The Birth of Leanna and Reanna:

Blacksmith House: Moving Day:

Seanna had just gotten Keanna off to Day Camp when the Holden's, Mrs. Moran, Mrs. LeBlanc, Mrs. Sherwood and the Burton's showed up. Emmaline was there as well, but she mostly watched Sara Elizabeth. She nodded as they got out of their cars. Claudia Joy spoke up first.

"Seanna, it's good to see you well. Can we come in?"

"What's the matter Mrs. Holden? As far as I'm concerned, I haven't done anything wrong."

"It's nothing you did. Um, Keanna was over at Pamela's a few days ago and told her some things that needed to be investigated. Upon further investigation, we believe that you and your daughter as well as your unborn child would be better living at our house, safer. Your father will be dealt with according to Army Regulation, but the Law as well." General Holden explained.

"So you know what has been going on? You all know that Keanna is really my daughter?"

"Yes, we do. But you're not in trouble Seanna. We just want to make sure that you, Keanna and your unborn child are safe, where your father can't get to you. If you'll let us, we would like to help you pack everything up today and moved over to the Holden Residence." Roxy finished.

"I'm glad I don't have to hide it anymore. Um, yes come on in. You can take my father's stuff for evidence if you wish. But we don't have that much stuff."

"It's okay, whatever you want to keep you can put in yours and Keanna's rooms. We have two spare rooms that aren't being used." Claudia Joy said.

"Thank you, I should probably tell you that my mother is somewhere in Texas. I got a letter from her about a month ago. She wants to see me."

"Your mother?" Pamela asked.

"Yes, Rebecca Johnson. She changed her last name back to Johnson after she left dad. Why?"

"So, then who was Corrine Jacobs-Blacksmith?" Denise asked.

"She was my step-mother. Dad was only married to her for about two months before he pushed her down the ravine. He made sure she was dead by going down to her and breaking her neck. He made me stay up on the cliff. When we got back to the campsite, he told the Park Ranger that he couldn't find her and made sure I corroborated his story; that we went to look for her but couldn't find her. The Detectives didn't believe him but the case was closed and he was transferred a month later." We had moved into the living room and kitchen. Boxes were brought in and the packing began.

"Are you sure you two shouldn't be at the office?" I asked pointing to General Holden and Colonel Burton.

"Colonel Sherwood said he'd call if I was needed. Joan has tha day off." General Holden said.

"So who's your favorite music artist?" Joan asked.
"That would have to be Super Junior. They're a Korean Pop group and they have music videos to die for."

"Korean Pop, huh?" Emmaline asked.

"At the moment, yes. I'm in the mood for some Hindi pop soon though. Maybe some Irish mixed into it. I have a few Korean pop, Hindi Pop & Irish mixes that I made last year when I was in a dance group. We danced to everything."

"Sounds fun."

"It was. I wish I could get back to my old self, but I know that'll never happen. Too much has happened for me to truly get back to my old self. I want to see my mom again though. She'll be sad to hear what my father did me, but glad I have friends to help me. And she'll want to meet her grandchildren. I just hope that she'll really be glad to see me and not leave the second she hears what happened."

"And you believe she'll leave after learning what your father has done to you?" Joan asked.

"I do, I mean when she left my father she could have taken me with her, but she didn't. I hope she'll want me now, despite my having children."

"I'm sure she'll be happy to see you again, no matter how you've changed." Claudia Joy said.

The kitchen and living room was packed up and they were working on the girls' room. All they had left to pack was the laptop, movies and CD's. The MP's would be over afterwards to remove all of Major Blacksmith's belongings. Once everything was put in the Holden's vehicle and everyone got ready to leave, Seanna grabbed the keys to the car and left, following the Holden's to their house.

Holden Residence: Moving Day:

Seanna parked the car behind the Holden's and the rest of the cars. Everyone got out and unloaded the cars and took them upstairs to the spare bedroom that used to be Amanda's room. There was a bed, a dresser and some posters on the wall; other than that the room was bare. Emmaline helped Seanna put her clothes in the dresser as well as her laptop on the desk that was brought over, and the books, movies and CD's on the bookshelves that were also brought over. Once the room was done being unpacked, Emmaline and Seanna wandered downstairs to help unpack the rest.

