Sebastian's eyes widened a little, startled at Undertaker's request. He had to admit in his head that Ciel wasn't good at telling jokes or doing magic tricks; overall, Ciel Phantomhive was horrible at entertaining people.

"In fact, I want to talk to the Earl in private. Hehehe."

Sebastian looked at Ciel, as if asking for permission to leave.

"Very well, Undertaker. Leave the shop Sebastian. Grell." He nodded his head at the red shinigami, who apparently found his way over to the butler once again.

"Ahhh~ fine with me! As long as I'm alone with my Sebas-chan~!" The two left the shop to leave Ciel and the Undertaker all alone.

"So what did you want to talk about?" The young Earl asked, keeping the slight confidence in his voice.

All of a sudden, he felt a hand grab him and pin his arms above his head onto a coffin. Ciel snapped his head up to look at the grinning male above him. "What's the meaning of this!" He tried to shout, but heard his voice crack a little. The man above him chuckled darkly and made no move to get off the boy.

"I want you to kiss me, Earl." The Undertaker hissed into the boy's ear, making the younger male shudder.

"W-what? You p-pervert!" Ciel stuttered with his words as he tried to wriggle out of the older man's grasp. The Undertaker wouldn't budge, and he seemed to be having a jolly good time messing with the Earl.

"Come on, Earl. One kiss on the lips and I will free you and tell you the information you need to know. Hehehe."

Ciel thought about it for a moment. He had his reputation, however it was the least thing he cared about it. He had his pride, but it had it's limitations. However, it is his duty to protect the Queen's people, no matter what it takes. Anyway, all he had to do was kiss the Undertaker. How bad would it be? Just one small peck on the lips, that's all.

"F-fine….." The small boy's cheeks turned pink as he lifted his head up. He gasped softly when his lips met the Undertaker's cold ones. He expected the older man to pull away first, but that wasn't the case. Instead, the retired shinigami released his grip on the boy's arms and wrapped his own arms around the Earl's slim waist, pushing deeper into the kiss.

After a few moments of hard kissing, Undertaker finally pulled away and gently laid Ciel back down onto the coffin. "My apologies, Earl. I lost control of myself. You're free to go." Just like that, the funeral director stood up and walked over to the couch, plopping down onto it and smirking.

Ciel was flustered and panting for breath. His heart was racing and he noticed his fingers were shaking. The thing that bothered him the most wasn't because Undertaker had kissed him deeply, but because he, the Earl of Phantomhive, had enjoyed every minute of it! The Undertaker's mouth surprisingly tasted of mint and other candy, and he was so gentle to the boy, it seemed he was a whole different person.

Ciel sat up on the coffin, still wide-eyed, and gazed at the Undertaker.

"Well? I still need to talk to you, Earl. Come sit down with me." The funeral director crossed his one leg over the other and patted the vacant spot next to him.

Obediently, the young Earl walked over and sat down next to him. Ciel wasn't usually the one to obey other people's commands, but since he was in such a state, he was more vulnerable and compliable.

"Hehehe, it seems you enjoyed that as much as me, Earl." A long, slender finger poked Ciel's cheek and an arm came around his shoulder, holding him in place.

All the young boy noticed was Undertaker's lips moving, and the way his face was moving in closer to his. He felt the older man's body grow nearer, and the voice in his head was telling him to gain more of that warmth.

Ciel's eyes became half-lidded as he pressed his lips to the Undertaker's once more, earning a slight grunt from the man.

The young Earl didn't care anymore. He didn't care that he was kissing the creepiest man he has ever met. He didn't care if he was somewhat cheating on his fiancee. He didn't care if Sebastian and Grell were waiting just right outside the door. All that he cared about was that he wanted Undertaker so bad, it was starting to hurt.

Ciel's fingers reached up to slowly trace the scar on the Undertaker's neck as he kissed him. The retired shinigami grinned into the kiss and licked Ciel's bottom lip, wanting access to the warm cavern of his mouth. The boy complied and opened his mouth wide enough so that the other's tongue could explore.

The only sounds in the shop were the tiny moans that Ciel emitted and the smacking sound of lips joining together in the kisses that the two shared.

They were both eager; they didn't want Sebastian or Grell to get impatient and barge in on them in the most intimate of dances. Ciel had the hardest time trying to figure out how to slip the gown off of the older man's body.

