A/N : For those wondering why it's so short, I got bored with it. So don't be mad :D I'm so sorry but I just wanted to finish it! Thanks for reading, ily 3

When we arrived, it was dark. I could smell them, and I could smell Bella's fear. I held her hand as we walked in. It was so dark even I had trouble making out certain shapes.

"I told you not to bring anyone."

I heard him loudly, and pushed Bella out of the way. William tackled me, trying to bite my neck. I pushed him off, biting at him too. It was something of a wrestling match, and I felt proud that I was able to fight back this time. He would not win. I kicked his stomach, and he flew back into some mirrors.

James went to bite Bella, and I tore him away before he could get close. He lunged at me, and I dodged. He fell into William, and both stood to come at me. James grabbed my arms, holding me back. William kicked my stomach, and it burned.

We fought so long that I was certain I was finished. About to die. And the guilt it made me feel burned as much as some bite marks did. Bella was so vulnerable, and I had made it much worse. I looked at her wide Bambi eyes, and it was my disadvantage. William hit me so hard, I fell to the ground.

A new scent filled the air, and Edward was there. My head throbbed. If I were human, I would so dead right now. It didn't look so bad.

"Don't think like that Emilie!" Edward scolded.

My vision faded. Was I this weak? William lunged at me, but strong pale arms held him. His neck snapped, the bone jerking out of his neck. Emmett was there, growling at him. I had never been so happy to see him. Bella was screaming, Jasper setting a fire, yet all I could see and feel and hear was Emmett. This was the vampire I loved, the man of my dreams. He was perfect.

Bella survived, with a moon-shaped mark on her wrist. She was a bridesmaid, just like all the females in my family. They were all there when I said "I do" to the most beautiful, and perfect man I had ever met. Or any man that ever existed. Vampires are not some kind of fairy tale. We are monsters, there to kill humans. It's a fact, yet Carlisle changed that. He welcomed me into his family and protected us. I loved him for that, too.

But Emmett was a whole different story. I would give my already dead heart to the devil if it meant protecting him. And I was certain my heart was beating when he replied, "I do."

The End.