The rain fell, and I could feel each individual droplet on my skin. It didn't matter to me that I was in a forest, lying in mud. It didn't matter that I was alone, or that my aunt had no clue where I was.

Nothing mattered right now, and I let my mind wander as I stared up at the cloudy sky. My life had changed in the past few months. Jenna, my aunt had met a man named Robert. She was happy. They both were, and got married.

I liked the idea of her being happy, but we had to move house to live with him. Deville is a small town, not that I cared. It rained constantly, and was always dark or cloudy.

My phone vibrated in my pocket, but I didn't answer it. I listened to the ringtone. It was Cosmic Love by Florence And The Machines. I liked that song, and Jenna adored it. She was going to be mad when I eventually arrived home, covered in mud.

These clothes weren't the best for this kind of weather either.

A light pink raincoat that covered my powder blue dress, black leggings and power blue wellies to match. The coat wasn't mine, it was Jenna's, but I had just wanted to get out of that house. The dress was one of my favourites, but this didn't cross my mind when I was heading to the forest. Nothing crossed my mind, only that I had to get away.

The dress came to my knees, and had a small black bow in the middle of it. Jenna bought it the moment I saw it, and I wore it a lot.

I'd been in Deville for a week now. It was a quiet town, with a small population, and a small amount of shops. To say everyone knew everyone would be an understatement.

The forest wasn't far from where I lived, but Jenna had told me not to come out here.

Robert tried to tell me too, being concerned and saying it was dangerous. Who knew what kind of animals were out here. Bears…Foxes…The list went on.

But none of that concerned me when I lay here, watching the clouds pass me one by one, merging together and making shapes. One looked like a lonely rabbit, and another looked like a giant white dove. It made me smile, and I relaxed.

School would start tomorrow.

I'd had a lot of friends in my old school, but only had around five very close ones. Jenna was trying to cheer me up about going to a new school. She said I'd make new friends and learn new things.

There wasn't anything else I really needed to learn in this place. My phone rang again, and I stood up. I didn't even use my phone that much, apart from calling Jenna or texting old friends. I had seven missed calls from Jenna, and two from Robert.

Sighing, I dialled her number and called her back. Jenna would be furious, seeing as I didn't tell her where I went, or when I'd be back.

"Emilie?" her voice answered. She seemed relieved when I answered quietly. "Emilie! Oh Emilie, where have you been for the past two hours? You've driven me crazy!"

"I'm sorry Jen, I just went for a small walk," I murmured.

"A small walk that took two hours!" she yelled down the phone.

I winced from her tone, but accepted that it was my fault. I didn't want to leave her a note though, because I knew she'd come looking for me and I wouldn't have time to relax.

"Emilie, where are you? I'm going to come get you, okay?" she said. Her tone was so relieved.

"I-I'm by the forest," I said. I could tell Jenna was frowning, even if I couldn't see her. She had told me time and time again not to even think of coming here. "You can pick me up by the roadside, by the old sign. You know the one we saw when we first got here."

"Okay," Jenna said. "We're going to talk about this Emilie!"

I sighed a little before nodding and hanging up.

On our way here, I'd seen a sign that said "Welcome to Deville!", but the 'o' in 'Welcome' had faded. Jenna pointed it out, and we just called it an old sign. She knew where it was, and I began walking towards it.

My black hair – which is usually wavy and to just below my shoulders – was now soaking and stuck to my skin. Jenna was always saying I should cut it a little, but I never did.

The rain worsened, and I was wondering how long Jenna would be. The sign was placed on top of a brick wall, so I climbed up it and sat down, swinging my legs back and forth.

My thoughts wondered back to school again.

My old school was big, and modern. I knew that this Deville school wouldn't be the same. My favourite subject was History. I found it so interesting, but none of my friends seemed to agree. Imagine, being just a kid, and being sent to a war you didn't even cause.

The sound of a horn interrupted my thoughts, and I looked over to see Jenna's dark blue Suzuki across the road. I jumped down off the wall, and walked over. She was scowling at the state my clothes were in.

The radio was on, but at a low volume. It was completely silent for the first few minutes of driving. Jenna fiddled with the radio, rolled the window up, then back down, and then back up. I could tell she was mad, but probably wanted to wait till we were safely at home.

"Emilie," she said, almost whispering my name.

I looked over at her, noting her blonde hair wasn't tied as tightly in a bun as it was this morning, and pieces of her hair had fallen around her oval face. Her grey eyes seemed tired, and I felt a pang of guilt because I made her so upset.

I had been happy for her when she first met Robert, thinking he was just an innocent crush. Robert was a tall, smart man with rosy cheeks and brown hair. He was tanned too, and had bright green eyes. Jenna was immediately attracted to him. She spoke about him all the time, never tiring. And usually, she'd end up repeating the same stuff so eventually it felt like I was the one dating Robert.

"Emilie," she repeated.

I woke up from my daydream, and replied, "Yes Jenna?"

"What were you thinking? I mean I've told you a billion times about that forest! Do you know I was prepared to call the police to search for you?" she babbled, not giving me time to explain.

I listened to her, but looked out the window. The rain pattered against it, making a soft thudding noise. Jenna knew I loved the rain. It took me a moment to realise where we were going.

"Jenna?" I asked, interrupting her.

"What is it now Emilie?" she asked through her teeth.

