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I had barely left half a mile away when Edward jumped on the car and slid into the passenger seat.

"Had fun hunting?"

"I just got a deer." He said. I couldn't help but roll my eyes. He needed to know that he wouldn't lose control. He needed to have more faith like Jasper. Which reminded me. . . "You might want to be easy on him. He feels horrible and is really sorry"

"I know. I haven't said a word about it."

"And that is exactly what's bringing him down. Edward, you know his thoughts. He won't forgive himself until you forgive him."

Edward growled and glared out the window. He knew I was right but was stubborn.

"Besides, Bella wants you to forgive him." I murmured quietly. With that he snapped his attention to me. I didn't say anything else.

"What did she say?" I kept quiet. "What. Did. She. Say?"

I quietly remembered my conversation with Bella.

When I was done he was whiter than usual and quiet. At first. "I didn't know she would think that way. I didn't think that she would feel so remorseful . . ." I let him keep muttering until I knew our time would be short.

"So if you won't listen to me will you listen to her?" I asked quietly. He turned to me as I turned to him. I hated it. I hated that he was mad at Jasper. Well at me to but Jasper didn't deserve it. It was my fault. I should have been watching her and the future closer. I let all these thoughts run through my head and I added a flash back.

I remembered when we first got back Jasper immediately ran to our room. I knew Bella would be out for a while but I needed to talk to Jasper. When I walked into the room I was immediately swirled with different emotions. Anger, frustration, pain sadness, and shame.

"Jasper?" I asked attentively. He had his back to me facing the window with an angry glare that could have shattered it. "Jasper, what's wrong?"

"Like you need to ask." His voice breaking. I flinched at the pain in it. I immediately walked towards him.

"Jasper it wasn't your fault. If anyone it's-"

"DON'T!" he held out his hand and I my kept my arms back "If you still love me don't!"

"Of course I still love you." I frowned. "That's why I won't stop. I should have been watching more carefully."

"But I was with her! I felt her adrenaline rush. I felt her remorse and pure despair. I should have realized something was going to happen."

"It was her choice. And there is no way you could have known. Edward doesn't blame you."

"No." he turned around to look at me. His beautiful golden eyes were scorched with pain. "Not just that. H blames me. I could feel it on the way here. He blames me! And I don't blame him."

"He blames me to." I said quietly. I saw that he felt my own sadness seep out.

His eyes turned gentler and he walked up to me and wrapped his warm comfortable arms around me. I felt perfectly in place. We were like to halves. We went together physically and mentally. "But you're easy to forgive. Why anyone would stay mad at you I have no idea." He held me out a little to see my face and smiled faintly though it never reached his eyes. "I'm sorry I'm drowning in self pity aren't I."

"It's okay. I am to and we do have our reasons." Seeing what he was about to do I beat him to it and pressed my lips to his.

I cut off there because I didn't think Edward would want to know the details.

"Well?" I asked a bit icy.

He kept quiet. After a while he sighed. "I guess you both are right. I'll talk to him today." I immediately smiled and got happy.

"Thanks Edward. Do you know how happy I am?"

"Yea I could see that sense your bouncing the car in excitement." I laughed happily and threw my thin little arms around him then quickly grabbed the steering wheel when I saw some fisher men coming to drive by. "Yea, yea" he fussed my hair.

We pulled up the drive way and I went to tell Jasper. When I got in our room I felt it getting calm. But a quick second before that it was filled with guilt. I sighed as he looked at me abash fully

"Welcome home." He said opening his arms from were he sat at the desk. I couldn't resist. I went over and sat on his lap. He gave me a peck on the lips and then raised his eyebrows feeling my good mood. "Do I get to know what you're excited about?"

"You will." I laughed but then looked at him a little pleading. "Please trust me. Everything will turn out great."

He raised his eyebrows in question but then we heard footsteps coming up. Then there was a knock on the door. Jasper's eyes widen a little when he recognized it and he shook his head little bit. I gave him a pleading look and he surrendered.

"Come in!" Edward opened the door and saw us.

"Am I interrupting.?"

"No." Jasper answered quietly. I looked up at him and gave him a supporting smile.

"I was wondering if you want to go hunting with me?" he had it as an open question but he was looking at Jasper. He immediately rephrased it. "For me."

"I'm good." I piped in. The turned to my husband "Aren't you thirsty though? You can go." He knew what I meant but I saw his decision.

"Yes I suppose." He sighed.

Edward smiled a little. "I'll meet you out back." Then he flitted down to the glass door.

"What's happening?" he asked very quietly that I hardly heard it.

"Everything is going to get back to the way it should." I beamed up at him. He sighed.

"For you." He leaned down and kissed me gently. "I trust you so maybe I won't be burned today."

I frowned at his humor "Haha. Now hurry up and go." I ran with him to the door.

"So ready to get rid of me." He teased.

"Never." I jumped and kissed his cheek lightly.

"Okay can we go now. Your guys' thoughts are getting bad." Edward teased smiling easily. Jasper giving me a cautious look but walked out with Edward.

"Be careful." I yelled at them as they ran off. I paused and looked into the future. I felt myself smiling softly. Yea things would get better.

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