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18 years later


As I sat in my room early the morning of the big Christmas dinner at the Burrow, I couldn't help but be kept awake by the thoughts churning around in my head. I was never one of the people who couldn't sleep because they had too much on their mind; I always felt stress and fears made it easier for me to sleep actually. However, recently, I have begun to realize sometimes if you ignore your thoughts for too long they tend to get in the way of important things, for example, sleep.

Instead of trying to force myself to go to sleep like I might've done when I was younger, I slowly crept out of bed and made my way downstairs to the kitchen where I left my parchment and quill the previous day. As soon as I sat down the thoughts began to flow from my brain to the paper, all my thoughts about Max, my family, and even Scorpius. I tried to make sense of what I was writing as I did so, but I knew it was worthless to try because either way I will have to go back through it later in order to make sense of it for Liz.

You may be wondering why I am writing about my thoughts for Liz, it's a perfectly logical question which I am ready and willing to explain to you. About a year ago Liz approached me after quitting her job at the Daily Prophet due to "creative differences", she called it. The real reason, Al had told me, was because her boss was an arse, his words not mine, and she no longer wished to deal with him. After being jobless for a few weeks, she remembered why she loved the Prophet so much, not because she loved to write, but because she loved to edit people's work and she loved being able to help people achieve their writing dreams. One morning, Liz had flooed over to my home, where she had proceeded to wake me up and explain to me that I had a "great" story and that it needed to be told. I sat there, dumbstruck, for a few minutes before it finally registered what she had said to me.

"What do you mean I have a great story?" I asked, looking at her confused.

"Well, actually I didn't mean great as in happy with rainbows and unicorns, but you have an amazing story of obstacles and courage, and since I no longer have a real job I really want to help you write your story," she explained.

"What obstacles are you referring to, Max, Damien, my other assorted boyfriends, Scorpius, all of them?" I asked confused as she nodded after each name.

"Yeah Rose. I don't think you realize how much you have gone through in your life, and I really just want to get it out there that Rose Weasley, I mean Malfoy, is a survivor," she smiled, "I want other girls to be able to read your story and get something worthwhile out of it. Maybe it won't be something profound like breaking up with an abusive boyfriend, but maybe it will be the realization or the final push to admit their feelings for someone. I believe so many people could benefit from reading your story which is why I am pushing it so hard. I understand if you don't want to write it, but I think it could help you too, finally to have everything out of you head, and down on paper. You don't have to make a decision right now, but just let me know by the end of the week please?"

I sat there shocked, as I listened to Liz explain her idea to me, unsure of what I should say because I wasn't really sure what to say. I wanted to say yes, but would it bring up too many old memories I had worked so hard to suppress. However, like Liz had said maybe it would help me because there would be more people who would understand what I had gone through.

"Yes," I smiled, as Liz was about to leave my house.

"What?" she asked shocked.

"Yes, we can do the book," I chuckled.

"Oh my! Merlin! Rose I love you so much right now, I just can't even believe this is happening," she smiled.

"I am excited to write this Liz, but you have to promise me one thing?" I asked.

"Of course Rose, what would you like?" she replied.

"You can't tell anyone what we are working on, not even Al. I want this to be a secret that we share together once it is done," I nodded.

"Sounds good to me Rosie," she smiled hugging me, as she ran out of the house and back to her own before Al realized she was gone.

We had spent the next year together, every moment I wasn't busy, trying to get this book written because Liz was so excited to tell everyone. I wanted to keep it a secret until I knew it was completely done and I was happy with how it had turned out. Now, the day of Christmas Eve dinner at the Burrow, better known as the secret telling dinner, I have only a small bit left to write in order to wrap up everything I have written thus far. So, I opened up the parchment, dabbed my quill in the ink and began to write my final chapter.

After Charlie and James were engaged at the Leaving Ceremony there was nothing left to do but begin to plan the wedding, but the next day at Molly and Lucy's wedding, we were shocked with another surprise. Fred had obtained permission from our older cousins in order to ask his girlfriend of nearly five years to marry him. I don't really understand what she saw in him because I don't think I could've stayed with him and actually dealt with him as long as she has, but there must be something about him. Naturally she said yes, and that Easter holiday we had our second double wedding of the year as James and Charlie as well as Fred and Courtney got married. It wasn't that surprising that the two couples were married at the same time because Fred and James had always done everything else together, so it just made sense to themselves and everyone around them.

