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Whispering Corridors

Chapter 2

Thursday night

By now, J.P. had learned of his cousin's sudden, horrifying demise. He had found out about Narimi's death only hours after his friends had been told. Although he had never hung around with Narimi much, he still had felt a strong pain of loss. J.P. had not been informed by the others about their plan to sneak in the school at night, as they felt that he didn't need that weight on his shoulders. It was for the best that he didn't join anyway, as he and his family were going through a difficult time. Narimi's parents had demanded answers about her death, as had the parents of the other three victims. The school had been unable to provide any answers once again, leaving everyone in the dark about what was really going on. That was the main reason why Takuya, Zoe, Kouichi, and Kouji were so determined to find out themselves.

It was nearly eleven by the time Takuya had arrived at the school, clad in black jeans and a black sweatshirt. He waited impatiently for the other three to arrive, worried that they hadn't been able to sneak out of their houses. He had barely managed to leave, as he had been caught by Shinya as he climbed out of the window. Normally, Shinya would've ratted him out, unless Takuya provided him with some type of bribery. However, Takuya's brother allowed him to leave, even promising to cover for him should their parents wake up. Shinya wasn't sure what Takuya's reason for leaving had been, but with the grim look on his brother's face, he figured that it must've been important.

"Where are they?" Takuya looked around, hiding in the shadows. "At this rate, I'll have to go in by myself."

"Don't get your panties in a twist," Kouji remarked, suddenly emerging from the darkness.

The brunette jumped slightly, then rolled his eyes. "Jeez, don't fucking do that. And where the hell is Kouichi?"

"Right here," the short-haired twin said in a loud whisper. "I brought a few flashlights because I figured that we would need them. All we gotta do now is wait for Zoe."

After about five minutes, Zoe finally jogged up to meet her friends, completely out of breath. "Sorry I'm late. I had a bit of trouble sneaking out..."

Like the other three, she too had arrived dressed in all black, wearing jeans, a tank top, and a light jacket. By now, the sky was nearly pitch-black with the exception of an array of stars. Only a few streetlights remained lit, though they didn't provide much illumination. Cars rarely passed at this hour, though a police cruiser would drive by the high school on occasion.

"We better get inside before somebody sees us," Takuya said quietly. "Just let me pick this lock."

He pulled a few tools out of his pocket and began to work on the door at a brisk pace. He squinted in the darkness, wishing that he could use a flashlight to help him see. Yet he knew that doing so would give away their position and ruin everything they had planned. So he had no choice but to work without the aid of any light.

"What if this school has an alarm system?" Kouji suddenly asked after a moment. "If it goes off, we're fucked."

"This school doesn't have an alarm system," Zoe told him as she huddled next to Takuya. "The building is pretty old and the school officials never installed one."

Kouichi snorted. "They probably should at some point..."

Takuya heard a click and grinned. "Okay, it's unlocked. Hurry up and get inside."

He allowed his friends to enter before him, then rushed inside as fast as he could in fear that someone may spot them. The corridor was even darker than it was outside, only a tiny bit of light spilling through the windows.

"Great. How the fuck are we supposed to do this in the dark?" Kouji groaned. "I forgot to bring my special night-vision goggles along with the rest of my 'How to Break into a School' kit."

"All we gotta do is go down the rest of the main hallway and away from those windows," Zoe replied. "Then we can turn on our flashlights without fear of being seen."

Takuya smirked. "Hey, Zoe. You better grab my hand just in case. I don't want anyone to get separated."

"That's my hand you just grabbed, you dolt," Kouji growled.

"Ugh!" The brunette released Kouji's hand, hearing Kouichi and Zoe chuckling quietly. "Stop laughing at me!"

Stifling a laugh, Zoe cupped her hand over his mouth. "Stop shouting. We want to be as quiet as possible. You never know who might be in this building."

"I don't like the sound of that," Kouichi mumbled as he tugged at the neck of his sweatshirt. "Someone could just be lurking around the corner, waiting to jump at us with a knife."

"Someone's been watching too many horror movies," Kouji said with a snort. "Let's just go to wherever the hell those videos are and take a look at them. Speaking of which, where the fuck are we going?"

Takuya pulled Zoe's hand off his mouth and held it in his own hand. "I think that they might be in either the main office or the principal's office. They're probably locked away somewhere, but I know that we'll find them."

