After dinner, Abby and Gibbs retired to the living room. He poured a couple of glasses of bourbon. But, when he handed one to her, she refused. That's when he knew something was wrong. He sat down both glasses on the coffee table and looked her in the eyes, studying them. "What's wrong, Abbs?"

"Nothings wrong, Gibbs. Everything is so….right." She paused and took a deep breath. "But, there is something I need to tell you." the smile on her face grew larger as she slowly lowered herself on to the couch. Gibbs sat down beside her, facing her. "What is it, Abbs?"

She smiled and said "I'm pregnant." Shock and excitement filled the expressions on his face. His eyes lit up and his Jaw dropped.

"You're pregnant?

"Yep. 3 months."


"Pregnant." Gibbs had tears in his eyes. He gave her a hug and kissed her.

"I can't believe it. This is….amazing." He laid his hand on her stomach. "A baby…"

"A baby." Abby put her hand on top of his and smiled. "I'm the luckiest woman in the world."

The next few months drug on, everything happening in what seemed to be a blur. Gibbs went with Jen and Abby to their monthly check ups at the doctor, and helped Abby with some of the plans for the wedding. They moved the wedding date up, that way Abby would still be able to fit into her custom made wedding gown. Jen kept herself busy, indulged in work, trying to prepare the agency for her absence. Abby continued to work, although she did end up getting an assistant. Many of the chemicals that she exposed herself to everyday were toxic, and pregnant women were not allowed to be exposed to. The fumes could cause damage to not only Abby, but also to her unborn child. Cases came and went at a steady pace, each one more brutal and confusing than the one before.

Before they both knew it, Thanksgiving came and went, and they got swept up into the holiday season. Christmas was in the air as the team continued to delve into each and every case. Each one was more heartbreaking, as they had to ruin peoples holidays with the news that their loved ones were not coming home.

As the Holidays crept closer and closer, Abby's stomach continued to grow, and Jen progressed closer and closer to her due date. Before She knew it, it was Christmas eve, and she was surrounded by her family and the team. They were all having Christmas Eve Dinner at Gibbs and Abby's.

Tony pushed his chair back from the table with a big sigh. "That was some awesome stuffing Abbs. I had no idea you were such a great chef."

"Why thank you Dinozzo." Abby got up and walked across to the kitchen and began cleanup. Jen and Ziva followed her and all helped. Abby stopped and put her hands on her hips. "Jen…"

"Yes Abby?" Jen turned around with the large bowl of stuffing in her hand.

"You shouldn't be doing anything. Your ready to pop any second."

"Your pregnant, too."

"I'm only five months. Your full term, and a ticking time bomb."

"I'll be fine." Abby gave her her famous Abby stare. "Really, Abbs, I'll be fine."

"….Fine. Just, be careful. Okay? don't over do it."

"I wont I..Ahhh." Jen dropped the stuffing bowl and doubled over in pain.

"Jen!" Abby ran to her side. "Are you okay?"

"No…I think….Oh boy. My water just broke." Abby helped Jen over to a chair as she hollered for Gibbs who was in the family room with everyone.

Gibbs came running in. "Abbs, what's wrong?" He saw Jenny setting on your chair, her brown skirt wet and bloody. He ran to her side and told Abby to call a bus.

"Breathe, Jen." She had her eyes closed as she felt contraction begin. "Jen. Jen, look at me. Breathe…..Here, take my hand. Squeeze it as hard as you need to." Jen nodded and relaxed as the contraction pain subsided. They helped her down onto the floor so she would be a little more comfortable, and she wouldn't risk anything by sitting in a chair.

Jen closed her eyes and concentrated on the breathing techniques she had learned in her Lamaze classes. Just as another contraction began, she fainted.

"Jen? Jen? Can you hear me? Jen!" Gibbs tapped the side of her face, trying to snap her out of it, but it wasn't working. "Jen?" He listened to see if she was breathing.

"She isn't breathing." He began breathing into her mouth to try to get her back. But it wasn't working.

Rebekah walked in just then. Seeing her mother on the floor she panicked and started toward her. Tony wrapped his arm around her to keep her out of the way. As she stood there, watching her dad try to get her mother to breathe again, she feared the worst.