"Misaki…If I wanted you for myself, to use as I please… would you hate me?"

She watched him, watched the quiver in his lips as he spoke, the hypnotic way his eyelids drooped, watched his possessive hand reach for the hem of the shirt. Everything had changed so suddenly. She felt a pressure in her body she'd never felt before.

She slowly breathed her chest rising and falling rhythmically in unison with his kisses, her words hung in the air before them. "I wouldn't hate you master."

He chuckled and some of the tenseness in his shoulders relaxed, "You mean not any more than you hate me now?"

He nipped at her neck one final time and then grinned at her trying to dispel the loaded silence.

The intensity of the moment seemed to have been lifted just as instantly as it had come. His hold around her waist relaxed, the tantalizing hand that was snaking up her thigh and hitching up the shirt now hung limply to his side. Confusion swirled in her mind and bewilderment possessed her.

Maybe he did only like to tease her.

He held onto her flaccidly and let his weight fall slowly on her back, she was aware of every movement he made trying to read him, he nuzzled his face in her hair, cooling his own flushed cheeks in the water droplets that remained.

She did not feel anger at his sudden change, it was as she had expected. His usual games of tempt and retreat.

Lost in his own thoughts he sighed to himself, she defeated him; it simply was futile to try to hint his intentions in a serious enough manner for her to understand the tormenting choices he was forced to make for her sake.

He imprisoned the parts of him that drove him mad with anticipation of holding her in different ways than he had accustomed her; a constant struggle between his own dominant character and the fear of her reactions to the increasing levels of his boldness.

He was determined that her words were misleading him, that they meant different things to her than what he wanted them to mean.

She watched him in the mirror… scowling at his feigned apathetic expression. She could see him coming to conclusions in his silence, as he always did.

Months of watching him-watch her- had taught her to read the meanings of his silence, stillness, and the way he breathed. She could see the repressed frustration he was intent on hiding.

Being frustrated herself, she couldn't decipher why.

He was always so bold with her, only to retreat into his bored expression; it often made her spasm in violence!

It was unfair that she was the one who'd always stay up at night -long after she had decided it was too late- wondering if he was playing with her.

It was unfair that every time he touched her it was she who reveled in silent pleasure.

And most of all it was unfair that he'd made her come, asked her to stay, and only wanted to tease her.

She felt tinges of anger, remorse, hurt and rejection escalating and building up inside her.

Under normal circumstances she would have punched him and made him wish he'd never crossed the boundaries of her personal space. But in keeping with the strangeness of the night and the desperate need to cause him pain, an untapped side of her awoke.

Her instincts responded, she wanted to make his heart race for a change, make him suffer. Usui Takumi needed to suffer punishment. For everything he'd caused.

She'd avenge every kiss he'd stolen, every dream he'd invaded, and every time he'd left her speechless.

She turned in his arms to face him, she looked straight at his eyes and without hesitation she pulled his face towards her. His waist contracted in surprise.

She wrapped her arms around his neck while his brain tried to process what was happening.

She could see his mood change right before her, and she felt no remorse.

Her mind was a jumble of vengeance and thrill. It was his fault he made her heart race, it was his fault she felt that way, it was his fault she hadn't had a recent dream not involving him.

His green eyes shot open and he pulled back from her slightly, realization dawning on him, his pupils dilated and chest heaving.

"Ayuzawa…" he warned in a strained voice, but accepted her invitation to touch her regardless.

His fingers became entangled in her hair, she'd been wrong and foolish to kiss him like that and he would teach her that, because he didn't want to stop.

He crushed her lips onto his possessively.

Her eyes shot open, she felt his entire body pressing closer with every advance of his lips on hers. Closer than he had ever dared before.

She felt the repressed passion in his lips, different than he had ever kissed her, faster, stronger. This kiss seemed eternal and blissful yet dangerous and alarming, sensual and somehow electrifying. Her senses were hyperaware of every movement, every gasp for breath, every muscle aching for him touch.

His hands gripped her sides holding her in place just in case her senses returned. His tongue was playing with hers, inviting it into his own mouth, she obeyed and instantly regretted having done so. By doing so she unlocked a repressed passion of her own, a gravity of desire she didn't know she was capable of.

She felt a groan threatening to betray her. His hot breath intoxicated her and she wanted more.

Her heart was racing, her skin felt hot, she found herself gripping his hair in an unsuccessful attempt to render him subservient to her.

