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-The Jealousy Factor-

"What are you talking about, it's only Leonard," Penny argued.

Sheldon spluttered, outraged. "What do you mean 'only Leonard'? He may be a second rate scientist but you still want to become involved in a sexual relationship with him."

Penny raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me." Sheldon turned away from her and focused his attention back to his pre-recorded episode of Doctor Who. That was until Penny stepped into his line of sight; he refused to move from his spot though, not for a girl who had probably failed science since her second year of schooling.

"You're just jealous," Penny declared.

Sheldon paused his episode and looked up into her eyes. "Now, what would I have to be jealous of, I am far more superior than anyone in this room."

"Excuse me," she seethed.

His eyes glanced over her quickly. "Oh, you're excused."

She opened her mouth to speak but the door opening to her left stopped her from speaking.

"Honey I'm home!" Leonard yelled, stepping into the apartment. He froze when his eyes met Penny.

"Oh," she smiled, "how did you know I was here, Leonard?"

"Lucky guess," Leonard replied.

"Oh really?" she asked sceptically.

"No," Sheldon piped in smugly, "I don't think he was talking to you. Actually, I don't think so, I know so."

"Leonard?" she asked, moving closer to the man. Sheldon took the opportunity to resume watch Doctor Who now that she was out of the way.

"Err," Leonard glanced around the room, "I was, I was only kidding." He shrugged helplessly.

"You were only kidding by calling Sheldon 'babe' when you thought no one else was around?" She glanced at Sheldon who gave her what only he would call a withering look.

"Well, actually, I called him honey," Leonard protested weekly.

"Now who's 'jealous'?" Sheldon asked smugly from his spot.

She huffed before storming out of the room.

"Penny, wait!" He called after her, "I can explain."

"How much are you going to explain?" Sheldon asked, pausing his Doctor Who. "The honey part or the part with the coitus?"

"Why did you have to tell her?" Leonard whined, sitting down heavily next to Sheldon's spot.

"I didn't," Sheldon argued distractedly, trying to concentrate on what Leonard and the Doctor were currently saying, the task was fairly easy for his highly developed brain, "you were the one who said honey."

"Oh, shut up." Leonard whined.

"You were the person talking, I was merely responding to your useless commentary while trying to watch my show, although it's not really my show as the creators and shareholders own it. I would like to have a talk to some of the directors though; I have an abundant supply of ideas about directions the show could go, all with myself in the lead role."

Leonard merely nodded, "Good luck with that."

Sheldon paused for a moment, processing his encouragement. "Noted; but was that sarcasm?"

Leonard sighed.

-The Jealousy Factor-

They were lying on Leonard's bed, Sheldon's bedroom rule still applied even with their relationship.

"Leonard?" Sheldon whispered breathlessly between kisses, "Leonard? Leonard?"

"Yes?" Leonard panted before he started biting at Sheldon's neck.

"I, I think I might love you. But that could just be the increased level of pheromones that I am currently experiencing."

"Mm," Leonard replied, now moving down to Sheldon's chest. "I feel increased levels of pheromones for you too."