Summary-Harry has won the war but lost everything that really mattered to him. Or at least that is the way it seems. But what happens when Harry gets a letter from the goblins at Gringotts. A letter that says he has another relative. One that happens to live in Japan, and one that would love to meet him if given a chance? This is an OHSHC/HP Xover.

I do not make any money off of or in any way own Harry Potter or Ouran High School host club.


Harry had been in Japan for a week now and it was finally time for Harry to join his little cousin her Ouran. Thinking on this, as well as thinking on just how busy the last couple of days had been, Harry could help but recall the meeting that he had had with both Ryoji Fujioka and Haruhi Fujioka, in there family apartment. It has certainly been an eye opening effect for both sides. Especially since Harry had decided to tell them everything and had gotten the same favor in return.


Harry had followed Ryoji Fujioka, or was it Fujioka Ryoji, his supposed uncle, and Haruhi Fujioka his supposed cousin, in complete silence; his nervousness growing with each step they had taken. This silence kept up until they reached their apparent destination which appeared to be a rather small apartment.

An apartment which Ryoji was currently holding a door open to waiting for him to go inside. Seeing this Harry licked his lips slightly before following them in, back straight and muscles stiff as hell as he did. Harry really got the feeling that the next couple of hours were going to be real tense.

A good ten minutes later Harry felt like hitting his head repeatedly on the table. He had been right about things being tense, but not for the reasons he had expected. Harry had thought that like the Dursley's that his Uncle and his new cousin would be rarely around him because of his magic, as well as the fact he had been in a war.

But instead the air was so thick around them you could cut it with knife because no one knew just what to say. Not one of them could think of anything to start their conversation off with; leaving the three in the apartment to sit in silence for the last ten minutes just staring at each other. That is until Haruhi put the cup of teas she was drinking, the one she had gotten when her father and Harry had been staring wide eyed at each other, down and in a complete blunt matter ask.

"So are we going to talk to each other or are we just going to continue staring at each other?" Hearing this, as well as hearing the tone it had been stated in, Harry couldn't help but laugh slightly; it looked like Haruhi had broken the ice; with what Harry got the feeling was her usual self. Something Ryoji seemed to agree with his laughter and slight shaking of his head meant anything.

Harry feeling all the tension in the air disappear suddenly felt a lot lighter than he did before. He also began to wonder just why it had gotten as tense as it had. When they had first met things seemed to have started off quiet well he really wasn't sure when it had taken a turn for the worst. But he did know one thing he really didn't want it go back to how it had just been. So with that in mind Harry offered a small smile to his new family members before he started to speak; trying his best to open up to them.

"Hello, I know you know this but my name is Harry potter. I just recently turned seventeen, and I have recently found out that my mom had a brother, who has a daughter. You two. I came here so I can meet up with you…" here Harry trailed off and bit his lip; wincing slightly at how awkward he just sounded like as he did so. But it seemed that neither Haruhi nor Ryoji seemed to care the slightest how awkward Harry just sounded because instead of looking down on him, like Harry half expected them to do, the two stood up and introduced themselves similarly to the way Harry had.

"Hello, my name is Fujioka Ryoji, or as you know it Ryoji Fujioka, it's not polite to ask a lady her age so I will not be giving that to you. But I to have recently found out that I have a younger sister who had a son. Which turns out to be you Harry, and I am glade he has come out this far to meet us. I would love to get to know more about him."

"Hello, my name is Fujioka Haruhi, or as my father stated as you know it Haruhi Fujiko, I have just recently turned fifteen (I have no idea of her real age but it is during the first couple of episodes of OHSHC) I have just found out about a month or so ago that I had an Aunt and currently have an older cousin. You Harry. Who I would really like to get to know as well." Harry hearing all of this felt a stiffness that he really hadn't been completely aware of leave his shoulders.

Maybe this was family that could accept him for him; just maybe. Keeping that thought in mind, and throwing caution to the wind, Harry began to open up to them began to tell them about everything that had happened in his life; leaving out no secrets. And much to his gratitude got the same favor in return.

The three spoke for hours going over everything and currently they were on the subject of Ouran, both the fact that Harry was going to be going to it soon and the fact that Haruhi was part of something called a Host club.

End Flashback.

Harry had ended up having mixed feelings about the whole Host club thing; especially after Haruhi had explained just what it was. But at the same time he knew that he really couldn't do anything about it. He had already offered to pay of Haruhi debt but she had refused, just as Ryoji had when he had offered to help them with their fanatical problems as well.

Not that, Harry didn't understand why they had refused. He knew that if he had been in their shoes he would have most likely have done the exact same thing. But still Harry wished that he could help his little cousin, who had quickly wormed her way into Harry heart and had become more like a little sister than anything else.

Think on this for a bit Harry sighed and finished pack up the last of his school supplies for the next day, before going to lay down for the night. Only to shoot right up from his bed when a sudden idea hit him, he knew just how he could help Haruhi and all he had to wait was for the next day to hurry up and start.