A/N from A.C.: Just a short li'l smut fic for my good friend and mommy figure KickCows who recently got into SAxel pairings. Plus, Saix as a man-slut is sexy.

Warnings: Mindless smut, Whore!Saix.

Saix sat alone on his bed, clad in nothing but a bathrobe, waiting for the next customer. Pointed ears perked up as the door to his room opened. In walked a man, too handsome to want the services of a whore. The slicked back spiky red hair was amazingly original, but the lanky, muscular form of the man drew Saix's attention for sure. Those bright sparkling green eyes attracted the whore more than anything else.

Getting up from his seat, Saix walked over to the man and smiled, "Are you in need of a little... satisfaction, Sir?"

The man grinned, "Hell yeah."

"Then, Sir, please allow me to assist you..."

Giving Saix a lopsided smile, the stranger chuckled, "The name's Axel, and you are?"

"You may call me what you wish, Sir. My title is The Diviner, my name is Saix."

Axe smirked, "Well then, my Diviner... Why don't you strip for me."

Purring, Saix let a smirk cross his lips. "If that is what you wish from me, Master..."

Slowly and seductively, Saix removed his robe. He untied the robe's tie around his waist and slipped the thin fabric from his shoulders. The robe fell in a small pool around the Diviner's feet and he looked up at Axel, a smirk curving his lips, and a blush tinting his cheeks.

The redhead looked his prey up and down, licking his lips. "Very nice body, slut."

"Mmn... Thanks, Master. I take much pride in my body."

"I can tell, my pet." Axel moved forward, sliding his hands along Saix's skin. Soft moans fell from the Diviner's lips as the hands ran over hard nipples and brushed quivering muscles.

"Oh, Master, please... May I undress you..?"

He nodded, a smirk plastered on his face, "You may."

Saix licked his lips and slowly started to removed each layer of his client's clothing, showing more and more of the delicious looking pale skin. The Diviner stopped as he reached Axe's army print boxers, he looked up at his client and tilted his head,"May I rid you of this, Sir?"

"What a polite dog you are, yes, you may."

Saix pushed his client's boxers down and licked his lips when he saw the hard length that greeted him and begged for attention. "What would you like me to do, Sir?"

"Suck me off, mutt. Show me what that pretty mouth of yours can do."

"As you wish, Sir." Swiftly and skillfully, Saix deep-throated his client. He let out a purr at the moan the man gave him, but the simple humming in his throat vibrated along his client's erection and caused him to moan louder and louder.

One hand buried itself in Saix's silky locks, while the other firmly gripped the slut's shoulder. "Fuck, mutt... You've got a mouth on ya..."

Another purr rumbled through Saix's throat and around Axel's cock. A muffled cry was all the warning as the whore's client spilled his essence into the warm cavern that was Saix's mouth.

The Diviner pulled back and swallowed, he licked Axe clean of any remaining cum. Saix reached up and stroked the soft skin just within Axel's hipbone. "You came fast, Master..."

"Only because your mouth is so damn good."

"Mmn, Master, you flatter me..."

"Now, my pet, may you get on your hands and knees for me?"

Saix obeyed and turned around; he lowered himself onto his hands and knees. Looking over his shoulder he smirked, "Come and get it, Sir. Take me for a test drive..."