General Holden had had to go back to the office by Colonel Burton was still there. In wanting to help with the rest of the unpacking, the girls were told to go pick up the kids and bring them back to the house. Kids: as in Roxy's kids, Pamela's kids and Keanna. So they left in Seanna's car. When they got back to the Holden house, all boxes had been flattened and put away.

As the kids played in the back with Emmaline watching them, Roxy, Pamela, Roland, Joan, Denise and Claudia Joy sat Seanna down with Keanna under the Gazebo. And the talking began.

"Keanna, you know you're not in trouble right?" Claudia Joy asked.

"Then why does everyone want to talk to me. I'm sorry mommy, I mean sissy, I didn't mean to say anything."

"It's okay Keanna. Saying what you did to Pamela was a good thing. Dad can't hurt us anymore. We're safe here. We don't have to fear dad anymore. He's going to get into a lot of trouble for what he has been doing."

"So where are we going to live then?"

"Well, with the help of all of us, this morning while you were at Day Camp your mommy helped pack all your belongings up and we moved them here. You can stay here as long as it is necessary to put your father in jail for what he has done to you and your mommy." Claudia Joy said.

"Cool, I get another sissy!" Keanna jumped up and ran off to play with the other kids. Everyone laughed.

"At least she's happy again."

"How about you Seanna? Are you happy again?" Denise asked.

"I'm happy to be away from him, yes. I'm happy to have people here that care about me, yes. I'm happy he's going to jail, yes. I'm happy my mother wants to see me, yes. But what I'm not happy about is that no one ever seemed to care before. Why didn't anyone do anything to help us before now?"

"Maybe they believed the lies you were forced to tell. Who knows? I don't think we'll ever really know." Pamela said.

"You guys should probably get some rest. Trevor's going to be home soon and I know he wants to see the kids. See you tomorrow." Roxy got up and collected her kids and Pamela did the same thing. Roland and Joan stayed a few more minutes before leaving with Sara Elizabeth as well. Denise and Frank were having dinner with the Holden's so Denise stayed.

We moved inside and dinner preparations started. Keanna fell asleep while dinner was being made. Emmaline and Seanna played a game of cards, then Colonel Sherwood and General Holden got to the house ten minutes before dinner. General Holden had stopped by the Sherwood Residence so Frank could change into something more comfortable before heading home. Denise had the car so there was no need for him to drive his truck.

Holden Residence: Dinner:

Seanna and Emmaline were in her room on her computer laughing. Keanna had taken a nap after playing in the back yard and was lying on the bed. Seanna was on her Facebook page, updating old friends on new situations. She had gotten a Facebook page to be more independent from her father and as far she knew, he knew nothing of her Facebook page.

Emmaline had her laptop as well and was playing on her Facebook page and had added Seanna as a friend. With the two of them on Facebook, Keanna asleep on the bed, and Denise and Claudia Joy downstairs making dinner, General Holden and Kernel Sherwood walked into the house to hear laughter not only upstairs but also in the kitchen. At least Emmaline and Seanna got along. Then the music started to play from upstairs and it didn't sound like Emmaline's music.

When General Holden and Colonel Sherwood entered the house, they knew that no matter what happened, the two new additions upstairs weren't going anywhere for a long time, which was probably a good thing seeing as Major Blacksmith would be getting home from Theater (Iraq) soon and as soon as he stepped into his house, he was going to be arrested for child endangerment, rape of a minor, molestation of a minor and the murder of his former wife all those years ago, with the help of Seanna testifying against him. Claudia Joy called up to the girls that dinner was ready and after waking Keanna from her nap, they came downstairs.

