To anyone still interested in reading my work.

I have recently picked up writing again (the past 7 months) but I no longer post here due to the NC-17 restriction reasons as well as other personal reasons.

I still constantly think of Firewater, and I wanted to inform any readers (if anyone is still around) that this fic will be redone. I cannot say when, but it will be.

All of my current and new work can be found in the two of the following places. To remain the most updated on my posted work, please select the first choice. (please take out the spaces due to formating reasons!)

1) Livejournal under user name lilzazu (lilzazu . livejournal . com)

2) Gundam-Wing-Diaries: www . gundam-wing-diares . 150m . com

I apologize for the long wait. Due to some rather vicious emails I had been discouraged from writing from the fandom and since become a silent reader. I've only picked up writing again since the past June 2006, and all my work is new (and hopefully improved). Please do not hesitate to let me know if you are still around, I do miss you guys!

One last choice is my email address. I can be contacted through zazu1x2x1 at hotmail . com .

Thanks, everyone!