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Warning: They might seem out of character, but with the circumstances and the time that's gone by, I think this is how they'd act.

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Chapter One: 'A' is for…

Yahiro glared at the letter on his desk, already dreading the moment he'd have to read it. It was probably just another love letter from yet another girl he didn't care about. He sighed as he opened it, just wanting to get it over with.

Dear Yahiro… Yahiro stared at the familiar handwriting. It couldn't be… but it was. "Megumi…" he barely heard himself whisper the name. Megumi had left years ago, in their second year of high school, and she never wrote or kept in contact with any of them. Even her twin, Jun, had to beg for information about her. He looked at the paper again.

Dear Yahiro,

It's been a while, hasn't it? It never seemed to be the right time to write when I tried before… and I could never seem to find the words. I found them now. All twenty-six of them actually.

You remember, don't you? Your last challenge to me? It was to find a meaningful word to each letter of the alphabet and then we'd talk. Well, here's 'A'.

Yahiro sighed, feeling a little exasperated. That challenge had never been for real, but Megumi had obviously taken it to heart. In reality, he was feeling a little bitter about losing Akira still, and Megumi was the target he chose to vent at. Then she'd just left, without a word, and he'd lost the one person who accepted him completely, though he hadn't realized that fully.

He picked up the paper and continued to read.

() () () () () () ()

'A' stands for Akira. That's where it all began after all. You loved Akira, and the only reason I asked you out in the first place was to try to protect her. But, as usual, you saw right through that.

Yahiro, you never got over Akira. You always wanted to be there for her, and you were just waiting for Tadashi to mess up. You never looked at anyone or anything else.

She was everything to you. You'd give up everything you had to see her smile just once. It might have hurt you, but at least she was happy. You were content to be the 'bad guy' so Akira had someone to blame if she needed it.

Akira was like family to me, like a sister. She was always trying to protect me and Hikari from the devils, aka, you and Kei. She was also in love with Tadashi, a fact we could all see very well.

I thought you'd try to break them up. Then I realized you'd never do anything to hurt Akira… because she was the one you loved.

Everything started with Akira.

() () () () () () ()

Twenty-five more letters Yahiro.


Yahiro stared at the letter. There was a time Megumi would never have been that frank. She'd changed a lot in the last five years.

Briefly, he wondered what it had been like, just leaving the way she did, and if she had missed them. He wondered what she'd been doing, who she'd met, if she spoke now or still wrote in her notepad. Yahiro knew he'd find out eventually.

He couldn't wait for letter 'B'.