Everyone thought they got engaged and married young but I don't think they cared at all and obviously neither did the rest of our family as Al and Liz were engaged as Christmas, Scorpius and I at Valentine's Day, cheesy right, and Louis and Emily Jordan the next fall. Our parents are still constantly asked today what they were thinking allowing their 17, 18 and sometimes 19 year old children get engaged and married. The only things they would say is that they have known the boyfriend or girlfriend for a long time as well as knowing their families and that they were proud of their children. They would constantly tell us how proud they were of how mature we were and how we had turned into wonderful adults.

The rest of my family and friends were also engaged young, either shortly after finishing their seventh year, or in some cases a year or two later. Aurora and Brandon had been the exception though to all the other engagements. After being together for so long, they were engaged after the Christmas holiday during their seventh year. No one believed they would last or that they should even be engaged that long, but they didn't need all those people, they had each other, their family, and their close friends; everything that mattered.

We've come a long way since the end of our schooling at Hogwarts, but we haven't stopped learning new things every day. Even though everyone assumed once we left Hogwarts everything was going to be amazing and everyone would get their happily-ever-after's with three kids, a nice house, and a great job; some people soon realized the real world wasn't all it was cracked up to be myself, Liz Charlie and Courtney all learned that pretty quickly.

Both Charlie and Courtney took jobs in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures soon after they were both married and back from the honeymoons to various locations. They both really enjoyed their jobs at first making new work friends and learning a lot about the field they were going to be working in, but as the previous head of the department was fired, a new man took over. He was a mean and grumpy old man who made Charlie and Courtney's time at work hell. He didn't like either of them at all, and made it his own personal goal to make them want to quit. They still loved their job though, so they were the bigger people and they took his verbal abuse, until Charlie found out she was pregnant and he fired her. By then she had let the hormones get the better of her and she reported him to a review board and won, since he had done the same thing to every pregnant witch that had worked under him.

I, on the other hand, learned why Vic was constantly exhausted during her first year of healer training, because it is a lot harder than I had ever thought. I barely ever saw Scorpius, even though his mum and Vic would sometimes cover for me so I could leave a few minutes or an hour early to see him. I didn't think the exhaustion would ever end but a year later I was done with training and I was then a certified healer, and no longer would have to worry about extreme exhaustion again. Ha! I spoke too soon I guess, because a after about three months of catching up on sleep I was pregnant with our first child. The exhaustion only continued, but it was worth it because I was extremely happy and at ease with my life and the decisions I had made.

Liz had a much more difficult time with everything, even though she had gotten the job she loved, and the boy she loved, something was missing for her. She felt like she was missing something as she watched everyone around her begin to have their own children. She and Al had already been trying for a year when Charlie and I found out we were pregnant, but they didn't let that get them down. They continued to try for another six months before they realized they should probably see a doctor just to be sure. The day they went to the healer was one of the worst days of Liz's life because she found out she would not be able to have children. I remember the day she came to the house Scorpius and I had just moved in to, she looked so scared and broken when I opened the door. She broke down and cried as soon as I opened the door, and I let her cry explaining there were still numerous options in order to have children. She listened to what I had to say and the next day she made an appointment with a muggle fertility specialist because she was determined to have a baby. After taking numerous different hormones given to her by the doctor and almost nine months of in vitro fertilization, she and Al were finally pregnant. She was so excited because she was finally going to have a baby of her own.

However, the problems didn't stop there when she was only six months pregnant she developed preeclampsia and was put on bed rest only being allowed to get up when she had a doctor's appointment, which was frequently. She was a wreck for a month and a half constantly questioning if her baby that she had been through so much for would make it. She blamed herself, and no one could argue against her not even Al. Courtney, Charlie, and I would make it our priority to visit Liz daily because we were on maternity leave as well, and figured she would enjoy the company. At eight months, Liz gave birth to her daughter Daniella, she was still extremely small because she was a month early, but the doctors kept a close eye on the little girl.

When we had gone to visit Liz and Daniella in the hospital Liz had explained to us why she named her daughter what she did. She smiled and told us a story her grandmother had told her from the bible about Daniel who had survived in the lion cage. She wanted a name that suited her baby, and she figured the name of a survivor would be the best fit for her.

