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Epilogue- 90 years later

Bella`s POV

"Jasper?" I yelled out. Where the hell is he?

"Over here darlin`" he shouted back. We were hunting on our own but I was feeling the pull back to the love of my life.

"There you are Jasper, where have you been?" I asked, I knew he hunted about an hour ago but he disappeared. Yes, I could have tracked him or asked him in my mind but I didn't want to invade his privacy.

"Just thinking" he replied "About how far our lives have come from your birthday all those years ago, about what a lucky son of a bitch I am..a fucking stupid one for nearly trying to bite you but a lucky one because if you didn't get that paper cut, I wouldn't have bitten you and you would still be with Edward"

"Jasper" I said "the pull of mates in unavoidable, we discussed this with Carlisle, he said that we would have found each other anyway, you just put things in motion. It was meant to be, I love you Jasper now let`s go, we have school"

"Okay Bella" he stood up and wrapped him arms around me and kissed me loving, his wedding ring swinging on the chain he wore around his neck, similar to mine which held my rings. We wore them like this because we were only juniors in high school and the humans would get suspicious if they saw wedding rings on teenagers.

We raced each other home which ended in us getting covered in mud and taking a very "reliving" shower. We dressed and just sat there staring into each other's eyes silently relaying our love to the other. Esme said goodbye to Edward and Fred as they left to go to school.

Alice and Jean Paul are currently on their second honeymoon in Paris and Edward and Fred are the school's first gay couple: that went down a storm. I chuckled.

What`s so funny darlin` asked Jasper through my power.

Just remembering Mike Newton`s great grandson`s reaction to Ed and Fred holding hands. He chuckled with me.

Yes we were back in Forks, where it all began.


"yes darlin'"

"Thank you for saving me" I said, because he saved my life and my heart.

He just kissed me on the lips and nodded. He understood.

"Ready Jasper?" I asked him

"Always" he replied


I told him in my mind, the inscription on my rings.


He agreed, taking my hand and kissing it as we drove off.


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