"I hope so," Zoe said wistfully as Takuya pulled her along. "I want to find out what's going on around here. Even if we weren't sure about the other three girls, we all know that Narimi couldn't have killed herself."

"Her head had nearly been cut off to the point of decapitation." Kouichi shuddered. "The teachers found a bloody box cutter nearby, but there's no way in hell she would've gouged her throat like that. The murder weapon would've had to have been sharper for a cut as clean as hers. If she had done it herself, there would've been a sawing motion and everything for a cut that deep."

Kouji smirked. "Aren't you just the little forensic scientist."

"That's for bones, not bodies," Kouichi countered. "I think..."

The four of them continued their way down the corridor, finally getting to a point where it would be safe to shine their flashlights. The school was ominously quiet, making them feel uneasy. Although they had expected for the building to be deserted, they hadn't expected for the hair to stand up on the backs of their necks.

"This place is fucking creepy at night," Takuya muttered as he shone his light down the dreary hallway.

"I know. I would've figured it to be creepier during the day when all of the teachers are lurking around," Kouji remarked with a smirk.

Kouichi snorted. "They're not creepy; just annoying."

"No, some are creepy," Zoe interjected flatly. "Trust me."

The walk towards the principal's office seemed to take an eternity, though in all reality they were only about another minute away from their destination.

"Takuya?" Zoe squeezed his hand a bit tighter. "Do you think that there really is an Aka Manto?"

The brunette remained silent for a moment, before letting out a sigh. " crazy as it sounds, it does sound possible. I'm not the type who usually believes in the supernatural shit, but everything makes more sense if we do suspect that it is the ghost who's causing everything."

"You guys are insane," Kouji muttered. "Yukari slashed her own throat with a scalpel. Kayako hanged herself. Asuka ran off somewhere while no one was paying attention. And Narimi-"

"Narimi what?" Kouichi rudely interrupted, his sapphire eyes dark. "Narimi nearly decapitated herself with a fucking boxcutter? Listen to yourself, Kouji. Aka Manto does sound crazy. But this chain of deaths and the disappearance is even crazier. If you truly believe that these girls killed themselves, then say it right now."

His twin rolled his eyes. "Look...I don't wanna say that I really do think that the girls killed themselves. But it's hard for me to think that a ghost killed them. Maybe some other student just killed all four of them and-"

"No fingerprints, Kouji," Takuya said, cutting him off. "And don't give me that whole 'they were probably wearing gloves' bullshit. If a student had been behind it, they would've caught it on tape. And so far, no one has been arrested for these deaths."

"I don't know then! We'll find out when we watch the tapes, okay?" Kouji huffed and crossed his arms just as they reached the principal's office.

Just as he done with the main door, Takuya picked at the lock, having an easier time with the aid of a flashlight. Seconds later, there was an audible click and the door unlocked.

"Okay, start looking around the principal's shit to find the tapes. There's a television set in the corner of the room, so the tapes might be stashed in here somewhere." Takuya led them inside and immediately began to go through the desk drawers. "Try not to break anything or fuck his stuff up."

His three friends searched through whatever they could find, though there were only so many places where the videos could've been kept. While Kouji searched through a file cabinet, Kouichi looked through a closet. As Zoe assisted Takuya with the desk, she noticed something shiny as his shirt lifted up a bit.

"Takuya, what's that?" she asked, pointing to his waist.

"What?" Takuya reached down, quickly realizing what she had been referring to. "Oh, this? I uh...I stole my father's handgun and brought it with me."

While Zoe's emerald eyes widened in shock, Kouji facepalmed. "Dude, why the fuck did you bring that?"

"You never know who or what could be in this school," Kouichi said, answering for Takuya. "I think he brought it for protection purposes."

"Yeah, I didn't want to take any chances just in case." Takuya adjusted it to keep it from falling out of his belt. "I only wish that I could've brought each of you one."

"We're good," they replied unanimously.

After another minute or so of searching, Kouichi let out an excited gasp. "I found them! I found the tapes in the back of the closet."

He pulled out a small box, which contained two separate VHS tapes. Takuya picked them up, gingerly turning them in his hands as he looked for labels. There were none, but he didn't think it made a difference.

