Danny had left a note on the kitchen table for his parents letting him know that he would be gone all day, and spent the morning at Clockwork's to return the folder on Walker and build up some mental preparation for his 'date'. Clockwork, whom Danny was SURE was being heavily amused by the whole situation, was persuading the halfa to eat something before the 'date'. After some coaxing, Danny sat down and nibbled on some finger sandwitches, wondering where the hell Clockwork even GOT this stuff anyway.

"It's almost one-o-clock," Clockwork said absently. Danny rolled his eyes; of course he knew what time it was; the big clock that was the Time Master's chest always told mortal-world time; more specifically, Danny's mortal-world time.

"Yeah," he said, standing up and straightening his collar. "Wish me luck."

"There is no luck, Daniel, only what is, and what is not."

"...Figure of speech, Clockwork. TRY to make me feel better." Clockwork only grinned and walked Danny to the door. "...Hey, Clockwork?"

"Hm?" As though he didnt know what Danny wanted to ask.

"...When...Dan...was sixteen and he was...um...looking for a mate...who did he go after? No one was strong enough to take him on."

"I take offense to that, Daniel," Clockwork said with mock-hurt. Danny rolled his eyes, then froze.

"...Wait...Clockwork, did you and Dan...?"

"Would you look at the time, off you go, goodbye!" Clockwork shut the door behind Danny after pushing the halfa out. Danny blinked for a moment before shuddering.

"...I would definitely label that under 'eww'," he said to himself before flying off to the prison.

The first thing the head guard noticed about this guy was that he was powerful. He had no clue how he knew that; it must have been his posture. It reminded him of Walker. The guy was wearing a long black trenchcoat over black slacks and a white button-up collared shirt. He was also sporting a black tie and a black fedora. He had stark white hair that looked about shoulder-length and was pulled back into a low ponytail. He looked oddly familiar, but since he was wearing shades, the guard couldnt be sure.

Still, he had a job to do, and he floated over to the guy and was about to halt him when something was practically shoved into his face. He took it and felt something cringe inside of him.

Walker's badge; he didnt give these out freely; whoever this guy was, obviously had important business with his boss. "Right...right away, Sir," he said, handing the badge back to the odd visiter. The man said nothing, and tucked the badge into an inside pocket of the coat. He led the visitor through the prison to Walker's office and knocked softly. A moment later, he heard a disgruntled, "Come in."

The guard opened the door and let the visitor in. "You have a visitor, Sir," he said respectfully. "He had your badge." Walker looked up in annoyance, which faded into surprise at the sight of the man in front of him.

"...Leave," Walker said. "And make sure no one enters this office. And I mean it-nothing short of a full-prison riot is to disturb this meeting, do you understand?"

The guard nodded with a gulp and backed out of the room, leaving Walker and his 'visitor' alone.

"Well, you sure made an appearance," Walker quipped, walking over to the door and double-locking it. Danny only grinned.

"I thought this outfit would match the occasion," he replied, sitting on Walker's desk. He picked up a peice of paper. "...You work even on your lunch break?" Walker scowled and snatched the paper away.

"SOME of us have jobs," he muttered. Danny rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, defending my city from your escapees on-call 24/7 ISNT a job. Good one, Walker." He stood back up and moved in front of Walker, almost chest-to-chest with the warden. "But I promised you a good time now, and arguing wont give you a good time..." He paused. "...Or will it?"

"What are you on about?" Walker growled. Danny only grinned, then suddenly shoved Walker into a chair and cuffed him in. The restraints did their job; Walker was properly incapacitated. "What the hell...!"

"How do you feel about a challenge, Walker?" Danny asked, smirking at the warden. Walker glared at the halfa.

"What kind of challenge?" he asked. Danny reached into his pocket and brought out a pack of cigarettes, tapping them against his palm.

"A game," he said. "We'll call it...'I be the warden, and YOU be the prisoner'. 'Cops and robbers'. Role-playing, if you will." He stuck one of the cigarettes in his mouth and lit it up with a spark of ecto-energy. Walker arched a brow.