I felt guilty about not having any problems conceiving a child while Liz had, had so much trouble, but she was so happy after she had her baby. Whenever I saw Liz after she had her Daniella you could just see the love and pure adoration on her face.

I suppose a happily-ever-after isn't really what everyone was expecting from my story but I wouldn't exactly call everything that has happened in the past eighteen years a happily-ever-after. Instead, I would call it my life because there is no other way I would want everything to turn out. Maybe it hasn't been perfect, but everything I have gone through in my life both during and after Hogwarts has made me the woman I am today and I couldn't ask for anything better.

I smiled widely as a dropped my quill and reread what I had just written. Maybe it wasn't the best ending to my story, but it was my ending and I can't think of any other way to explain myself. I think the people who read this will understand and enjoy my thoughts because they are my real and pure thoughts.

I jumped up from my stop at the kitchen table, grabbing my papers, and my coat before flooing to Liz's house. I knew it was early but she was most likely already awake because she would be excited that our kids were coming home today.

"Liz?" I called tentatively into the house not wanting Al to find me first.

"Rose?" Liz asked, walking into the living room.

"Hi Liz!" I smiled brightly.

"Rose, it's not that I don't love you or anything but what are you doing here at eight in the morning? I thought we were meeting outside King's Cross at eight thirty," she asked confused.

"I know, but I woke up early this morning because of all the thoughts jumbling around in my brain, and I finished!" I laughed, excited.

"Finished what?" Liz asked confused, it was first thing in the morning after all.

"The story, my manuscript, for you!" I squealed.

"AHHHH!" she squealed with me running up to hug me, "Does that mean we can tell everyone today?"

"Shhh… I don't want Al to hear us too soon, and we can only tell today if you can get enough copies made for everyone. Can you do it Liz?" I asked, hoping she would have enough time.

"Yes ma'am!" she smiled, hugging me again, "And don't worry Al is already gone he had to do a few things at work and then he is going to meet us all at the train station. Merlin, I can't believe you finished it!"

"Me neither," I smiled, "But I just woke up this morning and the right words came to me so I began to write and before I knew it I had finished."

"I am so proud of you Rosie! When I first asked you about the story I didn't think you would say yes, but looking back now I am so happy you did," she smiled, "You should get going before Scorpius gets worried."

"I am happy we did this too Liz! I couldn't have asked for a better editor, you have been truly amazing! I just couldn't imagine my life if I had said no to this opportunity. Thank you so much for everything Liz," I smiled, hugging her one last time before flooing back to my own house to get ready.

As soon as I got back to my own house, I ran up the stairs to get in the shower since we only had life fifteen or twenty minutes until we were all supposed to meet. However, when I got upstairs I saw Scorpius was still sleeping, and I knew he would take longer than five minutes to get ready.

"Scorpius!" I smiled, shaking him awake, still on cloud nine from finishing my book.

"Ehh…" he swatted away my hands that were trying to shake him awake.

"Scorpius, wake up baby," I smiled, kissing him lightly on the lips.

"Hmm…" he smiled, pretending to sleep so I would kiss him again.

"You better get up Mr. Malfoy or you will not have time to get ready before we have to get to King's Cross," I chuckled, at this he sat up immediately and began to get out of bed.

"You are an evil person," he joked, kissing me lightly, before he walked into the closet to find something to wear while I took a quick shower.

I got lost in my thinking and before I knew it Scorpius was knocking on the bathroom door. He didn't usually make me take shorter showers but we have time constraints right now so he was trying to speed me up.

"Mrs. Malfoy, you better hurry up or you won't get to King's Cross on time," he joked, walking into the bathroom as I put on my robe.

"Using my own threats against me I see," I chuckled.

"I would never do such a thing," he feigned innocence as I quickly walked into the closet to get my clothes.

"Yes you would dear," I laughed, pulling on my jeans and boots.

"You have one minute Rose," Scorpius smiled holding my coat out for me.

"I'm ready," I smiled, putting on my coat and taking his arm as we flooed to King's Cross to get our kids.

"Rosie!" James yelled when we arrived at King's Cross.

"Hello James, everyone," I smiled.

It felt surreal every time we arrived at the station because I just remembered my days when I would be traveling to and from Hogwarts. I couldn't believe I now had my own children that were getting older every day, my oldest being a sixth year. It is just so bizarre to me.

