It was a dark and cloudy day, there air was nice and silent. Behind a large castle stood a sad blonde. Face filled with sorrow and hurt. His usual energetic blue eyes were now dull and Grey. He didn't feel like talking to anyone for once. Depression and misery had a strong hold on him. He couldn't believe it it. They were gone.

He used to have so much fun with them. They always cheered him up when he was depressed, like now. He never thought that such a thing could happen to them. They were good oh s good. Never did anything wrong and yet, here they are, buried and rotting in the ground. They've helped so many people, always make anyone smile. Always cheering up the depressed. They didn't deserve this, they deserve so much more. And yet here they are..


Ven felt hot tears run down his cheeks. In his hand was a piece of paper. In front of him stood a stone monument. He sniffed up snot as he read the first heartbreaking words.

Here Lies Terra's Pranks and Jokes

Ven tore his gaze away from the stone, unable to read the rest. It was far too painful for him to handle. Ven fell on his knees sobbing. What did they do to deserve such a fate? They've just met and know they're gone. Just like that. Ven clutched his face as he continued to sob. Eventually he stopped, eyes blood red. Sniffling he opened the piece of paper he was clutching. He didn't want to do it, but it would be wrong. The last of its kind had to meet up with its relatives, and Ven didn't want to let it be miserable as well. Sniffling he read the lines, that lead to this disaster.

How are women and tornadoes alike?

They both moan like hell when they come, and take the house when they leave!

Ven smiled reading the lines, even in such a state...It did its job. Sniffling, Ven folded the paper into an envelope before setting it besides the stone. He stood up, throat dry.

"I'll...I'll never forget you!" And with that, the boy ran dashing back into the castle. He needed to get away before misery corrupts his mind.

Not too long did the Blonde leave, a large brunette came to the grave. Terra stood in front of the Monument for a long time before letting out a deep sigh.

Here Lies Terra's Pranks and Jokes

Along with his Pride and Joy


Terra felt a tear slide down his cheek reading the last lines. He gave a shaky breath.

"I'll...Miss you dearly.." He set a basket of flowers besides Ven's envelope before walking away as well.

lol i love those two :3