"...You want to...'play' with me?" he asked. Danny smiled.

"In more ways than one," he replied, taking a drag. "How 'bout it, Walker? Want me to play the 'bad cop', and you play the 'resistant criminal'?" Walker snorted at the description.

"You couldnt pull that off," he scoffed. Danny scowled.

"Try me, big boy," he replied. Walker scowled right back. They had a stare-off for a few moments.

"You're on." Danny beamed.

"Good," he said, grinding the cigarette out on Walker's desk. "Then let the games begin." He walked over to Walker's chair and sat down, then propped up his legs and pretended to read something from a folder. "Ellis Jacoby Walker," he drawled, pulling off his best 'Walker' voice. "You have been a very, very bad boy..."

Walker gaped at the halfa in shock; not only was he surprised that Danny knew his full name, but he hadn't expected the boy to sound so…convincing. He had even managed to pull of Walker's Southern drawl perfectly. He got over his shock and played along, giving Danny a defiant smirk. "So what if I have?" he drawled back. Danny only smirked back, tapping the folder against his knee.

"You have quite the dirty laundry list of sins, Ellis," he replied, 'looking' through the folder again. "Arson, breaking and entering, assault and battery, grand theft auto, illegal possession of firearms, attempted homicide…" He tsked and shook his head. "My, my, haven't we been busy? You're looking at life here, Ellis, from this one's humble opinion."

Walker resisted the urge to laugh, Danny sounded so convincing. "Who cares about YOUR opinion? All you've got on me is circumstantial evidence!" he shot back. "You've got nothing solid to pin on me, boy!" Danny smacked the folder on the table and stalked over to Walker, picking the warden up by his collar and hauling him up to look at him at eye-level.

"The name's Phantom," he drawled. "Know it. Fear it. Obey it."

'That little rat!' Walker thought to himself, thinking back to when they had their first encounter. Only…the 'little' rat wasn't so little anymore…

"Make no mistake, Walker," Danny continued, "I am your judge, executioner, jury, executioner, jailor, and if necessary, your executioner." Walker once more had to restrain from laughing, and instead smirked at the halfa.

"You said executioner three times," he retorted condescendingly. Danny threw him back into the chair.

"I like that part of the job," he drawled darkly, and for the first time, Walker noticed just how dark Danny's voice really was; not at all like the prepubescent voice he heard in their last encounter. He sounded just as dark and frightening at just the right baritone as Walker. Walker absently thought about having a job on his staff on hand when the boy, shall we say, became a permanent resident of the Ghost Zone.

Danny walked back over to the desk and took his coat off, hanging it on the rack, then loosened his tie and sat back down at the desk, picking up a pen and tapping it against his palm. "I might be able to cut you some jail time if you would just confess, Ellis," he said. Walker gave him a glare.

"I'm not confessin' anything!" he shot back. Danny sighed and fished another cigarette out of his pocket and lit it, walking over to Walker and exhaling smoke right in his face. Walker wasn't really all that bothered by it; he had been a smoker when he was alive, but since cigarettes were considered mortal-world contraband…well…damn.

"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way, Ellis," Danny said ominously. "Either way, you get put away and I get a paycheck. Your call." Walker only glared. Danny took another drag of the cigarette, then flicked it right into Walker's face.

Walker wasn't sure why, but the cigarette STUNG. He thought it must've been because it was lit with an ecto-spark, but SHIT. He snarled at Danny, about to ask what exactly the halfa was doing, but he was cut off when Danny stuck his foot right on Walker's chest and pushed HARD, sending the back of the chair to the floor with him still on it. Danny kept Walker pinned with his foot, and took off his shades, his green eyes glowing dangerously.

