Heya heya heya! Madee here, with my first new fanfiction in a while, not to mention the first new one with me as a main character (: (I expect that smiley will soon be a three or something of the sort.)

I've had this one written for a while, but my lack of internet made it unloadable. Figures. I believe this is the first fanfiction I've made out of a movie. Enjoy!

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14 March 1000 B.C

It is very early as I, Madeleine Delephina, write this in my own hand. So early, in fact, that the sun has barely risen over the horizon.

I woke this morning in my private palace apartments to find a gift. It was a collection of blank scrolls, accompanied by a note:

To my dear friend Madeleine of Macedonia:

So that she may let her feelings out on paper

and not on her innocent best friend

(Just joking. It doesn't bother me.)

From Akhmenrah,

Fifth king of the fifth king,

Pharaoh of Egypt

I wasn't expecting anything for my 14th birthday, especially not from Akhmenrah, who I only see occasionally in the latest hours of the night, when he isn't busy.

When I was six or seven years old, my father- King of Macedonia sent me- his princess- to Egypt, where I am now, so I could be safer from his enemies. This day I am fourteen any day he will arrange a marriage of political convenience for Macedonia, likely to an Egyptian nobleman, to strengthen his alliance.

There is one person I want to marry- but no. He is too busy and too important for a mere Princess of Macedonia, a small city-state to the north. What's more, with my pale nose and large mouth, I am much too ugly for someone like him. We are doomed to be best friends. I'll likely end up with his hideous, lisping brother.

More later. I don't want to dwell on such morose thoughts on my birthday.


Once again, I am sitting on a beaded rug in my private balcony, but at this time, I am watching the world descend into the darkness of night. Next to me is a candle made to last just an hour, but to provide bright light for pursuits such as reading and writing.

My apartments are on the upper floor of the royal palace. The great city of Alexandria spreads out before me. Just beyond that, the blue Nile flows. At this moment, a crimson streak dyes the clear blue water. I've been told many times that my eyes exactly match the river. Even farther is the glowing half-circle of yellow, orange, and red fire.

It seems that Akhmenrah's horrible brother, Kahmunrah, remembered my birthday as well. From him, I received a chiton of a filmy fabric with three layers- blue, silver, and green. I would never say this to anyone except you, but I like Akhmenrah's gift better. I was never one for dressing up and painting my face bright, gaudy colors.

I am con- oh! I must lay this aside. I can hear footsteps.

Over five hundred words! I've exhausted myself :D (That'll be a three soon too, I bet you.)