This is almost like a sequel to Esme's childhood but a different story.. I will go through all of the Cullens and write their pasts…. Specifically for Jasper lover98

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(Alice's POV)

After hearing momma's story I got curious… what was everyone else hiding about when they were little… I guess I will ask everyone their story …. If they got into trouble like momma did… I will next go to Rosalie… she HAS to have an intresting story to tell me.

I walked upstairs to her room and knocked.

"Rosalie? Can I come in?" I asked my big sister

"It's open, come on in." she replied

I walked into her room and sat in her computer chair ….. "Rose? I was wondering if you could tell me a little about when you were younger… I mean did you get into trouble?" I blurted it out.

She laid her magazine down on her bed and sat up looking at me."Well ya I mean I guess I did. What do u mean?"

"Like …did…. You…. get ….spanked?" I questioned

"Heck YA! I got spanked a lot even if I was the favorite." She flipped her hair over her shoulders.

"Will you tell me about one time? Please?" I begged

" Well ya … one time I ….

I was walking in mother's garden and saw a beautiful flower. I wanted to pick it for daddy. but I wasn't allowed to pick flowers. Because momma said they were HER flowers not MINE and I wasn't allowed to pick HER flowers… I had a garden too… but nothing grew in it ..everything died. I stood up on a stool and got momma's flower cutters and ran to pick the pretty flower for daddy. It was a beautiful daisy with a bright yellow center and pretty white petals. I cut it and dropped the cutters and ran off to give the flower to Daddy. As I was running I wasn't paying attention in front of me and ran into momma and fell on my behind. I was only 3 so I cried hurt.

"Oh Rosie, Are you OK sweetheart?" momma bent down to help me up

I nodded and hugged her .

" Rosalie where did you get this flower…..?"

"In your garden momma…. I got it for Daddy." I whispered looking at the floor.

"Sigh, Rosalie go to your room and take off your dress I will be in there in a minute." Momma sighed.

Uh – oh that means I get a spankin'! I ran to my room dropping the flower on the way and unbuttoned my pink fluffy dress and gently laid it on my bed and sat in my frilly socks and undies and waited for momma. when she walked in a few minutes later she had the walnut hairbrush in her hands.

"No mommy… i don't need the brush! Your hand is enough!" I started crying.

"Rosalie Lillian stop crying . and lay over my lap." She told me sternly.

I quietly did so and waited for the pain to begin….

"And that was just one of the times I got spanked." Rosalie stated.

"Well thanks Rose... for sharing." I replied and walked out of the room. Well there was another family member down…. Five more to go!