I was thinking about how Ciel gets throws up a lot in the manga so I decided it was Sebastian's turn! For some reason sick Sebby is super cute/hot to me. I can totally imagine him in a bed all flushed and sweaty and hot and... aaah. I do not own Kuroshitsuji nor any of the characters.


I was quietly making the Young Master's bed when I sensed an itch in my throat. Suddenly, the itch turned into a cough. I tried to hold it in but it came out anyway. I coughed lightly into the crook of my arm and continued my job. I read somewhere that coughing and sneezing into the crook of your elbow is the most sanitary. I wonder where that cough came from. Perhaps I need to dust the Young Master's bedroom later on today. I rarely contract sicknesses so I brushed it off. I suppose I have a good immune system. I am glad the Young Master was not there because not only is it rude to cough in front of your master but I do not want him to worry.

Then, while I was making lunch I felt my nose tingle. I sniffed to try to get rid of it, and it went away. Moments later it came back though, tickling my nose. I realized I was going to sneeze. I held up my arm to my face and sneezed softly into my elbow. Why am I showing symptoms of illness? I am beginning to question my own health now. I hope whatever is affecting my body will go away soon because when us demons get sick, we get sick. I mean staying in bed a month, hacking up a variety of bodily fluids, sneezing every minute, and more extreme symptoms.

Thank god human illnesses and demon illnesses are separate because I do not think the Young Master's immune system would be able to handle the demon cold. It is a very demonic cold indeed, and I have already started showing the first symptoms. Perhaps I am being paranoid and it is simply something else.


The next day when I was sitting in my room reading while the house was asleep, a sudden coughing fit racked my body. I could not breathe for a minute and I gasped for air in between coughs. I realized how fatigued I felt and had the urge to crawl into bed. I have not been this tired in a long time. I have not felt any desire to sleep for at least the past 50 years until now. I marked the place in my book and gently set it down on my desk before proceeding to change into my sleep clothes. As I was peeling off my shirt I noticed that I had been perspiring slightly and how hot my body felt to the touch. My normally cool skin felt like flames against my fingertips. I think I really am sick. I pulled on the pajamas and blew out the candles before crawling under the covers.

I could not sleep, for I began to shiver despite my rising body temperature. I felt as though I was stranded in the dead of winter with no coat. I sneezed three times in a row, and then sighed and was shocked to find how congested I sounded. I wished I had brought some medicine up from the underworld when I had been summoned. Since I almost never get sick I thought I would be fine without it. How wrong I was. Human medicines cannot treat demon sicknesses. As I mentioned before, they are completely separate.

My illness is sure to be noticed tomorrow, so I have to come up with some excuses now to be prepared.


This morning when I was bringing the Younger Master his morning tea, another fit of coughs came across me. They were too strong to hold in as much as I tried to force them down. I violently coughed multiple times into my arm as always and the cart shook along with my body as I was still holding onto it for dear llife as balance support. When I was done, I sniffed, wiped my face, and continued to push the cart forward.

"Sebastian what in god's name was that?" Came the Young Master's voice as he sat up in bed, looking at me as though I was some two headed creature he had never seen before.

"What do you mean, Young Master?" I asked ever so innocently, handing him his tea cup.

"Are you... sick?" He asked skeptically, staring at me with a raised eyebrow.

I froze. I cannot lie to my master, yet I do not want him to know that I have been ailed by something as silly as a cold.


"Don't hide it from be Sebastian. You are sick aren't you."

"... Yes, I am indeed sick. I apologize from attempting to conceal it from you." I bowed my head but I then felt another sneeze coming on. "Ah..."


"Ah... Ah... ACHOO!"

"Ugh. You are in no shape to do any work today, are you?" Ciel sighed and brushed his hair out of his face. I sniffed and wiped his nose with a hankercheif from his coat pocket.

"No Young Master, I believe I am perfectly capable–"

"Don't give me that! Look at you! Your face is flushed and you are perspiring. Along with that, you look a mess." My shirt was a bit rumpled and my hair was out of place, sticking up in numerous areas.

"If you wish me to stay in bed then I shall." I smiled weakly.

"Yes, now go back to your room and we can discuss this later." With that, I bowed and quietly exited the room. 'This is becoming worse than I thought. I may need to contact the underworld to send medicine if it becomes more intense.' As I was walking back to my room, I suddenly felt my stomach muscles spazzing. I gasped and dropped to my knees, doubling over my stomach. It felt as if my inside were being turned inside out and upside down. I suddenly felt something trying to force its was up my throat.

I clapped a hand over my mouth and groped at the wall, searching for some kind of support. I grabbed the leg of a drawer and slowly pulled myself up and leaned on the wall, trying to regain my bearings. I breathed shallowly until the pain in my stomach resided. Slowly and shakily, I began to walk back to my room while removing my coat. When it did it get so hot in the hallway?

––––––––––––––––––––––––– - third person -

Meanwhile, Ciel was sitting at his desk trying to figure out what to do. The other servants were pretty much useless so it wasn't possible that one of them could take Sebastian's place for the time being. They would all have to work together as a group effort to make up for for Sebastian's absence. Ciel needed more information about demon sicknesses. How long did they last? How severe were they? What was the medicine? How did this fit into the contract? He needed the answers to all of his questions before he could take action. He needed to talk to Sebastian, but Sebastian was probably resting at the moment. He could not call for his butler as always.

Finally, he decided to go to the Sebastian's room. Ciel rose from his chair and walked to the door before opening it and stepping out into the hallway.


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