I' ve wanted to post this for a while. Read, review, and eat all your veggies.

WARNING: this is yaoi. That is all.

I hate the way you look at me.

I hate the way you make me feel when your not around.


The way you stare holes into my back makes me feel like a caged animal wanting freedom. I hate that.

"Yes, Ichi?"

I hate the way your so eager to press up against me and grind out our climax.

"I...well I-"

I hate you so much. It hurts when I hate you. It hurts alot when I can't say anything bad about you.

"I love you too Ichi.''

I hate it when you finally make me realize that I was wrong; that everybody was wrong; and that you kill what's inside me.


I hate it when you say what I want to say.

"I hate you.''

''Stop the hatin' then and join the lovin' ichi.''