Disclaimer: me: it would b kewl if i owned twilight

Tiff- but u dont

Me: i know :,(
Danger Magnet- bella/Mr. Dazzle - edward/ psycic pixie-alice/jazz-jasper/blondey-rosalie/ muscle man- emmett/vamp mom-esme/ Dr. Sparkle - carlisle/ Wolf man-jacob

Danger Magnet and Psycic Pixie has logged on.
Danger Magnet- hey alice

Psycic Pixie- hi bella. we finally can talk by ourselves!

Danger Magnet- kewl. cause we never get alone time that much anymore.
Psycic Pixie- uh oh. we wont b alone much longer. in 5,4,3,2,1.

Mr. Dazzle has logged on

Mr. Dazzle- hey alice. hello luv 3

Danger Magnet- hey edward 3

Psycic Pixie- sup edward

Muscle Man has logged on

Muscle Man- wassup?
Mr. Dazzle- hey emm

Psycic Pixie- hello emmett

Danger Magnet- hi emmett

Muscle Man- hey peeps. i missed u guys 2!
Psycic Pixie- who said that any1 missed u.
Muscle Man- u guys just dont want 2 admit it

Danger Magnet- sure. lets just go with that

Blondey has logged on

Muscle Man- hey babe

Blondey- hello honeybunch!

Muscle Man- lol sry ;)
Jazz and has logged on

Psycic Pixie- hey jazz

Jazz- hello alice

Wolf Man has logged on

Danger Magnet- Hey jake!
Blondey- hello mutt

Wolf Man- hello blood sucking leeches... oh and bella :)
Dr. Sparkle has logged on

Danger Magnet- hey carlisle

Dr. Sparkle- hello jacob and every1 else. wheres esme?
Mr. Dazzle- she will b coming on very shortly

Jazz- coolio

Vamp mom has logged on

Vamp mom- hello family and jacob

Nessie has logged on

Nessie- hi guys

Wolf Man- hello nessie-poo 3

Nessie- hi jakey-poo

Mr. Dazzle- grrrrrr. jacob

Danger Magnet- dont cross the line!
Blondey- yea mutt. dont cross the line

Wolf Man- shut up blondey

Blondey- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Vamp mom- calm down rosalie!dont break anything...no not my special vase!
Dr. Sparkle- 2 late. jasper plez calm her down.
Jazz- I SHALL CALM ROSALIE WITH MY SUPER POWER! *makes ghost noises*

Muscle Man- jasper? wtf!
Jazz- idk but now she is calmed.
Nessie- oooook awkward moment.
Blondey- ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i feel btr

Psycic Pixie- ok now that we r done with that... WILL ANY1 GO SHOPPING WITH ME?
Danger Magnet- no tnks me,edward and nessie r going hunting.
Mr. Dazzle- yep im with bella. 3

Nessie- yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Danger Magnet- yeppppppppp

Nessie- lets go now! plez? im hungry
Mr. Dazzle- ok bye peeps

Nessie- bye bye luv ya guys xoxo

Danger Magnet-bye guys. and no jacob u cant come with us!
Nessie, Danger Magnet and Mr. Dazzle have logged off

Wolf Man- dang it. y cant i go with them?
Jazz- mayb because ur stupid.
Wolf Man- mayb.

Blondey-come on emmett. lets go do somethin.
Muscle Man- yesssssssssssss! bye people

Blondey and Muscle Man have logged off

Vamp mom- i will think about it alice. i might go. mayb!
Dr. Sparkle- alice, im a MAN!
Wolf Man- well technically ur not a man. ur a vampire!
Vamp mom- lets go xoxoxox

Dr. Sparkle- bye

Vamp mom and Dr. sparkle have logged off

Psycic Pixie- Jasper? plez go with me! plez?
Jazz- uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well i...
Jazz has logged off

Psycic Pixie- :,(
Wolf Man- i thought vampires cant cry.
Psycic Pixie- we cant! STUPID! i was kidding!

Wolf Man-

Psycic Pixie- !well i dont want 2 tlk 2 a stupid werewolf. Cya!
Psycic Pixie has logged off

Wolf Man- Y DOESNT ANY1 LIKE ME! i guess im a loner :(
Wolf Man has logged off

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