Keanna was still rubbing her eyes when everyone sat down at the table. Used to a table where she could actually eat at, Keanna had to sit on her knees in order to reach her plate. Emmaline got up to grab a few books to put under the little girl and by the time that was done, Keanna could see and eat her food without sitting on her knees. Talking was mostly about how the day went and what the plans were for the weekend. Though most were probably sure that the girls wanted to get as acquainted with their new living situation than anything else, it was a surprise when Seanna told them that they already had plans to go to the beach that weekend. So the Holden family said that they would tag along if that was alright and nobody had to work.

General Holden said he had Saturday off so if they all went to the beach on Saturday and back the same night, that everything should work out just fine. And the fact that Colonel Sherwood was at the dinner that night was something else. Colonel Sherwood had to work but Denise said she could probably get the others of the 'Tribe' to go with them if they wanted something fun to do the next day. Dinner now being over, Seanna sent Keanna back up to their new room to get into her pajamas while she helped Emmaline, Claudia joy and Denise put away the remainder of the food and clean up the dishes in the kitchen. It was nice being around a loving family.

Holden Residence: Getting Beach Ready:

Seanna was up before everyone else the next morning. She hadn't been able to sleep very well the next day and figured it was because she was in a new house. She didn't think anything of it when she got out of the shower with her back hurting. She was pregnant, her back hurt every day. She was dressed and packing a bag for her and Keanna for the beach when Emmaline walked into the room after hearing someone up and about. Her parents were still asleep.

"Hey, how long have you been up?"

"An hour or so. Couldn't sleep. I guess it's being in a new house or maybe it's that we are finally safe. Anyways, I figured I would make breakfast for everyone, if that's alright."

"Yeah, let me help you. I just got out of the shower myself and my bag was packed last night for the beach so, let's go down shall we? Um, you want to bring Keanna with us? We can put her on the couch if you like."

"That sounds great. Hey, any good places to sit on the beach, if you know what I'm asking." I asked as she picked Keanna up from the bed, still wrapped in her blanket and the girls headed downstairs.

"Not really, we don't really go to the beach that much, but I'm sure wherever you sit is pretty comfortable. It is sand you know."

"Yea, so I was thinking pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage and orange juice. What would you like to make?"

"Well mom normally makes that on Saturday mornings anyways, so I guess we can get a head start. And they normally drink coffee, or tea."

"Well if they hadn't guessed when they put my stash of tea away then they really don't know how to look."

"What do you mean?"

"If I can, and the only demand I have of my father, is to get tea from around the world. He knows that I have to have my tea or I get cranky. It seems to make him happy when he sees the smile on my face every time he brings home a different kind of tea from wherever he has gone. Let's see, I've had tea from Malaysia, Australia, Africa, the US of course, and some from Europe. It's kind of like collecting tea sets, but I collect tea instead. I make sure to keep one tea bag from every box so I can remember where the tea came from."

"Sounds interesting. I would like to try some if you don't mind."

"We can make some hot water while we make the food. And I might need a stool while I cook."

"Yea, you look like you're ready to pop, no offense."

"None taken, I feel like I'm about to pop. My back has been hurting like heck all night and since I got up. But I'm pregnant, so it's normal."

"You, know just to be on the safe side, we could go to the hospital and get you checked out before we head to the beach. It couldn't hurt."

"No thank you. If we went to the hospital, they'd want to admit me, and I really want to go to the beach. I haven't been to a beach in a long time."

"Well, then no mention of this to my parents then. Shall we," Emmaline asked positioning a stool behind me and putting the ingredients for the breakfast on the counter so that I could cook.

"We shall."

I sat, the pain had gotten more annoying and I wasn't going to ruin a good day for pregnancy pain, that much I knew not to say anything about. It was a little after seven when Claudia Joy and General Holden ventured down in beach clothes right about the time Keanna woke up and wandered in with them, smelling the food and drink.

"Well, this looks very delicious girls. You didn't have to get up so early though. I could have made breakfast when I got up."

"It's okay Mrs. Holden; I was up around four anyways. I don't sleep much now-a-days. It's actually pretty hard when you're pregnant and all."