"They installed the camera after the first two deaths, so we won't know what happened to Yukari or Kayako," he said. "But we should be able to find out what happened to Asuka and Narimi."

Kouji switched on the television set while Takuya popped one of the tapes into the VCR to play it. It took quite a bit of time to fastforward it enough, as they had to check each time where a single girl entered the bathroom instead of in a group or with a friend. However, finally, they pinpointed the tape where a lone girl had entered the bathroom.

"It's Asuka," Zoe said after a second. "It's a bit blurry, but I can recognize her well enough."

"Let's see what happens..." Takuya's voice trailed off as they watched.

Asuka stood in front of the bathroom mirror, fixing her dark hair to make it neater. She suddenly looked to her right, where the stalls were located. Slowly, she began to approach them, stopping near the very last stall in the bathroom. However, just then, the screen turned fuzzy.

"Hey, what the fuck?" Takuya scowled as the tape became impossible to see. "Shit, now what?"

Kouji sighed. "Great...the tape fucking broke on us. We better take the fucking thing out and watch the other one."

"Wait a second, it's clearing up," Kouichi murmured.

The fuzziness on the screen soon dimished, leaving it clear once again. Unfortunately, Asuka was nowhere to be seen in the bathroom. With an aggravated groan, Takuya fastforwarded through the tape a bit, hoping to see Asuka somewhere.

"It's no use," Zoe said quietly as she nervously grabbed his arm. "All of the stalls are open and we can see inside each one except for the last one because of the camera angle."

"The one that she went up to..." Kouji speculated. "You don't think she's in there, do you?"

After a bit more fastforwarding, more girls began to enter the bathroom and stalls, confirming that Asuka was no longer in the restroom.

"Dammit," Kouichi grumbled as he ejected the tape. "The stupid thing had to fuck up at the most crucial part..."

"Something's not right." Takuya put the second tape in, the one that would contain Narimi's incident. "I doubt that the other three tapes from the other days were kept. You know, the one that happened a day before Asuka's disappearance, the day after, and today's, which would be the useless ones. I'm guessing that this one has Narimi's death."

This time, Kouji did the fastforwarding, taking quite a few minutes to find what they were looking for. Yet they eventually found the part where Narimi had entered the restroom. Unlike Asuka, she had brought along her purse and one of her books. Narimi didn't stop at the sink to check her hair, but instead went directly to the first stall. Yet before she had stepped inside, her head abruptly turned to the right.

"Just like Yukari," Takuya mumbled.

Narimi set her stuff down on the floor and began to walk over to the last stall of the bathroom before, once again, the screen suddenly went fuzzy with static.

"Shit," Kouichi cursed. "The same thing happened twice. The entire videos have been clear except for the most important parts. I'm guessing that the school officials had seen the same thing and that was the reason why they couldn't tell the victims' parents what had happened to their daughters. They don't know."

"We'll just have to wait for it to clear up," Kouji said, though he looked pale with anxiety.

After several nerve-wracking seconds, the picture began to revert back to normal. Once it had cleared up enough, the four of them could see Narimi's body sprawled in a pool of blood. A boxcutter lay nearby in a separate puddle, and the severity of Narimi's neck wound was obvious by the deep slash. Whimpering with revulsion, Zoe buried her face in Takuya's chest, unable to look at the video anymore. Kouichi quickly turned it off and ejected the tape, putting it back in the closet along with the other one.

"It's a good thing we didn't bring J.P. along." He looked sick to his stomach. "He probably would've fainted seeing his cousin like that..."

Takuya stroked Zoe's blond hair as she trembled against him, feeling the warmth of her body against his. "After witnessing that, I'm not gonna lie. I think it really could be Aka Manto. And don't give me any smartass comments, Kouji."

"You won't be hearing any smartass comments from me," Kouji said dryly. "I'm beginning to think the same thing as you guys...I don't think the girls killed themselves."

"We've finally convinced the skeptic," his brother teased.

Kouji cocked an eyebrow. "You didn't convince me; that fucking tapes did."

"Anyway, since we couldn't find any actual proof, what should we do now?" Kouichi questioned as he began to straighten a few things up.

"You three are probably gonna think I'm crazy but..." Takuya hesitated for a moment. "I think we should go into the girls' bathroom and look around for any clues."

