Swan Girl has signed on

Creaturess of the Night has signed on

Swan Girl: Hey Violet

Creaturess of the Night: Hey Bella, so what did Carlisle have to talk to you about

Swan Girl: Jacob called him and told him that Edward and I told you the vampire secret and forgot the rules so now you, me, and the Cullen family is in trouble

Creaturess of the Night: Did he hear what I told you

Swan Girl: Yeah so now you guys are even

Creaturess of the Night: Is Edward okay

Swan Girl: Yeah he is out hunting

Creaturess of the Night: Cool wait my phone is ringing *Runs to answer phone*

Swan Girl is away makin a pb sammich brb

Creaturess of the Night: Are you there Bella

Swan Girl: Yeah just got back

Creaturess of the Night: Ok Kewl

Pixie Author has signed on

Creaturess of the Night: Hey who are you may I ask

Pixie Author: I'm Sabrina who are you

Creaturess of the Night: Violet, cuz it's my ring name cuz I don't like my real name

Pixie Author: Same here

Swan Girl: I'm Bella Swan

Pixie Author: I'm Sabrina as I told Violet

Chocolate Wolfy has signed on

Swan Girl: Hey Quil

Chocolate Wolfy: Hey Bella, who are these peeps

Creaturess of the Night: Violet

Pixie Author: Sabrina, so you're a werewolf

Chocolate Wolfy: Yeah how did you know

Creaturess of the Night: We did our research

Swan Girl: Quil is Jake okay

Chocolate Wolfy: Yeah he is on his way over to your house

Creaturess of the Night: Oooh scandalous

Swan Girl: What?, Violet are you okay?Creaturess of the Night: Hyper do you have a problem with that, man I got to go to work peace out peeps

Creaturess of the Night has signed off

Swan Girl: Brb Jake is here

Pixie Author: So is being a werewolf cool?Chocolate Wolfy: Yeah

Pixie Author: Do you eat Kibble and stuff like that

Swan Girl: I'm back and Jacob ate steak and mashed potatoes out of a dog bowl

Chocolate Wolfy: No, Why?


Chocolate Wolfy: No he did when she was a baby he just lied and said he wanted to spend time with you so he could see Nessie

Pixie Author: Awkward

Fiery Red Angel has signed on

Fiery Red Angel: Hey Vi

Creaturess of the Night: OMG Hey Lita

Swan Girl: Hi Lita I'm Bella Cullen

Chocolate Wolfy: I'm Quil Atera

Pixie Author: I'm Sabrina

Fiery Red Angel: It's nice to meet you Bella, Quil, and Sabrina

Virus Dude: Bella you will never guess who this is, you and Edward are in deep trouble

Virus Dude has disconnected this chat room please sign on later to try again