Bella's POV

Ok so I lied. I want to know the sex of the babies and I want to know so bad that it's killing me but I can't tell Edward that I want to know. And I can't open the envelope in my hands either. Stupid pregnancy hormones.

Ok, Bella you just need to take your mind off of this for now. Hmm, what can I do to take my mind of the sex of the babies? I know I'll watch some TV.

Let's see what's on. One minute and twenty channels later I sigh in frustration and turn off the TV. Channel after channel a show about twins or shows about having twins. Edward, just had to get me knocked up with twins. Well at least that explains how large my stomach is. I was not looking forward to the birth when I thought that the baby was going to be big.

I can't take it anymore this is driving me crazy. I walk upstairs to mine and Edward's room and shut the door and check to make sure that Edward isn't around before I open the envelope just when I pull the picture out I see Edward's hand take the picture out of my hands.

I turn around and see Edward standing there wearing nothing but a smirk and a towel around his waist. I lick my lips and whimper.

"I thought you wanted it to be a surprise" Edward said putting the picture over my head so that I can't reach it

"Ok, fine. I want to know. It's driving me crazy" I confess and Edward smiles

"Oh thank god. It was driving me crazy too" Edward confesses

"Ok. We'll both look on three. One. Two. Three" I say and we both look at the picture

"We're having boys" Edward says as he picks me up and spins me around

"Edward put me down" I say laughing at him

"So now that we know, how long until we tell my parents and Alice and Jasper?" Edward asks grinning

"We'll tell them tomorrow because I cannot take Alice begging me every time I see her" I say shaking my head. My eyes trail over Edward's body and stop at the towel.

My hands travel down his chest to his waist and remove the towel from his waist.

"Like what you see, love?" Edward ask picking me up in his arms

"Yes. I love it. Let me show you how much I love it" I purr in his ear as his lays me on the bed and removes my clothes stopping to kiss my stomach.

"My babies. Mine. My Bella. Mine" Edward growls as he crawls on top of me

"Yours, Edward. Only yours" I say kissing his neck and running my fingers through his hair.

"Oh, love. I'm gonna love you all night long" Edward said as he cups my breast and pulls my head to his and kisses me.

The next morning, I wake up to Edward cuddling me from behind me with his around my waist laying on my stomaching and one of his legs laying between mine. Our bedroom door opens and the next thing I know, I feel our bed shift and see Alice looking at me.

"Tell me. Tell me. Come on Bella. I want to know. How can you not want to know what the sex of your babies are?" Alice says not stop to taking a breath.

"Alice, go away. To early. Who let you have coffee or chocolate?" Edward says as she nuzzles my neck.

" Jasper. Now back to the babies." Alice continues and I sigh and look at the nightstand where the pictures of the babies lay.

"Here Alice" I say as I hand her the pictures of the babies and it's silent for about ten seconds

"I can't wait. I have to tell Jasper. I have to tell mom and dad. Have you two picked out names yet? I know the perfect colors for them. Blue and green. It's perfect" Alice says

"Alice weren't you going to tell Jasper?" I ask reminding her and within five seconds she's off our bed and out room and down the stairs.

I whine and move back closer to Edward.

"what's wrong, love?" Edward ask me

"I'm hungry but I don't want to get up. I'm too comfortable" I whine and pout

"I'll cook you whatever you want " Edward says and I cave

Thirty minutes later me and Edward are sitting at the kitchen table with Carlisle and Esme eating breakfast.

"How come Alice already knows what sex the babies are but we the soon to be grandparents don't?" Esme asks looking from me to Edward

"That was my fault. Alice came into a room and Jasper has given her chocolate and coffee and she kept talking and I just gave her the babies pictures." I say before taking another bite of my strawberries pancakes with whip cream and syrup.

"We're having boys" Edward says as I finish off my food

"So what about names?" Carlisle asks us

"Still thinking about them" I say truthfully because I have a few names that I like and so does Edward

"Now about the wedding" Esme says as she starts talking about mine and Edward's wedding next month.

"I'm going to be huge" I say pouting and Edward kisses me

"You're not huge. You're carrying two Cullen boys in there" Edward says rubbing my belly

"You have a point there" I say and Esme and Carlisle laugh