Zoe quickly pulled herself out of his arms. "What? Why?"

"I'm with Zoe on this one," Kouji added. "The police already found all of the clues that could've been found. Besides, what do we look like? The Scooby Doo Detective Agency?"

"They're actually called Mystery Inc..." Kouichi flashed him a slightly embarrassed smirk.

"Whatever! Either way, going into the girls' bathroom is a stupid idea!" the bandana-wearing twin scoffed.

Takuya sighed. "Why is it stupid? It's our last hope of finding out anything at all. If we don't make an attempt to figure out the what fuck is happening, then consider the rest of the girls in the school dead."

While Kouichi and Zoe pondered the thought, Kouji let out an exasperated groan. "Dammit, Kanbara..."

"I'll look in the bathroom," Zoe said softly. "But we have to go in together. None of us will go in alone."

Takuya and Kouichi nodded mutually, while Kouji continued to debate with himself. His face was furrowed into a frown and his gaze was directed at the floor.

"You're not scared, are you?" Kouichi asked, though it was not condescending. "I'm a bit scared myself."

"Let's just go," his brother grumbled, not wanting to admit that he felt the same. "Get this shit over and done with..."

The four of them left the principal's office once everything had been put back in order. They stepped back out into the dark corridor, Takuya taking a moment to relock the door using his tools. He checked it a minute later to see if he had succeeded in doing so.

"Okay, it's locked. Let's get to the bathroom now and see what we can find," he said in a grave voice.

Walking in silence, he and the others made their way down the hallway, using their flashlights to light the way. After taking a few turns in the building, they finally came to the corridor that led to the restrooms. Each of them held their breath as they passed the boys' bathroom, dreading the room located right next to it. The restrooms had a single switch outside each one, which would turn on the lights. Kouichi flicked on the light to the girls' bathroom before they opened the wooden door that would lead them right inside.

"You guys ready?" Takuya asked, trying to mask the anxiety in his voice.

His friends nodded wordlessly, all three of them with fear written on their faces. The brunette reached out and gingerly grabbed hold of the handle on the door, before slowly pulling it.

Pausing outside the lit restroom, he exchanged glances with everyone before stepping inside. Zoe followed him, her green eyes nervously scanning their surroundings. Kouichi went in after Zoe, followed by Kouji, whom let the door close behind them.

"Let's just make this fast, okay? I don't wanna stick around in the fucking girls' room," he muttered.

"Shit, that camera will record what we're doing." Kouichi cursed under his breath.

Takuya glanced at the camera carelessly. "Don't worry about it. We'll take the little tape out before we leave so that no one finds out about this. Now just start looking around to see if you can find anything."

"Like what?" Kouji scoffed, though he began to search the room nonetheless.

"Maybe murder weapons...suicide notes if the girls actually did commit suicide..." Zoe looked under the sinks. "Just anything that would be out of place or suspicious in any way."

It didn't take long to search the restroom, as there weren't many places to look. From what the four of them had seen, there had been nothing out of the ordinary. No strange notes or writing in the stalls. No leftover bloodstains. No items that could've been used in the girls' murders. Nothing.

"Shit, now what?" Kouichi sighed, burying his face in his hands.

"I...I don't know..." Takuya's voice trailed off. "We couldn't find anything on the tapes or even in the fucking bathroom. I don't know what else to do."

"The deaths were two days apart," Zoe mused. "The girls were all pretty. There were no indications that any of them had contemplated on committing suicide. Asuka came in but never came out..."

Kouji let out a dry laugh. "Yeah, Narimi was found dead on Wednesday, which was yesterday. And since we have school on Friday, that means that there will probably be another death on that day if the pattern repeats."

Kouichi's head suddenly snapped up. "Friday...Oh, shit..."

The others looked at him, puzzled by his abrupt change of mood. He stared at them, his face suddenly growing pale as he made a realization.

"What's wrong?" Takuya asked. "What about Friday?"

"What time is it?" Kouichi demanded, his voice stern. "What fucking time is it?"

"Um..." Takuya fumbled to get his cell phone out of his pocket, finally succeeding in doing so. "It's uh...five after midnight."

Kouji raised an eyebrow as he stared at his brother. "What's the matter with you?"