"The hard way it is, then," he said almost gleefully, cracking his knuckles. He pressed his heel into Walker's chest, making the warden grunt with discomfort. "All those crimes committed without a second thought," he continued, leaning his arms on his bent leg, putting more pressure on the foot in Walker's chest. "Didn't once think about what would happen, didja?" Walker didn't really know how to answer to that. Danny growled and took his foot off of Walker's chest, and instead reached down to snatch Walker's collar to drag him back upright—chair and all—with surprising strength.

"That's just like you, innit, Ellis?" Danny kept up with the rhetorical questioning. "Do whatever you want, to hell with the consequences. Rules don't apply to you, do they?"

Walker was almost uncomfortably reminded of interrogations he had with inmates at this prison; how could Danny have known about those? Well, he didn't know…was the kid THAT good of an actor? Still, he had to admit, this 'role-playing' was…exciting.

"Yeah," Walker replied, jerking against his restraints. "The rules DON'T apply to me, you shit cop!" Exciting…arousing…what have you; all he knew was, he was getting off on this stuff! "What are you gonna do about it?"

Danny was momentarily stunned by Walker's sudden shot against him in the game, but he got over it and snatched up Walker's collar again and jerked the warden up roughly to his eye-level again. "You gonna confess?" he growled. Walker only grinned.

"Confess THIS, Phantom!"

He lunged forward as far as he could and slammed his lips against Danny's. Danny was stunned for a moment, then for the next few moments he was in heaven's version of prison. Then he had to go back to the game. He shoved Walker down back onto the chair and scowled down at him. "Trying to buy your way out of incarceration with pretty kisses, Ellis?" he mocked. "You're going to have to do better than that." Walker grinned up at the halfa.

"What did you have in mind, Phantom?" he asked, sounding a little dirty. Danny arched a brow, but smiled and sat down on Walker's lap, straddling the warden.

"Plenty," Danny replied. "I'll cut you this deal—do a good job and I'll make sure that evidence gets lost on its way to court. So you better make it worth it, Ellis." Walker growled and kissed the halfa again as Danny began stripping Walker of his clothing from the hat down. Off went the hat to some unknown location in the far corner, then the coat belt was shed and the coat opened. Danny absently wondered what Walker's obsession with white was. He tugged at Walker's tie until it came loose and flicked it elsewhere, too.

Meanwhile, Walker was in proverbial Heaven. Damn, how long had it been since he had someone kissing him? Too goddamned long, that much was for sure. The restraints on his wrists allowed for little movement, but he could at least stroke his hands up and down the halfa's thighs and lower back. Danny had managed to get his shirt open and was rubbing his hands over Walker's chest, his nimble fingers coming to a dent in his chest that reminded him unhappily of his own death, but Danny didn't linger on it for long, thankfully.

After a few minutes of groping each other, Walker pulled away, licking his lips, tasting…turkey, cheese, and lettuce sandwich and Marlboro brand cigarettes. He let out a shuddery sigh, pleasant memories of lunch break when he was alive washing over him. This day could NOT get better.

….Or could it? He grinned deviously.

"Let me out of these restraints, and I'll show you just how 'worth it' I can make this," he said huskily. Danny groaned and reached down to manually unlock the restraints. As soon as he was free, Walker picked up Danny by his hips and shoved him onto his desk, looming over the halfa predatorily. Danny reached up and pulled him down for another kiss, hooking one leg around Walker's.

Walker growled into the halfa's mouth and ground his hips hard into the younger male's. Danny let out a whine and arched up, his fingers digging into the back of Walker's shirt. Walker only kissed Danny harder and dug his own fingers into his partner's hips, the dynamics of sex as he knew it coming back to him. After almost seventy plus-years of abstinence, he finally remembered how to pleasure another person; he finally remembered what physical pleasure FELT like.

And screw the rules—for now, anyway.

Danny was in HEAVEN. Everything was perfect—the kissing, the touching, the dry-fucking (there was really no other word for it; not what they were doing)—he was ready to stand on top of Vlad's townhouse and shout to all of Amity Park, "I'M HERE, I'M QUEER, GET USED TO IT!", he was feeling so good. Besides, that little evil side of him laughed, if anyone did have a problem with it, all they had to do was see his mate, and they'd run screaming. BWAHAHAHA! Five points for evil hormones!

