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Chapter 1: Immortal Fire, Immortal Water


Violet eyes searched the surface of the pond's bank from beneath the blue water. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary and no human in sight, the owner of these eyes emerged from the cool water slowly: first the head, to shoulders, waist, and finally completely emerged from the water. The droplets of liquid dropped down from the lithe body, sliding back into the water silently.

Normally, seeing someone bathe in one of the forest's ponds wasn't an unusual event. But. Not a single ripple disturbed the water. Listening quietly, the being heard only birds chirping in the lush, green trees above, and turned back to the water. With a bright smile on the pale face, a similarly pale hand raised slightly, beckoning to the water.

At the beckoning, another figure with light blue eyes rose from the water to step on the bank of the pond with the first to emerge. A smile graced the second's face.

Again, there wasn't a single ripple of waves in the water. All was still.

The two figures turned, facing each other, still smiling. Then, the second one grabbed the first's hand, and with a happy laugh, pulled the one with violet eyes into a nearby clearing, into the soft, golden rays of the sun. The bright light of morning glittered off of the second's blond hair, blue eyes shining brightly. Leading the first into a dance, the two twirled in the sun, laughing. After a few moments, they retreated to the shade under a large willow tree by the pond, sitting against the trunk. The first spoke up.

"Quatre, you really like the sun, don't you?"

The blond, named Quatre, laughed. "Of course I do Duo! Don't you?"

"What do you think?" The first, named Duo, asked in reply. "But you know we can't stay in it for long."

"I know, but we haven't been up in so long!"

"We had to stay under to help, and it was only for a week." Duo sighed.

They were quiet, enjoying the calm morning, before Quatre spoke up again.



"Why doesn't the sun shine over the pond anymore? I mean, it used to, and we could feel the sun under the water."

"That's summer Quatre. It's fall now. The sun still shines over the pond, but when it does, for that short period of time, we're always busy, so we don't have time to enjoy it. Now that we've finished up the work, we can relax a bit."

"But Duo…I've always wanted to ask you something."


"Are you…afraid of mortals?"

Duo sat up, turning to look bewilderedly at his blond companion. "Of course not Quatre! It's they who are afraid of us! You know there isn't much that I fear apart from too much sun and or…" He trailed off.

"Fire." Quatre finished quietly. "I'm sorry Duo, I didn't mean to bring it up."

"It's all right Quatre. It's the past. I'm not afraid to talk about it. The Fire Dryads took my mom and my dad. Then they killed them. I'll get my revenge."

"But, then why do you always have to be so careful when we leave the water? If you aren't afraid of mortals I mean."

"You know why Quatre. If mortals see us, they fear us. When they fear us, they may come after us."

"They won't kill us Duo! You know that! We're important to them!"

"Yes. That's why they would take us to their homes. You know it's happened before Quatre. You of all nymphs should know, it happened to your sister! She died because of that."

"Father never really told me what happened Duo." Quatre said sullenly. "He rarely tells me these things, or even speaks to me unless necessary. I killed Mother, remember?"

"Come off it Quatre, you did no such thing. You were still born, your mother made the right choice to let you live instead of letting both of you die. So you have to live on. Stop blaming yourself."

"Yea…" Quatre sighed. "So, what really did happen to my sister?"

"I've only heard about it from a neighbor. They said she went to the surface and wasn't careful enough. You know mortals think we're 'beautiful' and useful. She was taken to be worshipped like a God. Although they gave her water and food, but she needed nature, and she died in captivity. We have to be careful because the same could happen to us."

"Worshipped like a God? We aren't any of those, not that important! We're only water nymphs."

"Sheesh Quatre, did you not pay attention at all to what I've been telling you the past couple of years? We are water nymphs, yes, but to the mortals, we're daemons. They think of us as the water keepers, and we keep the water clean for them. And we do, to a certain length. And in return, they give us offerings of their food, and anything thing special of their tribe. Occasional jewelry, things like that."

"I know, but why don't they understand that we are simply water nymphs?"

"Because Quatre!" Duo said exasperatedly. "No nymph actually went to tell them!"

"Oh yea." Quatre flushed. Duo was the same age as he was, even younger by a few moons, and yet, he was so much more knowledgeable. "Duo, why are you so much smarter than I am?" He asked. The question was meant to be rhetorical, but Duo answered him anyway.

"Because I'm an orphan Q, and I learn by myself. I hear things that your family doesn't think our age should hear. I wander the grounds, and you are kept to certain areas." Duo stood and brushed himself off. "Done basking on land yet? I'm hungry."

"Can we stay a bit longer?"

"Why not?" With that, Duo sat back down beside his fellow nymph. "You know Quatre? Sometimes, I wish I were mortal." Duo murmured after a few moments of companionable silence.