"Guys! It's after midnight!" the short-haired twin exclaimed. "We came here on Thursday night. But the next day starts once the hour strikes midnight."

Zoe's eyes widened as she discovered what he was getting at. "Oh, god... It's Friday..."

"Shit! I didn't even think about that," Takuya hissed. "Come on, let's get out of here."

Just as they began to rush over to the exit, Takuya, Kouji, and Kouichi were suddenly thrust into the wall by an unseen force. Zoe screamed in terror, attempting to rush to their aid. Yet, for some reason, she was frozen in her spot, unable to move.

"Fuck! What the hell just happened?" Kouji demanded as he rubbed his sore head.

"I think I might know," Takuya replied in a grim voice as he tried to heave himself up. "Those girls didn't kill themselves... Asuka didn't just disappear..."

Before he could say anything else, he and the twins were thrown a second time. However, this time, each of them landed in one of the four stalls, the last one remaining empty. The doors to the stalls were shut by the same invisible force, locking them inside.

"Hey! Get us outta here!" Kouichi exclaimed as he pounded on his door. "Zoe! Get us out!"

However, the blond remained glued in place, feeling an eerie chill rush through her bones. As she exhaled, she could see her breath in a cold mist as the temperature began to drop. She willed herself to move forward to come to her friends' aid as they continued to call for her help. Yet she couldn't even utter a single word or move as her eyes stared at the last stall fearfully.

"Zoe! Are you okay?" Takuya cried out, kicking his door as hard as he could. "Zoe!"

The door to the fourth stall was open, though Zoe couldn't see inside from her angle. A second later, much to her fright and disbelievement, an ominous figure in a red hooded cloak emerged. The figure was covered completely in the crimson attire, not even his hands showing in the long sleeves. His face was concealed with a white mask that had been made to look similar to that of a normal human's. Yet it gave him a frightening appearance, reminding Zoe that he, in fact, was no mere human. Not even his eyes were visible, as the mask covered those as well. He began to approach the frozen girl, who stared at him in terror, her heartrate quickening.

"Zoe! What's going on out there?" Takuya yelled as he tried to knock the stall door down. "Fucking thing!"

"What the fuck is happening?" Kouji angrily demanded. "Why won't these stupid doors open?"

The cloaked figure stopped in front of Zoe, only about two feet away from her. "Which do you prefer, Red Cloak or Blue Cloak?"

Oh, shit! Don't answer! she screamed to herself, panicking. Don't fucking answer!

Upon hearing the question, her friends began to yell even louder for her as they pummeled the sealed doors. "Zoe!"

The blond felt herself growing light-headed, and couldn't keep herself from uttering a murmured answer. "Blue Cloak..."

Although she couldn't see it, she felt as though the cloaked man were smiling sadistacally through his mask. A moment later, his arm suddenly thrusted out, his hand going up to her neck. He forcefully grabbed her around the throat, lifting her off the floor and against the wall. Zoe tried to pry his grip off her, feeling her oxygen rapidly depleting to nothing.

Takuya peeked out from under the small crack between the bottom of the door and the floor, trying to see what was going on. To his horror, he saw the bottom of the crimson cloak, as well as Zoe's legs attempting to kick at the cloaked man. He heard a strangled cry coming from her, realizing that she was being choked.

"Zoe! Dammit, let go of her, you fucking bastard!" he shouted, trying to knock the door down frantically.

"Dude, what the hell is going on?" Kouichi asked.

"She's being strangled, that's what's going on!" Takuya slammed him shoulder into the door again. "If we don't get out there, she'll be dead!"

Kouji cursed, trying to knock his own door down as well. "Who's strangling her?"

"Take a wild fucking guess!" The brunette suddenly remembered that he had the gun, and grabbed it out of his belt. "I hope this works..."

Yet just as he was about to fire it through the wooden door, he realized that it would probably have no effect. The door was being held shut by a supernatural force, so even if he shot a few bullets at it, it would still remained closed. And with a simple handgun, it would leave only a few holes in it before running out of bullets. He then got an idea and crouched down on the floor, aiming his gun out between the bottom of the door and the floor.

Meanwhile, Zoe grew weaker with each passing second, feeling her throat being nearly crushed by the force of the choke. She gave a final futile kick, hoping for him to release her. Instead, she closed her eyes as darkness began to overtake her. A moment later, she heard a deafening sound, then felt herself dropping to the floor.

