Chamber Maid

by R.H. Vargas

Disclaimer: If I owned KWMS they'd slap a big 18+ on the manga and anime. :D Oui!

"Baka Usui! Why do I have to!" Misaki was running low on patience, she'd had a bad day at school and there was still a pervert alien to deal with.

She was attracting unwanted attention from concerned train passengers.

A little boy cowered behind his mother on the opposing seat, "Mommy," he whispered like only children can manage to make audible yet still a whisper "look, there's a crazy lady yelling over there!"

Misa looked down at the kid, he was cute and she was sorry to have disturbed him.

She was about to apologize for yelling in the almost empty train when Usui's cunning charm hit her full-force from the other end of the phone.

She hadn't known his pheromones could travel miles per second.

"Because Misa-chan, you need to nurse me. It is your fault I hurt my hand afterall." His voice came so unconcerned and impertinent that Misaki could only repress another wave of angry yelling by clenching her knuckles and making scary faces at the window.

She could picture the grin on the pervert alien's face!

She knew he was right and she hated him for it. Her stupid clumsy self had caused this.

If only she'd watched where she stepped during the Butler Café Auditions then Usui wouldn't have hurt himself trying to break her fall. If she had only done that, right now she could be heading home to a nice hot bath and her chemistry notes.

She bit her tongue and shut her phone without telling him anything.

"Idiot! Pervert!.." She hissed at her own reflection right before the doors opened. Her homework would have to wait…

She stormed out of the train and station changing course towards Usui's apartment in a completely different direction than she had set out to go home. She stopped at a convenience store halfway there and unloaded her wallet buying groceries. She figured he had been sleeping off the pain killers all week and hadn't gotten around to grocery shopping.

She came out holding several plastic bags in her hands; she hoped Suzuna would win some food to make up for the money she was spending on Usui. She wondered what pervert aliens ate, and in the end had gotten a lot of different things she hoped he could stomach.

As she walked further and Usui's building had begun to come into view, she couldn't help but think it could have been mistaken for a four star resort, Usui was a mystery. She narrowed her eyes at its gaudiness in the distance, stupid pretentious building; hosting stupid pretentious people!

After entering the enormous building and reaching the right floor, she maneuvered the bags she had brought. She struggled to reach the button to let him know she was out there. But before she tried again, the door swung open.

It might have been all the stress, or maybe it was due to the fact that she'd skipped lunch, or maybe the sun she'd gotten outside running around, but something was making her hallucinate; she could have sworn he was glowing and the archway of the door had suddenly bloomed exotic flowers.

"Hello misa-chan." A shirtless, golden-haired, green lusty-eyed space alien greeted her, his human name Usui Takumi.

She had to jump back in surprise and taken a quick breath to calm down, her nose had been centimeters from his bare skin!

How dare he?

He simply gave her a relaxed smile and stepped aside to let her in. "What's with the luggage Ayuzawa? Plan to spend the night?" She hated when he mocked her.

How inconsiderate of him, to startle her like that! Shirtless and radiating pheromones at her. He must communicate with his kind through chemical secretion, she thought.

"Baka Usui. It's food, I didn't know what your species ate, so I bought a lot."

Her own face felt flushed as she entered his modern and barren apartment. She was enveloped in his scent almost instantly. His entire apartment had that ridiculously appealing scent that lured women to their deaths.

"Death think of death…." She concentrated on putting the groceries in his small kitchen off to the side. "Death and destruction…."

"Hmm?" He asked absentmindedly leaning on one of the counters watching her. "You really are a sadist then? Romanticizing pain like that."

"Gah! You jerk! Don't listen to other people's ramblings!" She glared at him as she shoved a couple juice boxes into his small refrigerator. She kicked the refrigerator door shut unnecessarily hard.

Usui merely shrugged and smiled, his relaxed gaze was fixed on her intently. As if he was watching a cuddly animal at the zoo. "Thank you prez."

"Stop staring at me." She stated and averted her own gaze, it made her nervous to have him watch her while she worked, she couldn't concentrate on doing anything when someone watched her, like that...

She fixed her eyes on the rest of the produce she was shoving into his fridge and cabinets.

