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Spoilers for all Persona 3 and most things related to it. I tried gathering all the information I could even from the part of the maga that was made. While other parts are a accurate guess

Side information that I won't be able to explain.

To understand this you must know the ending of persona 3 and FES. P3P for the girl side is not required but would greatly help

This will be taking place at the same time as Persona 4 for Elizabeth is said to be trying to find a way to save the blue haired boy.

"Well the last thing I remember before falling into a coma is being inside Nyx. Something telling me that this is the way to go and is drawing me toward it. It must be what Igor talked about the answer to life. I entered it seeing the core and upon my entry it activated and began blasting me with everything it had but for some reason I could not die. All the people I met gave me the strength to go on. I felt the power to bring an end to this once and for all. Knowing full well the sacrifice I continued onward but as I proceeded to seal Nyx something I did not expect happened. A young blue haired boy stands in my way spreading his arms as if he is protecting me from something. Looking at this man makes me realize that he gives off the same aura I do. It's the exact same but at the same time somehow majorly different. I couldn't explain it but it is like another me and just by looking at him I could tell he has the exact same powers but why was he there and how did he get there. "Don't worry I will protect you as save both our worlds" he says this and turns around touching my hands and as he does this my powers feel like they have been drained out of me. Feeling my legs give away I collapse only to see him do what i was going to do. Then everything goes blank and I see myself coming out of Tartarus and seeing everybody. After that I can't remember much before falling into a coma"

"So you saw Minato"

"Is that his name?"

"Yes his name is Minato Arisato"

"Funny he should have the same last name as me"

"It's not coincidence because you and him are one and the same as I have helped both of you create your personas"

"Elizabeth what does that have anything to do with me now?"

"You somehow made contact with him on the same date on the same day he became the great seal for both worlds instead of there being two seals for two worlds he became the seal for both worlds"

"Wait so how long have I been in a coma?"

"a little over a year Minako Arisato"

"So what does this all have to do with me?"

"I might be able to unseal him but will need your help"

"We can unseal him? How?"

"I don't exactly know but I have a theory. He is commonly called Zero the Fool while you are called twenty two the Aeon. Both numbers mean the same thing just at opposite ends and the fact that you were able to see him means you two have a connection and I believe there is a way to save him"

And I will end it at that. This is just to give you a sort of a taste of what it will be like. If you like it let me know and I will continue if not tell me so I won't make anymore

My very first sotry hope its good