"Why are we heading towards the hospital?" I asked.

"To make sure you didn't catch your death out there! Emilie, don't be so stupid. You've been in the rain for two hours! And look at the state your clothes are in! You're having a bath tonight missy," Jenna scolded, using her 'parent' voice.

Jenna was a good parent, and had been ever since I was born. My parents died in a car crash when I was five, and I do miss them. It's hard to remember them though, even if I have pictures. I look more like my dad, with the same black hair and wide blue eyes, lined with black eyelashes. But I had my mom's button nose, and full red lips, heart-shaped face. I was very, very pale too. Unlike Jenna, who was a little darker than me.

Jenna's car pulled to a stop, and before she got out she started fussing and wiping my face clean of mud.

"Honestly Emilie, where on Earth did they find you…" she murmured to herself. "That red lipstick you're always wearing is smudged around your face now! And the eyeliner."

Fed up with Jenna's lectures, I opened the car mirror and wiped it off myself. We got out, and she literally dragged me inside. She gave my details, and told me to wait where I was.

Flopping down on the old chairs, I slumped and looked around.

Boring cream walls, old green chairs.

It was so depressing. My eyes drifted towards the leaflets on the shelf. Depression…Alcohol abuse…Drugs…

"Hello Emilie," a man said brightly.

I looked up, and was awestricken.

He was incredibly beautiful, and had slicked back blonde hair. His eyes were a golden colour, which I'd never seen before. He was pale too, even paler than me and I'd never met someone paler than me. He seemed so glamorous.

I snapped out of this dream when Jenna walked in, and sat next to me. She was still in a bad mood with me, so she sat with her spine completely straight, glaring every few seconds.

"I'm Carlisle Cullen," the beautiful man smiled crookedly, noticing Jenna's demeanour. "Would you like to come with me?"

Jenna was about to stand too, when Carlisle politely said, "I'll only need Emilie, thank you Mrs Evans."

Jenna glanced at me, nodding. Oh man, I really do not want to go home with her later. I wanted to be back in the rain, lying there. It was perfect. Although I really wished I'd changed clothes before coming here, since a lot of nurses were staring at them as we walked towards a ward. Well, they only glanced, then stared at Dr Cullen.

He sat me down on a bed – which happened to be green, like the chairs in the waiting room – and started checking my throat.

"Nice eyes you have Emilie," he murmured, chuckling when I blushed a little. He flashed a light in them and murmured something else to himself, thought I couldn't hear it.

If I'm honest, Carlisle made me quite nervous, and I blushed a lot more around him than I did any other person in my life. Carlisle wrote down a few things on his clip board, when he chuckled again.

"What?" I asked, nervous.

"Your aunt told me you were lying in the rain, in the forest. Why on Earth were you doing that?" he laughed.

"I like the rain. And I just felt like getting away for a while."

He nodded. "Well Emilie, I think you're good to go."

"Thank you Dr Cullen."

"Call me Carlisle," he half-smiled.

"Carlisle," I repeated.

Jenna met me outside of the ward I had been in with Carlisle, and instantly began lecturing me. She stormed down the halls, with nurses literally jumping out of her way. I stopped myself from laughing, because then I'd be in more trouble.

A group of people in particular stopped and looked at Jenna when we passed. They were amazingly beautiful, just like Carlisle. A small, pixie-like girl giggled, and the boy with blonde hair wrapped his arm around her waist. A boy with dark brownish-red hair rolled his eyes at them, and watched me closely. He was tall, but the boy next to him was the tallest. He attracted me the most.

He was about 6'5, taller than my 5'6 frame. His eyes were tracking me as I walked, and I looked down at the ground. The boy with brownish-red hair chuckled when I did, nudging the boy I had been watching. He was huge, built to be a star athlete.

But he didn't move, he just stared at me.

What interested me was they all had gold eyes and pale skin, just like Carlisle.

Jenna kept walking, and ran to the car. I followed her, skipping down the stairs. She sat in the car, slamming her door. I sighed before getting in beside her, noticing that the 'star athlete' guy was watching from inside the hospital.

I closed my eyes as Jenna's rant continued. She began driving, and I feared for my life as she was so mad.

"You're lucky you're not sick Emilie!" she yelled.

Where was Robert when you actually needed him? My question was answered the minute I walked inside our two storey-house. He picked me up in a large hug, and asked how I was.

"I'm fine, Robert. Jenna's being too concerned."

"I'm not mad enough!" she yelled.

"Go have a shower Emilie, I'll calm her down," Robert whispered, patting my back as I left.

I could hear them speak downstairs. Robert wasn't a bad guy after all, he was defending me. I locked my bedroom door, thinking about those teenagers in the hospital. The biggest guy, the one I found most attractive looked like he wanted to eat me.

I need to go back to that forest soon just to think by myself.

The water in the shower was lukewarm, but I didn't feel like complaining or waiting for it to heat up. Jenna had calmed down enough to leave some pajamas on my bed when I got out, and a note saying I had to make sure my hair was completely dry before I went to sleep to avoid getting sick.

After drying my hair, I just lay in bed.

That boy was the only thing in my mind. Why did he look so amazed when he saw me? What did I do? Or was he just amused by Jenna's rant? The brownish-red haired boy seemed to be.

I fell asleep, still thinking of all this. I would figure it out. I had too.