"What are you thinking about Rosie?" Fred asked, as we walked into the station.

"Just about how old we're getting," I answered dramatically, laughing with everyone.

"Some things never change do they Rose?" Al chuckled.

"What on earth are you referring to dear cousin?" I joked.

"Your humor and flair for the dramatic," he laughed.

"I am not dramatic, I don't know what would give you that idea," I answered, looking deep in thought.

"Merlin's pants," he laughed, rolling his eyes, as the train pulled up.

"Rosie, breathe," Al rolled his eyes, looking to Scorpius who grabbed my hand.

"She's just excited Al, just like you are," he looked at Al who was drumming him fingers on his leg.

"Whatever," he smiled, as the students began to walk off.

You can only imagine the brood we have accumulated by now what with all the second generation being married with their own children now. It can also get a bit more difficult to find everyone because unlike our parents, the red hair gene is becoming more and more not shown. It doesn't really show in my kids, but they have strawberry blonde hair, not red or blonde.

"There's Aubree with Jack like usual," I squealed, waving to my youngest daughter.

"Hi mum," my twelve-year-old daughter, Aubree, smiled hugging me.
"Hi dear, we've missed you so much. Where are the others?" I asked.

"Who knows that 14-year-old bunch is still getting all their things," she smiled, stepping to the side to talk to her father.

"How are you Jack?" I asked scanning the crowd for my other kids.

"Pretty good Aunt Rose," he smiled, before walking over to his mum, Lily.

He isn't actually my nephew, but when the kids were growing up we decided it would just be easier to call everyone aunt or uncle because it would be easier than trying to explain to them who was actually their aunt and uncle. As I was thinking about Jack Scamander, I saw the large group I had been waiting for exit the train. Aubree hadn't been lying when she called the fourteen-year-olds a bunch because there is a really big group of them that are always together. It reminds me of my group when we were in school, only bigger. There is Liam Potter (James and Charlie's son), Daniella Potter (Al and Liz's daughter), Tenley and Fred Weasley (Fred and Courtney's twins), Juliette Malfoy (Mine and Scorpius' daughter), plus the others who are dating or "just friends" Parker, Caroline, Adam, Mitch and Avery.

"Mum!" Aubree called getting my attention off the group walking toward us.

"Yes dear?" I smiled.

"Oh nothing, dad just told me to get your attention because you were staring off in space," she laughed, taking her father's hand.

"Thank you," I chuckled as Juliette walked over Parker trailing a few steps behind her.

"Hi mum!" she smiled, running into my arms excitedly.

"Hi Jules!" I smiled hugging her back, "How are you sweetie?"

"Wonderful mum, just wonderful," she smiled, Parker standing behind her blushing a bit.

"Hello Mrs. Malfoy," Parker greeted politely as Juliette hugged her dad.

"Call me Rose please Parker," I smiled, "How have you been?"

"I have been good, and you?" he asked, making conversation.

"I have been doing extremely well thank you for asking," I smiled, as he walked over to talk quietly to Jules.

All our other friends had left, except for Charlie and James who were also waiting for their oldest. There were still a few other assorted family members but most of them had already left.

"Then there were two," James joked standing with Charlie who was talking to Liam and his girlfriend Charlotte.

"Yes, sir," I answered, waiting.

"What always takes them so long?" James asked impatient.

"Why don't you take Scorpius and the kids and floo back home and we will meet you there once the other girls get here, okay dear?" Charlie offered.

"Okay Charlie, I will see you at home," he smiled kissing her quickly before leaving.

"See you at home love?" Scorpius smiled.

"Of course," I kissed his cheek as he followed James out with our younger two girls and Parker.

"Then there were really two," Charlie laughed, taking a seat on one of the benches near the train.

"Do you ever worry if you taught them everything Charlie?" I asked.

"What do you mean Rose?" she looked at me.

"I mean, after everything I went through in Hogwarts with the boys I dated do you think I taught her how to take care of herself and not let what boys think bring her down?" I asked a tear in my eye.

"I think we have done everything possible to prepare them for what lies ahead, but I think it will always be up to them to make their own decisions and mistakes," Charlie smiled.

"I know, I just wish I could make sure those things don't happen to her," I laughed.

"Of course you do," she smiled as our daughters walked off the train, two boys trailing behind them, "We could always lock them away until they are old."

