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It plagued the master of the household.


It plagued the entire household as a whole. Her blindness in her left eye served as testimony to that.

What other word could describe the indifference in her young master's gray-blue eyes? The mocking smirk that lingered on his lips as he gouged out her eye? The indifference as he cleaned his hands of her red, red blood?

As for the mansion, it reeked of emptiness. From the empty halls, to the empty faces of the portraits.

However, it wasn't the emptiness that nearly drove her insane.

No. She would give her other eye for such simplicity.

It was the sensation of something watching her as well as the other servants without rest. As if the young master had found another set of eyes in his butler, Claude.

It frightened her.

Never would she leave the master's gaze, regardless where she went in the mansion. When one turned his gaze elsewhere, the other took his place. It didn't matter if the eyes were filled with indifference or childlike sadism, her punishment would be the same if she should choose to disobey.

That much was surely known by now. The child would laugh, and the butler would stare blankly. As for the triplets… well, there wasn't much they could do, was there? It was not their choice to simply stand and watch the inhumanity she was subjected to, unless they wished to face it themselves. No, disobedience was no longer a choice. Not in a house that refused to tolerate mistakes. Unfortunately, that is what they were seen as.

And mistakes were ordered to be dealt with.

It was only a matter of time. She knew it. The triplets knew it. That it was only a matter of time where that insane, bubbly laughter would be the last thing they ever heard.


The master.

The household.

A butler.

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