"And Emmaline, what's your excuse?" General Holden asked.

"I heard someone up and about and came to see what was going on. Seanna was packing a bag for the day and had already taken a shower. It was her idea to make breakfast. There's coffee for the adults, orange juice for Keanna and Seanna and I have tea."

"Yes, Denise and I noticed your collection of tea while we were putting your food away. And the single tea bags with the places written on a plastic bag. You don't drink those ones?"

"No, those are my souvenirs. I drank the rest of the tea that went with it, but those tea bags are like a collection from around the world if you know what I mean."

"I do. I always try and bring something home from wherever interesting I'm deployed for the family. Your father must have had a hard time getting those teas for you."

"It was the one and only demand I had from him. He knew that I couldn't live without drinking tea and it was easier seeing me happy then not so he got the teas. I guess it was his way of saying that he was sorry, or something like that. Never really thought about how he thought the whole time he was doing what he was doing."

"Yes, that tends to happen. Well, now that the food has been eaten, let's head over to the beach and have ourselves a good day shall we. Roland called and said that he and the rest of the Tribe were coming with their families so we should have a full boatload of people with us and have a fin day as well."

The Beach:

Seanna grabbed her bag from her car and helped Keanna out of the back seat. Emmaline had ridden with them to the beach and was talking about what they would do for the baby shower. Emmaline couldn't seem to stop talking and that was something Seanna would have to get used to now that she and her daughter were living with the Holden's. It was nice being around people that generally cared about others. The pain in her back had grown some, but she didn't think anything of it.

They moved to a spot on the beach where nobody was at all. Keanna ran straight for the ocean, which the others sensed she had never seen before now. They also sensed that Seanna was actually really happy. There was no need to pretend around them anymore. According to General Holden, the Board had agreed to let the girls stay at the Holden's due to 'extenuating circumstances'. The 'circumstances' was the fact that Seanna was almost about ready to give birth. Once she gave birth, blood would be taken from the child and then checked against the blood of Major Blacksmith to make sure it was a match and once a match was found, when Major Blacksmith got back from Theater, he would be arrested. His commanding officer over in Theater had been told what was going on and had been asked to keep an eye out on him. It wasn't that hard to do, commanding officers were always keeping an eye out on their soldiers.

It was amazing how a child could go from being young and innocent to having their whole lives changed by one careless act. But the Blacksmith girls seemed to know how to hide their true feelings. Emmaline, on the other hand, knew how to get them to open up was by getting them to talk to her about their feelings and it seemed to be working. Emmaline sat next to Seanna as she watched her daughter run headlong into the water and plop into the water, just letting it rush over her as she lay on the sand. It was amazing how much a young girl could know and still keep hidden yet also show a smile whenever she was having fun.

The rest of the kids went to join Keanna who continued to sink into the sand as the water washed away the sand underneath her body. She was having fun just lying there.

"What is she doing?" Roxy asked.

"She's sinking. You know like when you stand in one spot and the water washes away the sand under your feet and you sink, well it's the same thing only her body is sinking instead of just her feet. The other kids seem to like it to, by the way."

"Yea, well it's something new for them to try that's for sure. How are you feeling Seanna? You look tired." Denise asked.

"I'm eight and a half months pregnant, how do you think I feel. I'll be fine."

"Did you ever feel the way you feel when you were pregnant with Keanna?" Pamela asked.

"What's with all the questions? I'm fine, trust me okay. Look, I'll be fine just as soon as I give birth, other than that, life is just peachy."

"Sorry, we just want to make sure you're really okay. You don't have to put on the brave face anymore, you know that right." Claudia Joy finished.

"Yes, I know that. Why are you guys sitting here with me? You should be out having fun with your kids. Go play or something, I'll just be sitting here reading this book."

"If you're sure you don't mind." General Holden said.

"No, I don't mind; now go have fun while you have the day off."

