Red Dawn

Arkansas resistance

hello all since no one had done it yet or maybe they are in the process of doing it i am going to make a story of the 2010 upcoming remake of Red Dawn this will not take place in Detroit but in Arkansas so as not to interfer with the movie's story line(i hope) note the movie is not out yet and i do not own Red Dawn or any of the movie characters, Enjoy feedback welcome no flames or burning thanks.

Chapter one

Wednesday November 24 2010

Just outside of junction point Arkansas

3:10 pm Central Standard Time

The shaking woke me up. As i got to my feet and went into the living room of the trailer i shared with my mom, sister and uncle i asked her what the problem was. she said the power had gone out. I walked back to the hallway where my little sister Ashley was getting out of her room conplaining that her movie went off when it was getting good. I went to the junction box and looked to see that all switches were flippped on and that it wasn't on our end."Mom, it aint back here it must be at the electric company why dont you try calling them" I screamed into the living room. As i got back to the living room i noticed mom was on the phone."James, something is wrong the phone is dead."I grabbed the corded phone and pushed the on button on, but no dial tone was on the line."Let me use the cell, ok those farmers must have hit the phone lines again and brought them down." As i went into my room i got the cell from by the computer and switched it on. The no signal greeted me after the startup screen finished loading. "Mom, my cell has no signal, something is wrong let me go next door see if any of the neighbors have a signal on any of their cells. As i headed out side i heard Sarah Michaels an old lady from down the dirt road yell to me. She asked me if i had a signal on my cell i told her no and then she told me the same about her cell. Then my curiousity turned to worry. All the cells out all at the same time something was not right. I asked my other neighbors and thay all said the same thing. No power, no land line, no cell signal. Then overhead several airliners passed by. As i was going back into my house several parachuteists were seen falling from the sky down the road into a field at the end of the road. I continued to watch and saw a cop car pull up to the field with it's lights flashing.

As the cop exited the vehicle my whole family along with many of the neighbors were in their yards watching what was going on. Some of the neighbors kids looked in awe at the flying men coming down from the sky. That wonder would not last long, as the cop approached one of the men. The man fired off a burst from an assault rifle. killing the cop instantly. after the inital burst the paratroopers headed for our road and began spraying all the houses at the begining of the road with bullets. I ran back inside and told everyone to grab what they could. My little sister was already back in her room but my mom and uncle were not."What in the hell is going on" My mom shouted. "Mom grab a black plastic bag and get you some clothes for you and Uncle Max. Mom grabbed one of the plastic bags from under the microwave and began throwing clothes into it. As mom tied up the bag the door began bulging under the weight of a enemy soldier hitting on it with his gun. I grabbed my hunting knife and stood beside the door as bullets cut the door to pieces. as the soldier came into the room. I grabbed him and we both went to the floor. We struggled over the end of the gun as my knife was knocked away. then a crash and the body went slump. My mom stood over him with a vase broke and smeared with blood. I got him off grabbed the gun and my knife and screamed for everyone to go. After hearing this my little sister returned to the living room and saw the dead body on the ground. I grabbed her and we all left and headed for the car. Grabbed the keys from Max and started the car as more and more parachutes could be seen most situated over the fromer bomber base.. However some scattering across the landscape.

I started the car and pulled out into the empty lot that was behind the trailer. As i pulled out on the small road that lead to the main road a soldier of asian decent raised a assault rifle at the car. I screamed for everyone to Duck down just as he fired. The bullets flew through the window of the car and whized by our ducked heads as i pressed on the gas pedal. The soldier hit the windscreen as i accelerated towards him and after about 30 seconds was thrown off. As we reached the highway i turned right and began to head for my grandfathers who lived just up the highway from us. As i continued up the highway i turned on the radio and the normal radio station was gone. Instead of country music a message from the government blared."This is the civil defense nettwork this is not a drill. A national Emergency has taken place, please remain in you homes stay away from the windows and disconnect any gas lines from your home. If you must leave please steer clear of the interstate and major highways and confine as much movement as you can to back roads. The united states at just over 10 minutes ago was invaded by an unknown force. All national Guard and Reserve Units are to mobilize. you are to report to your national guard armory and or post for immediate assignment." As we continued down the road several enemy soldiera were in the highway many raised the guns and began to fire. We turned the old pnotiac around and headed back towards our house.

At the road junction we turned right instead of left and headed for some woods that was near to our house. As we entered the heavily wooded area my mom was screaming at me to slow down as was my little sister and uncle. Eventaully i complied with the order and slowly turned the car off into the woods from the dirt road and parked it far enough into the woods that the red paint could not easily been seen. I turned off the car and slowly took a sigh as everyone got out of the car into the woods."James, take us back to the trailer we cant do anything for your grandfather until things calm down."I slowly got out of the car and spoke,"Mom, did you just see what happened, huh. They were SHOOTING AT EVERYONE, NOT JUST SOLDIERS BUT E V E R Y O N E. we cant go home not until we know how things stand. "My mom looked at me with those angry motherly eyes and spoke down to me."Dont scream at me James ok, i saw what happened back there but what are we going to do huh, we cant stay out here we dont have camping gear, food anything."Then my little sister got out of the car and spoke."Both of you stop it, look we aint thinking clearly right now ok, we dont know what happened, we dont know where we stand basically we know shit so until we know something it is best to stay right where we are."I looked over at my little sister who was taking care of Uncle max and spoke to mom."I am sorry mom i didn't mean to shout at you, ok it is just we cant go home but i do know what we can do. After nightfall i will sneak down to grandpa's house behind the old bayou and see what is what. I will also try to get as much camping gear and supplies as i can ok."Then Max spoke."James we may also need guns, there are alot of deer in these woods along with some good trout by the river down the road so if we run out of can foods we can survive on those for a while. As everyone calmed down Ashley went to back to the car and continued to listen to the radio for more information while everyone except me joined her. I stayed out by the car listening to the sounds of combat far off and wondering who attacked us and why.