"I like watching you Ayuzawa, doing this kind of mundane thing. In fact, I'm pretending you're my wife at the moment." He smiled still too relaxed for Misaki's comfort, he considered making her uncomfortable his favorite pastime.

After a brief pause to register what he was saying, she spoke. "Don't say stuff like that Usui. It's weird. You're weird."

She would have yelled a little more but she was feeling fatigued and a little sluggish. Usui took a lot out of her. He made sure to keep his bandaged hand in view.

Without justifying himself he left the small kitchen to go into his large living room. She watched him stride away smugly. He knew she was glaring holes into the back of his supermodel head.

Misaki sighed and realized that she was clenching a bag of carrots with excessive strength. She tossed it in the tiny crisper and followed the space human into the living room.

Her body felt heavy, she'd had an exhausting day at school again, and the student council members had been giving her migraines over school policy. She stretched and suppressed a yawn.

Even though she'd never admit it; today especially, she'd wished he had come to school. If he had been there they would have been more compliant and she wouldn't have exerted herself as much. It annoyed her that she relied on him for that.

From the large window in his living room she could see the sky outside had changed a lot since she'd entered the building. It's already been late when she left the Council room but it had still been sun out.

"I appreciate you taking the time to do this for me prez." He sat on the couch waiting for her to join him. He slipped his thin-rimmed glasses back on. She'd only seen him wear them here. They looked good on him.

"It's only because you're hurt, don't think anything of it." She stated and took her seat a couple inches closer to him than normal. "If you weren't hurt and missing school because of it, you'd do your own damn shopping. And your teachers sent you homework." She motioned to a stack of paper she'd left in her school bag at the door. But her exasperated tone did not fool him.

"I know you wouldn't let me starve misa-chan." He smiled weakly before he stretched his arms around the couch and let his head lull back on the sofa.

"Are you tired Usui?" She couldn't keep the worry out of her voice, he looked tired, but he still managed to make her feel… she trailed off not wanting to go there.

She didn't know how uncomfortable his broken hand was, she'd thankfully never broken a bone before. She didn't even want to think about how much mending bones cost.

"Do you want me to be tired?"

He let his beautifully-lashed eyes flutter to a close dramatically and ran a careless hand through his hair. She'd been lulled to a false sense of safety as she watched him.

He let his head drop onto her lap as if it were routine.

She stiffened automatically and looked down at him with surprise.

She had had a brief flashback to when she had slept on his lap on a public bench when she'd been exhausted. It had felt so good to sleep. She couldn't deny she enjoyed looking at him.

He seemed so defenseless and sweet in this state, no longer a pervert alien, but a man beautiful. Handsome enough to make her feel self-conscious, increase her body heat, and throw off the most innate of human survival skills.

Without realizing it she began stroking his hair, pushing it back away from his beautiful face. She watched him breathe, his chest rising and falling. The pain-killers must make him sleepy. She removed his glasses and set them on the arm rest.

She felt a tenderness emanating from him as he slept that made her feel sleepier herself. She let her own head lull back as she savored the feeling.

Rarely did she have time to indulge in such moments. A couple minutes passed…

Her life had always been so fast-paced and high-stress because of her responsibilities not only to her job, her family, but also her school.

It felt refreshing to sit there on his big couch and sink into the warmth of the moment. Her own lids fluttered and her lightly rosed lips curved into a small content smile. She sighed to herself, Usui's apartment felt unreasonably safe and welcoming. She could picture this becoming routine… she wouldn't mind a break before work. Even if it was just for composure.

She was so immersed in the tranquility she felt she had unknowingly ceased her comforting stroking.

Immediately he stirred and protested with a groggy groan "Urrm..Why'd you stop? I was…enjoying it…" He half yawned, half ordered.

He reminded her of the little boy on the train.

Without realizing it she let her small smile spread to her heart and resumed her work happily. She only stopped when she felt a warm hand guiding hers.

It lead her away from his golden locks down to his warm soft skin and finally to tepid lips. He kissed her hand so softly that she had to wonder if she were imagining it.

He smiled tenderly up at her.