So the Holden family and their friends headed to play with the rest of the kids. The pain had grown worse over the course of the day and even though she ignored the pain, by the time everyone was ready to go home, she was unable to drive. She asked Emmaline if she wanted to drive, saying that she didn't feel like driving back. Emmaline didn't seem to mind and helped Seanna up from the ground. None of them noticed the wetness of the sand as they moved towards the cars.

Holden House: Middle of the Night:

Seanna woke with a start. The pain had grown increasingly in the past few hours after they got back from the beach. She told no one how much pain she was in and declined dinner, saying that she felt too tired to eat and that she needed to get some sleep. Keanna stayed up a little longer and ate dinner with the Holden's before letting Emmaline take her to the room and help her into bed.

She got up and made her way into the bathroom where she had to hold on to the edge of the counter so she didn't collapse. She heard the door of her room open and heard someone come in. She wasn't expecting Emmaline to walk in but when she did and when Emmaline saw how much pain Seanna was in, she ran to get her mom.

"Mom, mom!"

"What Emmaline?"

"It looks like Seanna is in labor. We need to get her to the hospital."

"I'm up! Michael, get up, we have to go."

"Huh? What's going on?"

"Seanna's going into labor, we need to get her to the hospital, come on, get up."

"I'm up."

Claudia Joy followed her daughter into the walk-in bathroom adjoining Seanna and Keanna's room. With the help of Emmaline, they were able to pack a small bag full of clothes and Emmaline picked Keanna up after giving the bag to her mom. Keanna barely stirred, but it was Michael who had to pick Seanna up and carry her to the car and put her in the back seat, where Claudia Joy was sitting.

The Birth:

They got to the hospital in record time and by the time they were sitting in the waiting room; Claudia Joy and Seanna were in a delivery room. Claudia Joy had given her phone to Michael to hold so it didn't disturb them while Seanna was in labor. He also took it as a sign to call the tribe or text them and leave them all a message saying that Seanna was in labor and they were at the hospital. Emmaline was still holding Keanna who was still fast asleep, unaware of what was going on around her.

Around six that same morning the rest of their friends showed up, with kids in tow so Keanna wouldn't feel so alone; though all of the kids were still pretty tired anyways and taking the cue that Keanna was still asleep, fell asleep themselves (on the floor of course). The adults asked if there was any news and got a response of 'No'.

Two hours later, Claudia Joy came out of the labor and delivery rooms.

"So, how's the baby?" Michael asked.

"You mean babies, yea, Seanna was only told she was having one baby, turns out a twin was hiding the whole time. They are fine, but they have been taken to the NICU just to be on the safe side. Due to the fact that they are the product of incest, they want to make sure that there is nothing wrong with them. Seanna is sleeping for the time being. Apparently, according to the doctor, she went into labor yesterday morning. She never told us she was in any pain, just that it felt like it had when she was pregnant with Keanna. So I'm thinking we need to keep a better eye out for how much pain she really is in in the future."

"So can we see Seanna or the babies soon?" Emmaline asked.

"In a nother hour or so we should be able to. The doctor wants to make sure Seanna is well rested before he allows any visitors. And then he'll bring her daughters down and she can name them."

"Two girls! Wow, she is definitely going to have her hands full." Pamela said.

"Yes, well, she's just happy they are healthy."

"I bet."

"When did you guys get here?"

"Around six this morning. Michael texted us what was going on in the middle of the night, but none of us got up to check our phones so we didn't get them till this morning when we got up to do our normal routines." Roland said.

"I see, I was wondering if my giving him my phone would prompt him into calling or texting anyone."

"Hey, you always have your friends here when something major happens. And when the girl we just took in two days ago gives birth early, you tend to want friends around."

"I'm not saying that what you did was a bad thing. Seanna and the girls are going to need all the help they can get, that's for sure."

"Then I guess it's a good thing they are living with us now, isn't it mom."

"Yes, Emmaline it is. But I think, we'll put Keanna in the guest room for now so that the babies can be in with Seanna. Unless you want to share your room?"

"I don't mind sharing. Besides, I don't think Keanna is going to want a room to herself just yet."

"Good point."

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