She was caught between his body heat and the cold marble of the sink. It dug into her back as he pressed into her more. She enjoyed the feel of his body against her, her breathing was shallow and the lack of oxygen was becoming an unbearable nuisance.

He seemed at a loss for action caught between pulling her towards him and holding her in place.

He kissed her again and she abandoned her inhibitions. His lips tasted sweet; his tongue even sweeter. Like a rich wine she was too young to be sampling.

He tasted her lips with the same urgency, never would she allow him to taste her like that. Here he could touch her without reservation, feeling her small body against him, inviting him to torture her, to assert himself the master over his obedient maid.

Every time she drew away to breathe he impulsively clasped her tighter, no she wasn't allowed to leave. Not now or ever.

She was his to have and he relished in that thought.

Their kisses were turning savage, they were no longer exploring; they were at war with each other, each one lost in their need for the other.

She bit his lower lip he groaned with a promise of revenge. He picked her up and sat her on the counter.

"You're being very cruel to me Ayuzawa…"

She ran her tongue across his collar bone sucking on his skin lightly but enough to make him wince in pleasure.

"Stop… or you will regret it." He warned her.

But her senses were intoxicated with his scent, his proximity, his heat. It was like the bath had been pointless her initial revenge was backfiring and she was the one being driven insane.

When she parted her lips from his skin she could see a small red mark forming as a testament to their actions.

Usui who had been enjoying this side of her refused to have to stop despite this telltale sign, he'd enjoy explaining its origins.

Without a second thought he gripped the edge of the thin fabric covering her and slipped it off over her head. Misaki raised her arms slightly to help him. He tossed it to the side and removed his own shirt.

Her breathing was still irregular and loud. He placed his palms flat on either side of her and leaned forward to look at her directly. His lips brushed her own as he spoke her, the top of her breast grazed his bare chest.

"May I touch you here Ayuzawa?"

His fingertips grazed her exposed inner thigh making tantalizing circles between her knee and panties.

She winced in pleasure. "Baka Usui…."

"Misa-chan must like my fingers…" As his fingertips rubbed her center, her pink panties became slightly darker with moisture.

She shut her eyes and bit her lip in order to keep silent. He watched the way her back muscles moved as she inhaled and exhaled loudly in the reflection in the mirror. He whispered into her ear. "Join me in bed Ayuzawa…"

With her eyes still closed she nodded and exhaled. He placed her on the ground and led her out across the hall to his bedroom.

She was glad the entire apartment was dark; her face was flushed scarlet with the realization of what would transpire.

He shut the door and led her to his large bed. A dim bedside lamp illuminated the space. Misaki could make out the outlines of the room and directly across was another large window she was sure provided as spectacular a view of the city bellow as the one in the living room.

He cupped her cheek in his hands and placed a soft kiss on her lips. He could sense her nervousness and he attempted to ease it.

"I want to do something to Misa-chan that will hurt her, she may even despise me for it."

"You have my permission…." She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his forehead lightly.

His heart skipped a beat at her words. Relief and happiness coursed through him like warmth. He replied with a kiss to her collar bone, his tongue running lower as he led her to the soft bed.

She closed her eyes and let his weight fall over her on the bed as he climbed on top of her body and propped himself up on his uninjured arm. The contact of his skin against hers felt amazing, warm, enticing…she wanted more of it. She wanted to be lost in it.

"May I?" He asked her collarbone before proceeding to run his tongue over her breasts. She gasped in shock but nonetheless clutched him to her. He smiled at her reaction and traced the curve of her hips up to her chest and then her back. She looked into his eyes as his hand slid under her back and unhooked the first of the two pieces preventing their complete contact. She removed it herself and then lowered him onto her. She watched him wince at the feel of her bear breasts against his bear chest. She felt her nipples stiffen at the joint sensation of Usui's body over hers and her him groan her name as he took in a long breath and reveled in the softness of her skin. His eyes were closed and his fingers clutched her hair. Not hard enough to hurt her, but hard enough to let her know he desired her. She also inhaled loudly. She felt a lower part of him also react to the contact, he rubbed against her thigh and his hips seemed to involuntarily jerk forward into her moist panties. The feeling of his sex against hers thrilled her and she clutched the sheets around her. When he noticed, she smiled coyly under him. His eyes fluttered open.

"Ayusawa, don't look at me like that…

You will drive me mad." He breathed into her ear before continuing.

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