"It's the price when you loose a war." He had explained, a thoughtful look flickering through those red eyes. "It's what you must face up to."

"They can take everything from you. After all, they won. It is their right I suppose."

"Then when I wage war," The boy began. "I will be sure not to loose."

The elder gave a laugh, ruffling his little brother's blond hair. The boy sounded so certain, so sure.

He had never seen the horrors of war.

But once he grew, he did loose the war he waged.

And they did take everything.

Sure, his allies took some of the blame. But as expected most of the burden was to be carried by him.

And the blond had watched as everyone he loved as well as all that he had worked for was taken from him.

But as he watched the elder brother who had raised and cared for him taken away, he remembered what he had been told as a child;

"It's the price when you loose a war. It's what you must face up to."