Quatre sat up abruptly, blue eyes searching violet. "What?" He asked in surprise. "We're nymphs Duo! I like land, yes, but that doesn't mean I want to one of the beings it supports! Water is our world!"

"I know Quatre! But think about it! Being mortal means not having to be so careful. Everyone accepts you as who you are because it's what they consider normal. If I were mortal, no one would fear me, and I'd be a part of them."

"You're a part of us, and we're a part of water." Quatre replied. "We can do things mortals can't. So why would you want to be one of them?"

"Because they can do things we can't too."

* * *

Far below the earth, two immortal youths also conversed quietly. They were sitting in their living quarters, facing each other.

"We turn 16 summers this full moon Heero." The taller one with emerald green eyes spoke. His hair was a dark brown, hanging over half of his face in a single, large bang. His eyes held excitement, though he appeared to be calm and passive. "And tonight is this full moon. Tonight is the day we may venture up to the mortal world for the first time in our lives. What do you think we should do?"

"Hn." Heero, the other immortal, had cobalt blue eyes and a messy mop of moss green hair. He too, anticipated the night. Both he and his companion, Trowa, had heard much of the mortal world from Trowa's sister, Catherine, who was 3 summers older than they.

"The first thing I want to do is find water."

"Water?" Trowa asked, confused. "But Heero, we aren't supposed to mingle with water."

"Just because we're fire dryads? When has that stopped me?" Heero answered. "I want to see what it is. Doesn't mean I have to touch it."

"But if we meet one of those treacherous water nymphs, we're as good as dead. Don't you remember what Catherine said?"

"She said that water was beautiful. She touched it and it didn't harm her. It simply evaporated in her hand into white smoke. She didn't see a water nymph, but her mate Matthias did. He said they were beautiful creatures Trowa. I want to see these beautiful creatures too."


"We're all daemon Trowa. Why can't daemon be friends?"

"We're daemon of different elements Heero." Trowa said shortly. "We don't know what they could do."

"Aren't you the least bit curious Trowa?" Heero asked, a single eyebrow rising in question. With a slight pause, Trowa nodded with a small smile. Heero returned it. "Well, let's get ready for tonight. I will find water, and see for myself whether it really is what Catherine described."

* * *

Having retreated back to their water for the afternoon, Quatre and Duo watched from their waters as two female mortals paused by the pond. They chanted something, meant to show their gratitude for the water, as they bent and drank from the crystal blue liquid. In a short while, they chanted another phrase in thanks and left some food by the base of the willow tree Quatre and Duo had been sitting under earlier.

The two nymphs grinned at each other. Mortal food was different. The elder nymphs never went to the surface ever, and traveled from water to water. Quatre and Duo were the youngest, and had been placed in charge of the single pond of the forest.

Knowing that they could not go to the surface of the water again until nightfall, they played in the depths of their home, never tiring of the feel of liquid against their skin. It was their life.

Night fell before the two water nymphs knew it. Knowing that mortals rarely came out at night to the water, as it was their time to retire for the day, they exited their home with ease. Still, Duo scanned the bank quickly beforehand, just in case. For the second time that day, the two younger nymphs emerged from their water. They sat down for their meal, left by the two females from the earlier afternoon. Eyes widened at the feast. There were berries, some pemmican, apples, and meat. There was enough for the two of them, for an entire meal. Along with the offer was a rose.

"Rose Clan." Quatre murmured softly. "They're so kind to us."

"I agree." Duo said as he sat down and picked up a berry. The two shared the meal, and lay back to relax. Duo gazed at the moon.

"A full moon tonight Quatre." He whispered.

"It's beautiful, but it's so pale."

"But the light, it's still so…intense."

"I prefer the sun, but the moon is…mysterious." Quatre sighed.

Suddenly, Duo tensed, hearing something. He sat up abruptly, Quatre following, and he yanked his blond friend to his feet, staring wildly into the forest clearing before them, their pond behind them, just in case.

"Duo?" Quatre asked.

"Sh." Duo silenced the confused immortal with the single syllable. Why they didn't simply go back to their water was beyond him. Something told him to stay.

Before their wide eyes, a portal in the ground opened with a strong tremor. There was orange-red light, and heat. Duo and Quatre stepped back, Quatre's grip tightening in Duo's.

"What the…" Duo breathed, tensing further when two figures stepped out of the light. The portal disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, this time with a lighter tremble. The two figures had their backs to the nymphs, and Duo squinted to identify them.

The two of them were tall, taller than he or Quatre. They were both wearing pants, forming to their long, slender legs. A looser shirt covered their backs. Simultaneously, they turned to face the water. Duo realized that the shirt only covered their back, tucked into the pants, but open in the middle to expose their front. Duo noted that their skin was darker than his or Quatre's, and he also took in the medallion dangling around both of their necks. Squinting, he could just make out the design.

