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I've decided, after a run-in with my old Friend Alucard(The One from Hellsing, not the voice in my head that governs my Sorrow), that I'm going to write a Vampire Naruto story. Now then, is he going to be whiny? No. Is He going to sparkle? I'll shoot myself if he does. Is he going to be bitten, or inherit Vampirism as a Kekkei Genkai? No.

"But Hector,", you may ask, "If he isn't bitten, or isn't a nosferatu by birth, how are you going to make him a Vampire?"

My Freaky Darlings... You should learn to have a little faith. I'll be doing something hopefully unique, and based off of my understanding of the Hellsing Manga and Anime. Ever wonder how Alucard became the first Vampire? I'll tell you, though it's probably a little off... oh well, Fanfiction opens a wide margin for error so long as the boot finds the ass.

And I assure you, the boot shall find many an ass.

A quick note, as I know I promised Two 45 Caliber Desert Eagles. He's not going to be using guns, and will instead us swords, daggers, kunai, and pretty much anything with a sharp edge. His main weapon will be a O-katana to fit his size. Secondary weapons? (Alucard-like grin)

I do not own Naruto or Hellsing.

His entire world was darkness; it had been for hours, a seeming eternity for the eight-year-old. The most recent mob had stuck a torch into his mouth and his eyes, leaving him blind and unable to eat or drink without extreme pain, though he hadn't tried.

He didn't know where he was, only that there was grass under his bare feet at the moment, and that most of his mouth had healed, though he still couldn't taste anything. He felt a fair amount of pain every time he put weight on his left leg, and figured it had been broken and was it the process of healing.

He cleared such thoughts from his head, focusing on trying to remember something that might let him know where he was without sight; some smell or how high the grass felt. Nothing helped. All he knew was that the attack happened near a gate.

He stumbled on for what felt like hours, finding few obstructions in his meandering path other then the occasional tree; that alone didn't help, Konaha was full of and surrounded by trees. Then, his foot touched down on stone.

The only reason this was remarkable in anyway was the smoothness of the stone, and the multiple stones adjacent that felt identical; like he was standing on a walkway.

"Walkwaysh go plashesh.", Naruto muttered to himself, tongue still screwed up. He felt renewed hope as he took a step forward, though the good feeling quickly disappeared when the ground gave way. Gravity tends to fill you up at that point.

(Two hours later... what? He landed on his head...or a big fucking rock hit him...GRAVITY!)

Naruto had awoken a few minutes prior, having regain just enough of his vision to know it was dark. Light filtered down from the hole above, but Naruto, after trying, knew he couldn't reach the top.

He had resigned himself to walking further, finding that he was in some sort of corridor. If he stretched, his fingers could almost touch both walls. Confident that he wouldn't miss much if he stuck to one wall, he let his left side rest against it's wall as he moved on, finding his returning vision becoming black once more.

It was getting cold and dank as he moved on, putting one foot in front of the other in the darkness. He let his eyes close –or at least he thought he closed them, as the darkness didn't change –and trusted the wall to guide him to whatever end this hall had.

Luckily, he had the sense to have his other hand out in front of him, to prevent himself from walking into a wall, which was exactly what it hit.

'No... it's not stone...', he thought to himself, feeling the cool metal against his fingertips. He pushed against it lightly, and it moved a little, though it was heavy.

He let go of the wall and put his meager weight behind his push, finding the door moving very slowly inward with a loud squeal all the way.

When the gap was large enough to fit through comfortably, he stopped pushing and stepped through, quickly finding the air was much colder in here. However, a dripping noise reached his ears, and a sudden realization of his parched throat hit him.

When he turned to face the noise, his foot caught a rock and he tripped, and although he wasn't injured, his right hand's fingertips were touching a cool liquid a foot or so in front of him. He dragged himself forward and prayed it wasn't some sort of hallucination.

He leaned his face down until his lips touched the liquid and sucked a little in; it was real, though he couldn't taste anything yet. Deciding that not tasting the water was fine, and he started to drink, glad for the life-saving liquid.

Crimson eyes stared at the child in front of him, drinking from the pool that surrounded him. The sound of the door and the child's heartbeat had awoken him, and only the sight of this starved, and apparently blind, child drinking the blood stopped him from having his first meal in centuries.

