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Suddenly, things began to happen quickly. Sebastian collapsing over the desk, the chair toppling backwards, bringing Ciel and Sebastian down with it. There were multiple loud crashes and bangs punctuating the sequence of events, sure to bring the other servants' attention. The young earl didn't even register what was happening until suddenly, his face was in close proximity with the demon's.

He remained in his chair as he tried to fathom what had happened. He was only aware of Sebastian's weight upon his fragile body and the man's face invading his personal space bubble. He gulped as Sebastian's warm breath tickled his cheek. He was not comfortable with this position at all. Literally. Sebastian's body was cutting off the blood circulation in his legs. He shifted and tried to slide out of the fallen chair, but to no avail. For he was a mere boy of about ninety pounds where Sebastian was... well, literally denser than a human and thus weighed at least twice the amount of Ciel.

He panicked when he realized what a compromising position he was in with his butler, of all people. If one of the servants had walked in at that moment, he was sure he'd die of embarrassment.

"Sebastian! Get off of me!" He fought to push the butler off him, but as he struggled, the demon's face fell closer to his, making Ciel's cheeks pink.


Why was he blushing? Sebastian was his butler. He shouldn't blush over his butler. Ciel struggled with renewed vigor, releasing his anger for his inner turmoil on the sick demon. He made one wrong move, and suddenly found himself with his leg in between Sebastian's and Sebastian's lips pressed against his forehead. His heartbeat accelerated when he realized what an intimate position they were in. He didn't even want to think about what would happen if one of the others came barging in on them.

When Ciel tried to pull his arm out, Sebastian's lips slid down to his cheek. Great. Now not only was he stuck underneath a sick (and unconscious) demon, but he had a wet trail of saliva along his face. He realized he could push the man off by using both his legs and arms, and somehow was able to free himself by pulling out every bit of his inner strengths and sliding him over enough to crawl out.

Now he was standing over the chair, panting from his efforts. He wiped the saliva from his face, and just as he was about to contemplate the situation some more, Maylene came barging in with rifles in hand. Her glasses were resting upon her head to reveal hard brown eyes, dress gathered up at the side to allow her to move more freely. She looked around the room, eyes scanning for an emergency.

"What happened? I heard a noise."

"Ah, that. Sebastian has... passed out from a lack of sleep," Ciel lied, failing to come up with a better explanation on the spot. It seemed good enough.

"Oh." Maylene walked to where Ciel was standing and caught sight of the 'sleeping' Sebastian lying on the floor. She knelt down beside him and checked his pulse, his breathing, and his temperature. "He seems to be breathing a little heavily."

"He has allergies."

"Oh." The maid stood, and looked back to Ciel. "Should we bring him to his room, Young Master?"

"Wouldn't it be more proper for Finnian and Bard to do it? I mean, it is Sebastian's private room after all."

"They're out at the market right now, so we don't have much of a choice."

Ciel quickly discovered that when Maylene said "we" she meant "her carrying all the weight while Ciel observed". He marveled at her strength to throw him over her shoulder, but then he remembered she was previously a hired assassin. "Can you lead me in the direction of his room? I don't know where it is since I never go there."

"It's this way." Ciel led them down corridor after corridor until they finally reached Sebastian's room. By then, Maylene was sweating and flushed. The earl felt guilty for split second for not being able to help, but brushed it off. They were his servants, after all. This was their job.

Ciel twisted the doorknob and pushed it, but it wouldn't open. He tried to again, but to no avail. "It's locked."

"Oh. I believe Sebastian has the key. Perhaps it's in one of his pockets?"

"That seems likely." Ciel prodded each of the pockets until he found the key ring. There were at least fifteen different keys. "Do you have any idea which one is his?"

"Might I suggest the one with the cat key topper?" Maylene eyed one of the keys with a rubber case around it in the shape of a kitten's face.

"I should have known," Ciel grunted, sliding into the keyhole and twisting. The lock clicked back and they entered. Maylene set Sebastian down on the bed, sighing with relief as the heavy weight was lifted off her shoulders. She immediately let her dress down and put her glasses back. She clapped her face in between her hands and flushed pink as she looked around the room.

"This is S-Sebastian-san's room!" She murmured with awe, her glasses fogged up. She let out a small yelp when she remembered she was with Ciel. "P-p-p-please excuse me, Young Master!" She bowed, flustered.

"Yes, you may go. I should thank you for your help."

"Ah, no Young Master! I'm h-humbled by your kindness!" Maylene smiled. "Then, please excuse me, I must go polish the banisters. If there is anything else, please tell me!" And with that, she darted from the room.

"What a troublesome demon," Ciel remarked, walking to where Sebastian lay. "Why did you drug yourself? I thought you were smarter than that, Sebastian." He wasn't expecting a response from an unconscious person, but he spoke just incase Sebastian could hear him. He caught sight of the bottle of pills on the nightstand.


He grabbed them and slowly read the label. 'Lisianthus? I've never heard of that drug before,' he thought, turning the bottle in his hands. He read the directions. 'Take one pill to free yourself of all discomfort. For major medical procedures, take twoto ensure complete numbness.' He put two and two together and came to the conclusion it was a numbness drug, named after the Lisianthus flower whose meaning was calmness.

"Lisianthus." The word rolled off his tongue like a serpent, slithering and hissing. He read over the side effects. 'Minor stomach pains, permanent brain damage... nausea, fatigue, fainting.' Ciel assumed Sebastian had fainted and shoved the bottle in his pocket to keep the demon from taking more.

"Ah..." Sebastian groaned in his sleep, beginning to come to.

"Oh. You're waking up now?"

"Young Master...?"

"Yes, it's me."

Sebastian unsteadily sat up; the room was swimming before his eyes. He tried to get out of bed but only to sink back down out of dizziness.

"I can see you're still under the affect of Lisianthus. Honestly, what ever possessed you to drug yourself is beyond me," Ciel huffed, crossing his arms.

"... Headache..." Sebastian managed to annunciate enough for his words to be understandable. He could tell the drug was quickly wearing off; his head was starting to hurt again.

"You had a headache? Well, reason is beyond the point since now you're like this and there's nothing we can do. How long does this take to wear off?"

"I believe, an hour..." Sebastian pressed his fingers to his temples.

"I'm going to go talk to the other servants. I'll be balk in half an hour. Don't do anything stupid (again) while I'm gone."

"Yes, Young Master." A smile graced the butler's lips at his Master's ever-stubborn responses.

Ciel left, trying not to slam the door behind him. He had to explain to the servants what was going on without giving away too much, and maybe stretching the truth a bit, too. He went back to his study and sat in his plush chair, sighing as the velvet cushioning eased his tired muscles. He rang the servant bell three times to indicate he wanted all three of them in his office.

Shortly after about two minutes, there was an abrupt knock on his door. "Enter," he called.

The door creaked open hesitantly, remaining ajar for a moment before three people scurried in. "Excuse us."


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