"I am beginning to like that idea more and more," I laughed, smiling at my oldest.

"Hi mum, hi Aunt Charlie," my oldest daughter, Anastasia, smiled, hugging me and Charlie both.

"Hi Ana, how have you been dear?" Charlie asked, smiling.

"I have been pretty good, sorry we took so long we had to have a really quick perfects meeting before we left for the holidays. Someone set of some of Uncle George's wheezes on the train," I chuckled, even though we all knew who it was.

"How have you been Hales? And you Zac?" Charlie asked, smiling at her own daughter, Haleigh and her boyfriend of three years, Zac.

"I am doing well Mrs. Potter," Zac smiled.

"Please call me Charlie Zac, you've been with my daughter for three years, I think we are on a first name basis by now," Charlie laughed.

"Of course," he chuckled, allowing his girlfriend to talk to her mother.

"Pretty good mum. Shall we go and chat for a few minutes before we go back home?" she asked, hinting toward her mother that she wanted to leave Ana and I alone.

"Of course dear, we will see you a little later Rosie?" Charlie smiled.

"See you at the Burrow Charlie," I smiled as the two women and Zac walked out of the station.

"I missed you mum," Ana smiled, throwing her arms around my neck.

"Well I missed you two dear. You are getting too old," I grinned, a tear in my eye, "I get the feeling it is probably a good idea your father already left to bring the other girls home?"

"Probably," she nodded, scrunching her nose, a nervous habit.

"Well, are you going to introduce me to your friend or not?" I asked trying to figure out why the boy behind her looked so familiar.

"Umm… well mum, this is my boyfriend, umm…" she stalled looking back at him.

"Hello Mrs. Malfoy," he smiled, sticking out his hand, "My name is Greer Krum."

That would be why he looked so familiar, because he was the son of Nate, everything was starting to come together.

"Mum?" Ana asked, trying to get my attention.

"Sorry, sorry," I shook my head, "Greer it is a pleasure to meet you, I trust that you are taking good care of my daughter?"

"Of course ma'am, I would never hurt her, she means the world to me," he smiled, "I know about what my father did to you, my mum told me once but I have never actually met my father. He was arrested when I was a baby for some really stupid things he did, and my mum never allowed me to see him. I suppose it is for the best, but even though he wasn't ever there I wish that I would have been able to meet him."

There was something about this boy and his story that struck a cord in my heart. He reminded me of Scorpius when I had first met him. He was kind and caring, as well as broken by things his parents had done that didn't involve him.

"Well Greer, I am extremely glad you have been there for my daughter. You seem like wonderful young man, and I would just like to give my approval even though I know you don't really need it," I smiled, as my daughter's face lit up.

"Thank you so much Mrs. Malfoy. You have no idea how much your approval means to me because I care so much about your daughter, she is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me," he blushed.

"You are very welcome dear, and please call me Rose. You two will still have to tell your father, and you know what is going to happen then," I chuckled.

"Oh merlin!" Ana rolled her eyes.

"What's going to happen?" Greer asked concerned.

"Nothing too bad dear, my husband is just going to give you the worried father speech. He has three daughters that he is very protective over, and he doesn't want to see them get hurt is all," I answered.

"Oh," he nodded, "Well that makes complete sense. In that case I am prepared for the worried father speech."

"Wow, you got a keeper there Ana," I smiled leading the two to the floo where we made our way back to our home for a brief few minutes before making our way to the Burrow.

When we finally arrived at the Burrow, I was extremely distracted and nervously looking around for Liz because I needed to talk to her about the book. I didn't really know what I was going to say to everyone, but I was really excited in order to tell everyone what I have been working on for a year now. I think they will be surprised, but I also think they will enjoy it because they all know what I went through at Hogwarts.

"Liz!" I yelled, when I caught the sight of her blonde hair walking out of the house.

"Hello Rosie, I was just coming to look for you. What's up?" she asked.

"Did you get it done?" I asked covertly, in case someone was listening.

"Yes ma'am," she squealed, showing me a small bag she had casted a spell on in order to fit all the books.

"Yay! I am so excited to tell everyone!" I laughed, hugging her again.

"Me too," she smiled, "We should probably get back inside because dinner is ready."

"Sounds good," I nodded, walking into the house and taking my usual seat between Scorpius and Charlie.