Walker wasn't sure how much his poor desk could take, but that didn't stop him from dry-humping the little ingrate into it. Teach that boy to challenge him like that and think he had the upper hand! Try to dominate him? In his own prison? NOT happening, punk. He smirked against Danny's mouth as the boy keened and wrapped his legs around Walker's waist. So soon, and Danny-boy was already so close. He would have to build up that endurance in the boy; no weaklings on his block, nosiree.

Danny suddenly arched up with a sharp cry and accidently tore the shoulder seam of Walker's shirt as he came hard; Walker ignored the mutilation of his clothing for the moment and instead focused on his own pleasure, grinding into the now-limp form underneath him. He briefly debated pulling the boy's slacks down and doing this properly, but thought better of it.

There was always next time.

After a few more minutes, he clenched Danny's hips in a bruising grip and came hard against the boy, keeping his undignified cries of pleasure inside; he had more self-control than that. He let go of Danny's hips and pushed off of the boy, glad his desk had enough top-space for the both of them. Danny was staring up at the ceiling, sweating and panting hard. Walker snorted; 'Lightweight,' he thought. After a few minutes of recovery, Danny reached his hand out to his coat and summoned his cigarettes and lit one up, still lying flat on his back. He took a long drag and let it out with a heavy, satisfied sigh.

"…Shit," he breathed. Walker smirked.

"Enough to 'get rid of that evidence'?" he quipped. Danny snorted and took another drag before holding the cigarette to Walker. "No, I don't—"

"Walker, you just screwed your 'Public Enemy #1' into your desk after shouting 'screw the rules'. I think a cigarette wont kill you." Walker gave him a deadpan look at the horrid pun and took the cigarette, taking a nostalgic drag of it.

"…I almost forgot how much I loved these," he murmured, polishing the rest of it off. They laid in silence for a few moments. "…You about ready to get up?"

"Nah, I'm good," Danny replied. He checked his watch. "…I don't think that 'super-important meetings' last only forty-five minutes. Gimme another fifteen, and I'll be ready to ATTEMPT getting up." Walker rolled his eyes.

"Lightweight," he muttered. Danny scooted over until his head was resting on Walker's shoulder.

"Same time next week?"

"…You know, I'm going to have to make up an excuse for your presence," Walker replied. Danny shrugged.



Danny grinned; he couldn't wait until next week.

Meanwhile, down in the rec. room (Walker decided that ghosts needed supervised recreation time to avoid boredom; boredom led to revolts), everyone was staring up at the big-screen television (that Walker had NOT authorized) in a mixture of shock, horror, revulsion, and, in some cases, arousal. Technus had been caught with human electronics in the Ghost Zone, and he had been thrown in; so in retaliation, he had devised a devious plan to bug Walker's office with a camera and mini-mic and put the warden on candid camera for some entertainment.

Skulker had originally scoffed at the idea; when Technus had turned it on, he merely went back to his letter to his girlfriend, but immediately looked up when he heard the Ghost Child's voice. Five minutes in, there wasn't anyone that WASN'T looking at the screen. By the time the 'program' was over, everyone had summoned it up in their own words:

"Oh my GOD!" Box Ghost shouted.

"My poor virgin eyes!" Ghostwriter cried, covering his eyes in horror.

"That was HOT!" Technus exclaimed, grinning pervertedly. "Oh, MAN, I gotta wait until next week!"

Skulker, whose pen was now buried into the table from the sheer pressure he had been putting on it, looked down at his letter, then pulled the pen out of the table and wrote a quick post script:

I think I'm going to be staying in here for a few more weeks…

BWAHAHAHAHAAA! REVEL IN MY PERVERSION! REVIL, DAMN YOU! And for an idear of what human-Walker looks like:

http : / / kichigai. deviantart. com / art / ArtJunk- F- 49521251 (erases the spaces)