Takuya had fired at the cloaked figure, which had caused him to release his hold on Zoe. The brunette then got off the floor and pushed at the stall door, this time discovering it that it could be opened. He emerged out of the stall, just as Kouichi and Kouji stepped out of theirs. Zoe was sprawled on the floor, unmoving, while her attacker stood over her, his masked face concealing his features.

"It really is Aka Manto," Kouichi murmured, his sapphire eyes wide.

"Quick! Shoot him!" Kouji yelled to Takuya.

His friend quickly obeyed, firing the gun a second time, this time hitting the masked figure in the face. Takuya half expected Aka Manto to disappear or for the bullet to go right through. Yet to his surprise, the bullet penetrated the white mask near the left eye, which caused a a bloody river to leak out of the hole. However, Aka Manto still seemed unfazed as the blood dripped down, trickling onto the floor. A long blade emerged from one of his sleeves, clutched in his pale hand.

"Shoot him again!" Kouichi shouted frantically.

With his hands shaking, Takuya fired a third time, this time hitting the cloaked man in the forehead. Another trickle of blood drizzled down his mask, streaking it crimson. The walls began to seep blood as well, much to everyone's horror.

"What the fuck is going on?" Kouji demaned. "This is fucking insane. Just keep shooting the bastard!"

With three bullets left in the chamber, Takuya fired them simultaneously at Aka Manto, leaving behind three more bullet wounds. A low chuckle was heard as the blood continued to run down both the apparition and the walls, leaving behind scarlett puddles.

"This keeps getting better and better. Now what do we do?" Kouichi asked.

The cloaked man took a step towards the teenage boys, his dagger poised as if he were going to slash at them. He swung it at Kouji, who ducked out of the way, evading decapitation by mere centimeters.

"Shit!" Kouji dashed away from him.

He, Takuya, and Kouji were then slammed into a wall once again by the unseen force, landing on the floor near Zoe. Takuya grabbed onto her, holding her close to his body.

"Dammit! How do you kill a ghost?" he exclaimed.

"Gee, I don't know! I forgot to bring my 'How to Kill Ghosts' survival guide!" the long-haired twin snarled."I forgot many things tonight!"

While the ghost slowly approached them, his blade gleaming, Takuya looked around feverishly. He noticed something hanging out of the pocket of Kouichi's jeans and grabbed it.

"Hey!" Kouichi cried out, more surprised than angry. "What are you doing?"

Takuya gazed at the tiny glass bottle, his face lighting up. "I've got it!"

He hurled it right at the cloaked man, causing the glass to shatter and splash him with the contained liquid. Digging through his own pocket, Takuya extracted a lighter and released his hold on Zoe. He then scrambled to his feet, hurling himself at Aka Manto.

"Takuya, you idiot!" Kouji yelled.

Aka Manto swung his blade at the brunette, managing only a small slice on Takuya's shoulder. At the same time, Takuya flicked his lighter on and held it up against the masked figure, immediately setting his damp cloak ablaze. A high-pitched wail filled everyone's ears as the fire quickly spread over his entire body.

"Time to go!" Takuya dashed over to his friends, gathering Zoe's limp body in his arms.

"Eh, what the hell?" Kouji muttered as they sprinted over to the door.

Kouichi yanked it open, allowing the others to exit as he glanced back at the bloody ghost. Aka Manto was engulfed by the flames, his white mask beginning to char. Smoke spread through the room, and the video camera came crashing down on the floor, shattering its lens and damaging the tape inside. Kouichi followed Takuya and Kouji out of the bathroom, running down the hallway with them as the screeches began to die down.

"Outta the building!" Takuya ran as fast as he could with the blond in his arms. "The smoke alarms will go off and the police will come, so let's go! Don't worry about relocking it!"

They dashed out of the school just as the alarms sounded, slinking away into the nearby woods. Once they had traveled a safe enough distance, Takuya set Zoe down on the ground.

"Zoe! Are you okay?" he asked anxiously, shaking her shoulders. "Zoe!"

"Is she dead?" Kouichi asked.

Kouji groaned. "We should've checked her while we were in the school."