The medallion itself was circular in shape, and flat. It was silver in color, and the designs on it stood out in a darker color, deep blue. The design was simple, starting at two points at the curved end of the bottom. Both sides rose and curved, each in it's own dance. But Duo couldn't distinguish what it was.

"Quatre." He whispered, taking a step back to his friend. "Can you see…?" While Duo had seen many things from the elder's possessions, he learned less formally. Quatre had the formal education from his family, and most likely knew more than he did. From his peripheral vision, Duo saw Quatre nod, and heard a gasp. "What?" He asked quietly. He looked to the face of the one he had been studying, the shorter one with short, messy, dark hair. Eyes met. Deep blue, cobalt blue. He could tell that Quatre was panicking now.

"Quatre?" He repeated softly.

"Fi…Fire Dryads!" Quatre whispered.

Duo tore his gaze away from the cobalt eyes to look at his companion, horrified and afraid. He tried to turn fully when he realized that Quatre wasn't joking, to pull both himself and his friend back into the water, water that would make them safe, but he couldn't move. Something tied him in place. He looked back at the two immortals, now knowing they were fire dryads, and froze. The two were quietly stepping toward them.

Heero and Trowa stepped out of their portal from the ground, their first time in the mortal world. It was dark as they expected, and they saw a forest, as they had also expected from Catherine's words. Hearing things, they turned to see what it was.

Water. The rippling of water caught their attention. They both wondered how they knew, but couldn't come up with a reasonable answer. The liquid glinted silver in the moonlight. Then, their eyes fixed on two figures in front of the water, smaller than they were. Heero took in the one across from him, as Trowa took in the sight of the blond.

Heero saw a long, dark brown braid, and violet eyes. Instantly, he knew it was a water nymph from the pale skin. Trowa saw blond hair, light blue eyes, knowing as well he was facing a water nymph. He couldn't believe their luck, seeing what they wanted to see the first night. He was awed. He took in the blue clothing of the blond. It was loose, and he realized they were robes. Trowa took in the entire costume. The loose blue clothing opened in a v-strip halfway down the upper torso of the blond. It was tied with a dark blue rope or ribbon, he couldn't tell. The pants were the same darker blue as the belt that held the top together. The robe was long, hanging to the back of the blonde's knees, and opened in an upside down v-shape from below the belt. He had bare feet, like his companion, as well as like Heero and himself.

At the same time, Heero took in the costume of the violet-eyed immortal. He was dressed similarly to Quatre, though his belt was violet to match his eyes.

Around both of their necks was a necklace on which dangled a pendant. It was oval in shape, like a drop of water…Heero looked up as his vision was obscured when the youth he was studying clamped his hand over his pendant. The blond beside him did the same.

With silent, mutual agreement, Heero and Trowa moved forward, stopping about two meters from the water beings. A long silence hung in the air, filled with tension and fear from Quatre and Duo, and curiosity from Heero and Trowa.

"D…don't hurt us." Quatre whispered.

The water nymphs watched when both Heero and Trowa displayed a look of surprise.

"How old are you…?" Trowa asked quietly. "You don't look old enough to be 16 summers, to be out in the mortal world."

"It's not your business, fire dryad, how old we are, or why we're out in the mortal world." Duo said quietly. He was surprised and relieved that his voice was stronger than his feelings. "Do not bind us with your energy."

"We are curious, about water." Trowa stepped forward a bit more. Without thinking, Duo let go of Quatre's hand, both clasping his pendant. Trowa ignored that, not knowing the power Duo had. The next second, Duo let go of his pendant, and blue shot out, blinding the two fire dryads as they were sent stumbling back a few feet. Duo realized that it was Trowa who had bound Quatre, as the blond now moved, tugging on Duo's hand.

"C'mon Duo!" He said urgently. Duo struggled to move, but couldn't.

"Go Quatre! Save yourself!"

Heero steadied himself and his friend, glaring hard at Duo. The water nymphs were not pacifists, as he had been told. They had intended to hurt Trowa and himself. He raised his own hands, and bright red light spiraled toward the water beings. Duo pushed Quatre into the water in attempt to get his friend to go, not noticing the attack until it was too late. He screamed, raising his hands to fend off the attack. Water from his pond came up immediately to shield him, but Duo wondered for a fraction of a second if the shield would actually protect him. The red light dissolved, and through the haze of white smoke, Duo saw the bewildered expressions on both the dryads' faces. Not wasting any time, he launched himself into the water, pulling Quatre with him to the deep recesses of his home.

Duo realized that the water had protected him from what he now knew was fire. But he wasn't comforted. A strong sense of hate developed for the young immortal that had attacked him, even though he knew he attacked first, even though it was out of defense. He knew he would see the two again, soon. And as much as he hated to admit it…

…He was afraid.


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