sick of all this paperwork. I need a little break….." The young boy gave off a long sigh.

"Then, may I suggest a quick walk through the town to calm your nerves, Bocchan?" Sebastian was holding Grell's head back with one hand as the shinigami reached for him with both arms.

"Yes." Ciel agreed and stood up from his chair.

"Oooo~! Can I come too?" Grell exclaimed, stopping in front of Ciel.

"NO." Sebastian immediately stated, glaring at the red head.

"Let him. But only if he promises to shut up." The boy turned his back on the red shinigami so his butler could slip a jacket on his shoulders.

"Can I at least hold Sebby's hand?" Grell whined, flailing his arms around.

Ciel smirked at the simple statement. Sebastian absolutely despised Grell. All because Grell was too bubbly and clingy around him. Maybe this walk would be somewhat amusing if he let the red head come along.


Grell's eyes lit up with glee and he spun around in eagerness.


Ciel tried his best to hide the small grin on his face when he glanced up to see Sebastian clearly not amused.

It was a nice day outside. Perfect temperature, and the sun wasn't hiding. Ciel actually felt calm and relaxed as he walked. However, as for Sebastian, he was dreading it. Instead of actually holding hands, Grell decided to hug Sebastian's whole arm. The only one who was completely enjoying the walk was obviously the red shinigami.

"Who could of done this!"

"This is monstrous!"

The three stopped in their tracks to notice a crowd nearby.

"Wonder what's going on…." Grell pondered out loud, releasing his death grip on Sebastian's arm.

Ciel walked through the crowd easily, since people knew who he was.

"What happened?" He asked, laying his eyes onto the scene that started the gathering. His eyes soon widened to find a pile of dead bodies lying in a large puddle of blood.

"We have a new killer walking these streets now. Everyone around the area says they didn't hear a thing." Officer Aberline informed him.

Ciel nodded and looked up at Sebastian. Both knew that it was a job for the Queen's watchdog. And both knew who to go to first for information.

There it stood. The shop that Ciel dreaded to go to. It had cobwebs scattered all over and the paint was rusted and worn out. It was none other than Undertaker's shop.

The three hesitantly walked in, scanning the room for the creepy funeral director. Ciel expected him to pop out of a coffin, but surprising enough, he walked out of the back room.

"Oh. Good afternoon, Earl. Would you be interested in trying out one of my very own custom-made coffins today?" He smiled and patted a black coffin next to him.

"You know why I'm here, Undertaker." Replied Ciel, giving the man a glare.

Grell decided to speak up at that point, since he was bored of not getting enough attention.

"Why do you always dress like that? Sheesh, you need a designer or something~!" The red shinigami trailed over to Undertaker, tugging on the baggy sleeve.

All the funeral director did was chuckle lightly.

Ciel felt an uneasy feeling in his stomach, and it was even worse than what he would normally feel when arriving at the Undertaker's shop. He felt that something different was going to happen.

Interrupting Grell's rambling and Ciel's thoughts, the gray-haired shinigami walked closer to the young boy.

"Well, Earl, you know that I do not accept the Queen's money nor do I work for free…."

Ciel watched him carefully, stepping back a little. "Yes, I know."

Sebastian moved in front of Ciel to face Undertaker. "Allow me, Bocchan."

Undertaker grinned wider, putting his cold hand on Sebastian's chest. "No. I want the Earl to entertain me this time, hehehe~."