here is the second chapter of my fanfic hope you all enjoy it. i will try to make the other chapters more exciting.

Red Dawn 2010

Arkansas Resistance

approximately 8:00 at night(1 hours since nightfall)

Wednesday November 24, 2010

Just outside Junction Point Arkansas

The sounds of battle continued to rage throughout the day. It had been several hours since me, my sister Ashley, My mother Sarah, and my Uncle max. Had to escape our home after enemy paratroopers attack our home. We had been hiding in some woods for awhile now. throughout the day we have begun listening to the radio. At about 5:00 Ashely called all of us over and we heard what we come to know as the Emergency alert system for bad weather but this time it would be different.

"This is the emergency alert system for Eastern Arkansas. At approximately 3:00 today Paratroopers identified as being from the People Republic of china landed at several key points across the United States. The President, Vice President and Cabinet have been moved to secure locations. Norad Reports Chinese forces have begun landing troops and material on the West Coast In Arkansas Chinese Paratroopers have been spotted at the following Rock, Jonesboro, Hot Springs, Junction Point, Skeeterville, Outlook Point, Marshalls Crossing, West Memphis. Most interstates in Northern Arkansas are under Enemy control. Do not attempt to attack enemy forces, if you are near any of these locations please evacuate east of the Mississippi River. Stay clear of the Interstates roads and use only secondary Highways, if possible stay in your homes and off the phones. Expect power outages and prepare for sudden evacuation orders showld they come in. The President will be speaking later tonight from a Secure location. This has been the Eastern Arkansas Emergency Alert System.

After hearing that the radio went silent as all the radio stations in our areas cut out. After night had fallen i called everyone around me and began to speak. "Okay i am going to make my way down to grandpa's and try to get aunt maggie, and us some supplies. If i am not back by noon tomorrow, make your way to Outlook Point and try to get over the Mississippi River to Tennessee, ok. From the moonlight i could see the worried looks on my family. I then reached into the back seat of the car and got out the Assault Rifle i had taken from the Paratrooper earlier during our escape. I hugged everyone and began to walk back to the road and make my way to the highway. After about and hour i slowly made my way to the highway and ducked down into the ditch to look out down both ends of the road. No cars were seen so i stayed in the ditch and slowly began making my way up the highway to the bayou that ran behind my grandfather's place. eventually i came to the spot were the roadblock had been. The men were all dead, the road was cratered and guns were laying all around. I slowly got up and reached the closest man and bent down to look at him. He wore a camouflage Uniform, on the shoulder was the Flag of China. He was loaded down with ammo and other equipment i did not recognize. I reached and grabbed all the ammo i could and stuffed it into my pockets and headed back into the ditch and continued along to for about 30 minutes. I eventually came to the tree laden bayou and got into it and began to make my way to the back of my grandfathers house.

As i passed the houses i looked at each. The first three were still standing, the next one was smoldering. having been burned to the ground. the fifth one had a small light in the back window moving around and four candle lights on another window in the back. As i made my way past a dog began to bark at the fence just a few feet from me. As i hide down i nthe ditch a man comes out holding a gun. I look at the gun and realize that he is not a neighbor, but has a uniform that looks like the one i got off the solider who broke into my home earlier. I hide behind a tree as the light sweeps over the the area, i hold my breath praying silently that the soldier believes no one is out here. I hear the gate begin to open and i hear footsteps begin to come closer to me. I swing the rifle from my back and point it to the right if me and wait for the soldier to come within my sight. I close my eyes one final time and prepare to take a human life. As the soldier stops and looks around he see nothing and head back. after screaming at the dog he returns to the house. I put the gun back on my back and head down a little farther past two more burned houses to my grandfathers house. In the back my uncle lives with his family in a mobile home, and in the front is the white house with the beatup pickup in the front yard. The lights are off in both. I slowly creep out of the ditch and head to my uncle's house, as i get to the door i see that it has been kicked in. I make the rifle ready and slowly step inside. The living room is dark but i see no one in there, on the floor there are no bodies, only a mess from when the invaders came in. I begin to look in the refrigerator in the kitchen when i begin to hear some shuffling towards one of the back bedrooms. I slowly make way to the hallway and come upon a closed door, i point the gun ahead of me and kick the door down and rush in. Inside i see my cousin holding a knife coming towards me. He recognizes me in the dimly lit room and stops."Jake, are you okay." I say to him. He puts the knife down, and hugs me"Uncle James, what is going on."I look down at my 13 year old cousin and speak."I dont know what happened here? I had just gotten in from school and was eating when we started hearing the shooting, Uncle John told me to head out back and hide in the bayou and wait til nightfall to come back. I did as he said and hid in the ditch, i saw these men come in and carry them mom and dad away. after they had all gone i went back inside and hid there until, i don't know when."

I looked at him and nodded"Did you see about upfront, what about grandpa old place, did they take aunt maggie?"He looked at me and spoke. I Yeah they put her and my mom and dad in a truck and left. Then some men went into the house and left soon after that."I nodded to him and spoke again."Ok, i want you to go to the kitchen and get everything out of the refrigerator and put it into a pillowcase. I am going to head up front and see if there is anything left upfront ok."He nodded and i left and began to head upfront ot my grandpa's old house with my gun at the ready.