"I could use your help with a case I'm supposed to investigate." Ciel began. "Queen Victoria has ordered me to hunt down and destroy a mysterious murderer."

Artemis was curious and interested.

"Do tell."

"There have been brutal attacks on livestock at the other side of London. All that was left of the cows were horns and hooves. Also there have been many human victims. There is reason to believe it has been caused by a large animal. Really large." Ciel continued. Artemis and Butler glanced at eachother. A troll! It was highly likely, since only a troll would decimate cows like that.

"How do you plan on finding and slaying this beast?" asked Artemis.

"I'm not sure." replied the young Phantomhive. "But I would like to see the bodies so I know what I'm dealing with. There is a friend of mine who is a mortician. He most likely has some of the bodies of the human victims. Would you two accompany Sebastian and I to meet him?"

Artemis and Butler nodded.

Undertaker's Shop

After the smooth carriage ride, the young masters and their butlers were standing outside a rather ramshackle shop with a large sign emblazoned with the word 'UNDERTAKER.'

"Undertaker?" asked Butler. Ciel sighed and nodded.

"Yes, a rather odd man, as you will see soon enough. But for his services, he requires that someone make him laugh. Well... lets go in."

The four walked into the shop. Artemis took in the sights. Coffins of various size and styles lined one side of the room, while jars, books, skulls, bones, and rosaries were scattered about.

"Come out Undertaker." Ciel called. Artemis waited. Suddenly a large, black coffin lid opened slightly and Artemis could see the shimmer of what could be a yellow eye.

"Ahhh~! You've come to see me again, Earl Phantomhive." said a voice from inside the coffin. Artemis watched as an extremely pale hand with long black fingernails writhed out of the coffin, then pushed it open to reveal a very odd man indeed. The man's flesh was as pale as his hands. He had long, pale-grey bangs that covered his eyes, while the rest of his hair was very long and hung behind him. He also had a single thin, long braid.

Artemis noticed that the man had a stitch-like scar around his neck. He also wore a black top hat with a long ribbon-like attatchment at its top, and he wore black mortician's clothing.

"Ah, there you are Undertaker." said Ciel. Undertaker approached the group, a maniacal grin plastered on his face.

"Who are your new friends, Earl?"

Even though Artemis couldn't see his eyes, he could feel Undertaker's gaze heavily upon him. Ciel pointed to each in turn.

"That is Artemis Fowl and his butler, Butler."

Undertaker giggled. He stepped over to Artemis and placed a firm hand on his shoulder and leaned in very close to Artemis. Artemis saw that yellow glimmer again.

"Are you a funny one~?" Undertaker asked, there was unbridled excitement in his voice. "Oh do I love a good laugh! It is like heaven to a humble mortician such as myself."

Undertaker began to drool. A string of it dangled from the corner of his mouth. Butler promptly plucked Undertaker off of Artemis. Undertaker was a little intimidated by the large man, which caused his grin to vanish.

"Unfortunately, I don't like jokes so much." growled Butler.

"Oh my... " sighed Undertaker.

"Enough fooling around Undertaker. We need some information from you." said an exasperated Ciel. Undertaker's smile returned. Along with the fleck of drool.

"And I require my laugh~!" said Undertaker excitedly, but then looked over at Butler and flinched a little from the manservant's stare. "On second thought... I can wait."

Sebastian was impressed. Usually he had to make Undertaker laugh hysterically before Ciel could pry any information out of him.

"So tell me, what information do you need, Ciel Phantomhive?" Undertaker asked as he munched on a cookie that looked like a human bone.