"Who are you?", the ancient Vampire asked, making the boy freeze. He slowly looked up with partially blinded eyes, Alucard noted, and tried to make out his form. After a moment he went back to drinking, though the old Hellsing Vampire could hear his thoughts. "I'm not one of the villagers, and I'm not a hallucination. Who are you?", he asked again.

"It doesn't matter.", was the quiet response. Naruto found the feeling of his tongue had returned, but the taste buds were still numb.

"...What year is it?", Alucard asked, looking at the room's state of disrepair. Just how long had he been asleep?

"The year of the Bat.(I Don't care if it's not a real year. My story, my rules)", Naruto offered, finding that the more he drank, the thirstier he became.

"The numerical year. 2005, 2050, what?", he asked, starting to become slightly annoyed.

"1023 AFS", Naruto quickly said, trying to make himself smaller. He was glad Sarutobi had told him the year.

"AFS?", Alucard asked. Even if the world had altered directly after he fell asleep again, that was still 1023 years of sleep. He looked to his hair to find it was dripping blood, and was the rest of his body, which seemed to be half-shadow at this point.

"I-it stands for After the First Shinobi.", he added, wondering why he didn't know that.

Alucard looked to his hands to find that the white gloves that had once bound him to the Hellsing family were gone; they would only be gone if...

"Hellsing is gone.", he whispered, more for confirmation then anything else. He was free... but the gravity of the situation stole anything akin to joy from his hollow heart. "Sir Integra, Walter, Seras... They are all gone..."

Seras might have lived, but if this world had gone through an apocalypse it was doubtful. Only he was truly immortal...

He looked at the blood around him, seeing the shadows that swirled in it. The blood of a million humans... and the source of his power. He almost laughed as the human tried to quench his thirst on it; only vampires could quench their thirst with blood.

His eyes widened as he remembered his past, and his own ascension to No-Life King. The Blood of his burnt homeland and countless soldiers, coursing over his tongue and changing his being. All he was now was Blood and Shadows, and by the look of it, the millennium long sleep had apparently taken the ability for the two to remain separate away.

"Why are you in such a sorry state? Why have you been bleeding?", he asked, wondering if his death could be so simple. But he couldn't force it; it had to be the boy's choice.

"...The villagers call me a demon... If they catch me doing almost anything, they chase me and beat me. This time, they stuck a torch in my mouth and eyes...", he lamented, pausing in his drinking.

"I bet you want revenge... to watch them bleed by your hand, to put them through agony eternal?", he suggested, measuring the boy's response in the darkness.

There was a long pause before Naruto answered.

"I don't want to hurt them...", he started, and Alucard almost cursed; that was the only way he could get the boy to end him. "... but I want revenge..."

"And what revenge do you seek?"

"...I want to live... I want to walk down the streets, and have everyone see me and know they'll never be able to hurt me or escape me... I want them to have to respect me.", Naruto said, saying respect with more venom then Alucard had heard the word used with before.

"And what would you be willing to do for revenge?"

"Anything...", he said, starting to try and drink again.

"Then drink, and leave not a drop. Do not stop, and do not look; drink every drop, and the world will be forced to see you as the next No-Life King.", he said. He laid down, and slid into shadow form.

He didn't have enough energy though, after the extended hibernation, and he felt himself trying to solidify. He forced himself to be a shadow, and in a few seconds he felt something snap.

He was falling, and every soul he had drained was with him, but there was only one other thing that he knew about his current situation:

A mortal had killed him.

He had looked through his memories, and after everything the boy had endured, he knew that he hadn't damned the boy; he had given him the ability to live, and because of that, Alucard had finally learned how to die.

As he fell, he almost smiled.

"I should have gotten his name."

Short, but this is just the set up. Yes, Alucard was the last Vampire(Ironic, isn't it?), and because he was so weak(You try going a thousand-and-a-half years without eating!), he found himself able to die. Why was he able to die? Because, after killing thousands with his vampirism and stealing several from death's embrace, he let Naruto drink the blood of a million victims and because it would give him a better life, he found himself able to die.

I know it might have been a "weak" way to kill Alucard, but it's 1 AM; cut me some slack.

As for another question that may arise: No, Naruto doesn't have any of the souls that Alucard did; he took them all with him to the afterlife. Don't worry, Naruto will have plenty of his own before too long.

Don't worry about the length; chapter 1 will be longer :)

Ja Ne, My Freaky Darlings!