She felt herself breathe easier. She could die here, she thought.

If she had a choice, this is how she'd die; wrapped in the comfort of his soft couch and even more alluring smile.

"Usui…" She whispered without opening her heavy lids.


"Your couch makes me sleepy…"

He smiled at her and lazily opened one eye. He looked towards his blinds; the sun was setting. The sky outside was a hazy pink and orange swirl that was slowly being tinted purple.

He felt annoyed that time seemed to have conspired against him, she'd leave soon.

He rearranged himself for comfort on her lap and rested his bandaged hand on his chest.

"Don't go home tonight." He stated abruptly, his troubled tone took her aback.

Misa squirmed a little, "I have to go home…" She mumbled sleepily. She reminded him of a sleepy kitten.

In moments like these he was happy that she was known as the demon president, because he was the only one who saw her in this state, in his world. The Misa that cradled him belonged to him only. And he liked it that way.

"As your master… I order you to stay here." He looked directly at her.

Her woozy head registered the thought. It would be nice to stay here, and not have to get up and walk outside in the cold darkness. She'd have to walk fast at an uncomfortable pace because it was late… and then she'd probably pull an all-nighter.

It would be nice to sit here longer and sink into the cushions that were starting to feel more like marshmallows.

But her mother would never allow it. That kind of situation would make parents of teenagers uneasy and even mad, but the way her mother was… it occurred to her that her mother may as well consider it a necessary part of the teenage experience. "Sleeping at a friend's house" is what she'd call it.

"Tell Suzuna to lie for you." He looked up at her with a steady gaze, tempting her, wondering if she would comply. He felt like testing her limits.

"What? She wouldn't do it." Even if it wasn't a lie she knew her sister would blurt it out eventually. Asking Suzuna to lie was more trouble than it was worth. She'd have to be constantly vigilant. The thought thrilled the sleep out of her.

Another idea snapped in her tired brain; she reached into her skirt pocket and extracted her cell phone. Usui sat up surprised, he hadn't expected her to actually indulge his request, let alone lie to her mother for him.

"Manager, Hi, this is Misaki. I need a favor, do you think you could back up a story that I'm staying over at your place tonight? I don't want my mom to worry, but I won't be coming home." Misa spoke urgently into the phone, she wanted to get her request out before the manager had time to put two and two together.

Usui smiled like a satisfied child. He got up and went to his small kitchen, he was feeling thirsty, but mostly he wanted to hide his surprise and delight. He had Misa to himself, he was determined to enjoy her.

He could hear the manager's excited squeals even from the kitchen. She was warning Misa that she would be grilled for her details the next time she was in Maid Latte.

He grabbed a juice box and returned as Misa closed her phone. She looked up at him and offered him his glasses.

"Just when I think I have you figured out Ayuzawa, you surpri se me."

"What are you talking about?" She nonchalantly sunk deeper into her seat, her sleepy smile returned.

"Misa-chan, you're too innocent." He chuckled. He moved to kneel in front of her, "You know I'm the only one who lives here. Even so, you came to my apartment all alone."

He took her face in his palm tilting her chin towards his. He willed her eyes to open. He loved them. But she was too tired. She waited for the kiss that never came.

"What if I wanted to do things to you Misa-chan?" He let her go and sat on the couch to try to regain his position on her lap. Just as he was about to lay his head she stood up. His head hit the sofa softly.

"You wouldn't dare Usui Takumi." She scolded and looked straight ahead at am empty wall, her face was flushed pink.

He grabbed her wrist, "What makes you so sure?"

Misa felt a wave of panic sweep through her. Would he? She had to ask herself.

Nonetheless, she was determined to keep her composure before him.

"If Usui wanted to do things to me that he hasn't done before, then he'd ask for permission." She stated nonchalantly.

He looked at her intently for a brief moment looking for traces of deception in her eyes.

The room was beginning to darken. The only light that had illuminated the room had been the pink sunlight from the window, now it was disappearing giving way to the moon.

"It's dark in here." She blurted without thinking.

Usui could only chuckle. He got up and flipped one light switch out of three, "I like it dark." He mused.

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