Dinner went by fast because everyone was really excited about the secret telling part of dinner. The secret telling dinner had started off as just a night when someone in the family had something interesting to say and had turned into a full blown family tradition. When we had our first secret telling dinner I never expected the great lengths that would be taken each successive year in order to make sure the secret telling dinner would be able to happen. Nana and Grandpa Weasley did everything they did to make sure they still knew what was going on in the children and grandchildren's lives.

"To Nana and Grandpa Weasley!" Al toasted, taking the words right out of my head.

"To Nana and Grandpa!" everyone repeated.

"I know if they were here today they would be proud of the wonderful men and women you kids have turned into," Uncle George smiled a tear in his eye, "But they are happy now, they are with Fred, the original one."

"Hear, hear!" Fred and Fred Jr. smiled.

After a few more nice words about our late grandparents I could see people becoming more and more anxious about the secret telling. I got the feeling there would be a lot of interesting secrets tonight, but the only thing I was thinking about was telling everyone about the book.

"Hello everyone!" Aunt Ginny smiled, standing up, "This was usually my mum's job but since she is no longer with us, I have taken it upon myself to continue the tradition. The secret telling dinner wasn't an actual tradition we started on purpose, but just one time when someone told and secret and other people just continued. We continue to do the dinner because it is a good way for people to share the big news all at once with the family without having to worry about getting to everyone, which is difficult to do with such a big family. Anyway, without further ado, the secret telling has begun."

"Who's going to be the first victim?" Uncle George laughed.

"George!" his wife elbowed him, rolling her eyes.

"I'll go," Juliette, Daniella and Tenley all answered at the same time standing simultaneously. They must have planned this as the pulled the quiet boy who had been sitting beside them up.

"We're dating," they all announced smiling before sitting back down in their seats.

"NO WAY!" Al, James and Scorpius yelled.

"Dear," I smiled, patting Scorpius' arm, "Please be calm, we know Parker he is a good boy remember?"

"Of course I remember," he whined, "But she's my daughter."

"I know Scorpius, but you can give them all the worried father speech later like my dad and uncles gave you and all the other boys that one time," I smiled at the memory.

"Okay," he nodded, standing up to talk to Jules, "I am happy for the two of you, but I will still be having a chat later with Parker about my daughter."
"Of course Mr. Malfoy," he nodded looking at his plate. Poor boy.

"Same goes for you two," James and Al added as someone else took the floor.

"Desmond and I are engaged," Melody Lupin smiled, standing up with Desmond at her side. The two of them had been childhood friends like Teddy and Vic, so everyone expected them to get together.

"We already knew that dear," Vic smiled at her oldest daughter.

"How did you know?" she asked confused.

"Well, Des asked your father and I for permission, and we always knew you two would get engaged soon," Vic laughed.

"Sounds like someone else we know," Uncle Bill laughed, looking at his own daughter and Teddy.

"Regardless of if we knew or not Mel we are still very happy and proud, and Des welcome to the family… I hope you can survive," Teddy laughed.

"Thanks," he chuckled.

"Anyone else?" Aunt Ginny asked, "Only two secrets, well."

"I have something," Ana sighed, standing at her seat.

"What is it dear?" Aunt Ginny smiled, encouraging her to speak.

"Well, um… you see…" she stalled searching for the right words, "Okay I am just going to come right out with it, I am dating Greer Krum, Nate's son. But before anyone says anything I already told mum and she was understand. Greer has never met his father, because he was arrested and his mum would not allow it, so I will not allow any of you to judge him based on who his father is."

"Like mother, like daughter," James smiled, looking at me.

"We are very happy for you Ana, and we are proud of you for coming out and telling us. We can tell this boy makes you happy," Scorpius smiled, shocking me.

"Wait, what?" I asked, shocked, "You aren't angry or at least upset?"

"Well I was, but I already knew they were together," he smiled, looking at Greer.

"And you didn't tell me?" I asked shocked.

"He asked me not to tell. He flooed to the house one day, while you were at work, to ask permission to date our daughter. I figured I should probably ask you since you are the one with more of a history with Nate but when he explained his story to me I couldn't help but understand where he was coming from. I remember being that kid at school, I was the one everyone judged based on my last name, but I wasn't going to let that stop me, so why should I let it stop him. I could tell by the way he talked about Ana that he really cared about her, so I figured I should be the bigger person and grant him my permission," Scorpius explained, looking at me even though everyone was listening.