Undertaker quickly unbuttoned the Earl's shirt, already having the jacket on the floor. "Are you sure you want this, Earl?" The shinigami cooed in the young boy's ear, making Ciel shiver in response.

"….yes." Honestly, Ciel didn't know what he wanted anymore. He was doing everything on impulse, and he felt as if he were a small girl who snuck out of the house late at night with the slightest chance of getting caught by her parents.

By now, both of them were undressed, with the exception of their underwear. Ciel's face was painted with blush as Undertaker was in a giggling fit.

"Hehe~ Let me tell you something before we start this, Earl," Ciel felt sharp, black fingertips brush along his chest, circling both his nipples. "You are quite entertaining…" Suddenly, Ciel found himself lying on his back, feeling the soft cushions of the couch cradle him. Undertaker hovered over his small body, letting his crotch rub against the young boy's. This action made both of them moan softly.

"Undertaker….just…h-hurry…mmm…" The older man, removed the clothing between them and then frowned comically down at the Earl.

"Wh-what's wrong?" Ciel asked him, getting slightly worried.

"Oh my….it seems that this will be quite painful for you, dear Earl…" The man held up both his hands, showing his pointy fingernails to the young boy beneath him. "Since I very well can't prepare you, we're just gonna have to do it raw…"

It was Ciel's turn to smile. And he hasn't smiled for a very long time.

"I don't care if it hurts like hell itself…I want you to fuck me. And as Earl of Phantomhive, you will fuck me."

Undertaker grinned wide and positioned his erection at Ciel's entrance. "That's my Earl…."

One thrust was all it took for Ciel to come undone. He didn't scream in pain. He didn't cry out in agony. He only winced as the pressure of Undertaker's erection buried deep within him.

Both knew that at any moment, Sebastian and Grell could walk in and see them, but that only made it more exciting.

Ciel started to sweat as he moved his hips along with Undertaker's movements, making both of their bodies rock together. The gray-haired shinigami thrust in and out of the small boy, with his hands on either side of Ciel's head.

The young Earl, grabbed both of Undertaker's hair braids and held onto them, as he met every one of the man's thrusts.

"Mmm!….Under-taker….f-faster…" Ciel mumbled, moving his head to the side in pleasure and in embarrassment. Undertaker leaned down and captured the boy's lips with his own, complying to his young lover's wishes.

Ciel's eye closed and he leaned his head back in pleasure, feeling Undertaker's hand wrap around his length and start pumping it.

Finally, the Earls' back arched up, pressing his abdomen against Undertaker's, as he came hard on both of their stomachs. He couldn't help himself but cry out in his ecstasy.

"Ahhhh! Undertaker!"

The funeral director thrust a couple more times before releasing into the small boy underneath him, trying hard not to collapse on top of him.

And then Ciel heard it. The one word that he would never expect the Undertaker to use.

"Mmm~ Ciel!"

After a few moments of trying to regain their breath, the Undertaker pulled out of the small boy and started to redress himself. Ciel followed suite, and stood up, only to feel a throbbing pain in his backside. He glanced over to see the other man already fully dressed and fixing his hat, which Ciel realized, he never took off.

Outside of the shop, Grell was trying to peek into the incredibly dusty window, with no success.

"Sebby-chan~ did you hear those shouts too?"

Sebastian sighed, but didn't answer the red head. He already knew what was happening with Undertaker and Ciel, after all, he was one hell of a butler. The reason he didn't stop them was because he wanted to see his young master's reaction. Especially because he could tease his Bocchan continuously about why it hurts to sit down afterwards.

The two finally heard the door creak open, revealing Ciel and the Undertaker at the doorway.

"Let's go." Was all the Earl could say, as he walked past Grell and to his butler.

"Glad to be of your assistance, Earl~!" The gray-haired man chirped, waving his bony hand. "Come back anytime for a visit….."

Ciel blushed slightly but tried to hide it. "Whatever."

As the three left the shop, Grell walked up next to Ciel, elbowing the boy slightly.

"What exactly went on in there anyway? What'd ya have to do?"

Ciel's face flushed for a few seconds, then he pushed the shinigami away from him. "Just shut up!" He snapped.

"Sheesh, I was just asking. Besides, it's not like you had sex with him or anything. Haha~"

The young boy's eye went wide and his face became red. Hopefully Grell was kidding…he was kidding, right?