"Um, we kind of didn't have time to that since that bastard was trying to kill us!" Takuya angrily shot back, then turned his attention back to Zoe. "Zoe! Please wake up. Don't leave me alone to deal with these idiots..."

"Hey!" the twins retorted, insulted by his remark.

Zoe moaned, feeling someone shaking her awake. Her neck had begun to bruise from the masked man's grip, and her throat was sore from the pressure. Opening her eyes, she saw her three friends hovering her over, Takuya being the closest.

"Are you okay?" he asked, clearly relieved as he lifted her head up.

"Ugh...what happened?" Zoe asked, slowly regaining her wits. "I can't remember anything after he dropped me..."

As sirens were heard in the distance, Kouichi let out a low chuckle. "We're pretty sure that he's gone. Takuya, being the pyromaniac that he is, set the fucker on fire."

"Really?" The girl allowed Takuya to help her sit up, then leaned up against his chest. "How did you manage that one?"

"Yeah, I wanna know the same thing," Kouji said, looking at Takuya and his brother suspiciously. "How did you set him on fire like that? What the hell was in that little bottle?"

Takuya smirked. "Ask your brother."

Kouichi smiled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I uh...wanted a little drink in case things got too weird. But I forgot that I had it..."

"What?" Kouji facepalmed. "You brought a nip?"

"Hey, in all fairness, I forgot that I had it," Kouichi retaliated. "I just grabbed one out of Dad's stash and brought it with me..."

The brunette sighed, hugging Zoe close to him. "Good thing you did. We probably wouldn't have gotten away if hadn't brought it."

"Well, it's a good thing that my brother's an alcoholic," Kouji grumbled dryly. "Now I think we should all go home now. I don't know about you, but if we have school in the morning, I need my beauty sleep."

"Then you're never gonna wake up," Kouichi teased.

The bandana-wearing teen huffed. "You look just like me, Idiot!"

As the twins bickered amongst each other, Takuya helped Zoe to a standing position. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Um, yeah. I'll be fine," she replied, flashing him a small smile. "Crazy night, huh?"

"That's an understatement." Takuya brushed his thumb against her cheek, gazing into her eyes. "I was afraid he was going to kill you..."

Zoe shrugged. "He almost did...but luck was on our side. And the fact that you brought a gun helped out a bit."

She leaned up and planted a soft kiss on his lips, turning a bit red as she did so. Takuya embraced her, hugging her tightly against his chest as he stroked her long locks. He kissed her back for several seconds, ignoring the fueding twins in the background.

"I'll walk you home, okay?" He then wrapped an arm around her waist and led her through a path in the woods that would lead them back out onto the street. "Hopefully that chain of deaths has come to an end."

The brothers walked ahead of them, still arguing who was the better-looking twin. As Takuya and Zoe followed them, the blond rested her head against his shoulder.

"Do you really think that he's dead?" she asked.

"I think so," he said after a long pause. "We'll find out within a few days, I guess. But by the way he was shrieking, it didn't sound like he was in very good condition. That fire probably killed him."

"Yeah, I guess so..."


The fire department had rushed over to the high school after getting a call about the fire alarm going off. While the police searched the grounds surrounding the building, the firefighters had entered the building. The bathroom was filled with smoke, but there was no fire that had remained. The walls, floor, and ceiling were coated with a bit of ash, yet any bloodstains from earlier had disappeared.

"Something must've caused all this smoke," one of the firefighters speculated. "We better check the building and look for any hazards."

As he led the others out of the bathroom and into the hallway, one woman stayed behind upon spotting something in the corner of the room. Frowning, she approached the object, discovering it to be a charred white mask that had gone unnoticed by everyone else. The mask also had two bloody holes in it, one near the left eye and one on the forehead.

"What the hell?" she muttered, gazing down at it.

She bent over and picked it up, slowly turning it in her hands. Suddenly, she heard a deep, seductive voice coming from behind her, the voice asking her a strange question.

"Which do you prefer, Red Cloak or Blue Cloak?"

And that is the end of my urban legend two-shot. I hope it didn't suck too much, though I probably could've made it longer. But I didn't want to! As for the ending, I got sick and tired of all the happy endings I've been doing and decided to go that route instead. Now there's a bit of mystery and the chain of deaths might continue! Who should we call to fix this problem?

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