"You mean, you had already told my dad?" Ana asked smiling at her boyfriend.

"Of course," he nodded, "I understand the dating etiquette especially when you are dealing with people who your family has a bad history with. I didn't want him to be shocked and angry when he found out at Christmas so I manned up and talked to him about it."

"I think I just fell more in love with you," Ana smiled, kissing him softly.

"Not at the table you lot!" James laughed, breaking them apart.

"Well," Aunt Ginny smiled, clearing her throat, "Is that it?"

When I was sure no one else was going to stand up and tell about their love for someone, I snuck a glance at Liz who was sitting across the table from me. She nodded and the two of us stood up together.

"Liz and I have something to tell everyone. A present is included in our secret for everyone so before we tell what it is we have to hand all of these out," I smiled, taking a stack of neatly wrapped packages from Liz. The two of us walked around the magically enlarged table handing out a book to everyone who looked at it confused. We even gave books to our family who had just started or had not yet started at Hogwarts.

"Okay what is the meaning of this?" James asked, looking down at the package in his hands.

"If you could be quiet for two minutes maybe you would find out," Aunt Ginny scolded her son.

"Sorry mum," he lowered his head.

"That's okay son. Okay Rosie, you two can go ahead," she smiled.

"Okay, so a little less than a year ago Liz came to me after quitting her job at the Prophet. She said that she missed being able to help people achieve their writing dreams, and she wanted to continue even though she no longer worked for the paper. That's when she asked me about an idea she had been thinking about for a while. She told me that I had a "great" story that everyone should know because she thought it could help people and myself. I was a little hesitant at first but once I agreed I couldn't imagine my life without telling about my life. It took me almost a year, but this morning I finally finished the book, so everyone open up your presents," I smiled, hearing the sound of paper tearing, "This is the finished product. Liz?"

"I just want to thank Rose for having faith in me and for allowing me to help her tell her story. I do believe that her story is one that will be able to help not only people struggling in situations similar to the ones she was in but also just average everyday people. I don't think I ever expected Rose to say yes, but since she has I can't imagine another way I could've spent the last year of my life. I hope everyone is proud of Rose and all the hard work she has put into this book. Thanks everyone!" Liz smiled, as we sat back down in our seats.

I looked around the table seeing various different expressions from everyone. I smile at the work Liz and I had done together throughout the past year, and the product we had achieved because of all our efforts.

"This is for you," Liz smiled, throwing a book at me.

Liz had done amazing with the book, the outside wasn't too detailed, it was simple with a single rose drawn on the cover. I thought it was a little cheesy, but what can I say I'm a cheesy person. I looked at the book in put happiness I couldn't believe we had finished it.

"Like We Used To, huh?" Scorpius smiled, kissing my head.

"What, you don't like it?" I asked, concerned.

"No Rosie, I love it, but do you know where Liz got that from?" he asked, laughing.

"No, actually I think I do but I can't place it," I thought. I had given Liz complete control over the title and cover as well as the editing.

"It was the song our band sang during sixth year, I think it was," he smiled.

"Ahhh, of course, that was the year we had the talent show," I smiled, remembering how I had gotten the courage to sing on stage.

"Why didn't you tell me about the book?" Scorpius asked smiling.

"I wanted it to be a surprise. I made Liz promise not to tell anyone, not even Al as well. I figured that would make her help me work faster so we could finish it and show it to everyone," I shrugged.

"Well, I am glad that you wrote it. Like Liz said already you do have an important story to tell especially regarding everything with Max. I just want our girls to grow up as strong and independent as you are Rosie," Scorpius smiled, kissing me.

"Ewww!" Aubree groaned, after seeing Scorpius and I kiss.

I rolled my eyes a little, pulling my chair closer to Scorpius as he put his arm around me and began to look over the book. I could see the happiness in his eyes as he read my story which would not have been possible without a guy as wonderful as he.

"Thank you Scorpius," I smiled, kissing his cheek.

"For what dear?" he asked confused.

"For everything… for being there for me, for loving me, for dealing with me, for our girls, for our life," I smiled, snuggling closer to him.

"Well, you're welcome," he smiled brightly, "And thank you for being you Rose."

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