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"Here is what I want you to do Minako, as luck would have it the gang from Gekkoucon high have all been accepted into the same dorm building but they each go to a different class within the same college. I signed you up for college and you will be in the same dorm as them"

"Oh but if this is his world no one will know me right?"

"sadly yes and there is one other major difference"

"what would that be?"

"Shinjiro the man you saved in your world, is dead"


"Yes, the shot that wasn't fatal in your world was here"

"I see"

"Sadly I can't tell you anymore, it's getting late already and you need to head to your dorm. Oh be careful not to mention anything about who you are, what you know of the dark hour, and that you know of Minato"

"Alright" with some ruffled of sheets and doors being opened I am out the door "déjà vu. I it's almost midnight and I am arriving at my destination. Well no dark hour is always good" As the clock strikes 12 I open the door and Yukari is sitting there looking at the door

"it's midnight you know curfew is in effect you should get back to your dorm"

"It's alright Yukari she's late but this is her new dorm"

"Oh alright Mitsuru-senpai"

"Now let's see Minako Ari...Ari...oh my God"

"What is it senpai?"

"H-her name it's the same last name as him Arisato"

"B-but how?"

"Excuse me but may I ask what you two are mumbling about over there?"

"Oh its nothing don't worry about it hehehe"

"If you say so. Yukari was it"

"Yes that's right. I'm impressed you remembered my name so quickly"

"Yea I guess I'm good at it"

"Yukari show her to her room, I have something I need to tell the others"

"Alright senpai. Here is your room third floor last door on the right it should be easy to remember. Before I go is there any questions you wish to ask?"

"Yes. What's so surprising of my last name?"

"It's the same as a friend of ours. You coming here at midnight and be telling you all this is almost like déjà vu"


"Well get a good night's sleep for tomorrow college begins"

"Alright thank you"


"Yuka-tan how is he?"

"It's strange, talking with her is almost like when I talked with him"

"Not only are the last names but the first names are very similar. Fuuka have you discovered anything about her"

"Senpai when I analyzed her. Everyone gives off a distinction about themselves as does each shadow which is how I can analyze them but when I analyze her the only reading I get is Minato.

"What does that mean"

"I don't know Akihiko but for now let us act as if nothing is wrong and maybe we can understand whats going on. By the way where is Ken?"

"Oh he is taking Koromaru for a walk. It was really nice of them to let him stay with us as well"

"Oh ok but remember to keep an eye on her for she might lead us to him in a way"


I dial the phone to get a hold of Elizabeth "Elizabeth how will I get a hold of Minato?"

"They know what he did by a secret underground passage created by them and their feelings but that way is sealed same with Tartarus"

"Then how will I do it"

"They attack other worlds in similar ways but people with the power cana wlays fight them and use small rifts to enter other worlds. Like a TV for example but the only way to save him is to enter the world of shadow itself. Open another way to the other side and find him on the other side of the door"

"the other side"

"Yes the world where NYX was created"



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