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"We meet again, old friend.", Naruto muttered, donning his obsidian mask. He had altered his form to once more mimic Alucard, feeling it was more appropriate for some reason. Shadows wrapped around him and formed the usual Anbu gear, to which he attached his pouch and Whedabra's sheath.

Time had flown by, it seemed. A week ago, the officials began arriving with the genin teams, and the days leading up to this seemed to be a blur. Oto, Iwa, and Kumo were the only ones to arrive, and Naruto knew full well who was on what side. Given Konaha's size, they were only slightly outnumbered, though Naruto had no doubt that Orochimaru had a number of nasty little surprises for the fight.

Perhaps he wouldn't be able to unleash all of said surprises if Naruto cut him in half, but the snake had proved to be tricky according to Jiraiya. Regardless, he would go for the kill the moment that he could.

He shook his head to clear it of distracting thoughts and shadow stepped into Tsunade's office. The instant in the absolute darkness was refreshing, though he longed for the caress it offered as he stepped into the light.

"I see you're suit up and ready.", Tsunade remarked, putting her robes over the battle armor of the hokage. "In five minutes, the second exam will start. You need to get over there and tail Sasuke.", she ordered. Naruto had known her long enough to know that the "Short and sweet" orders were her way of dealing with stress.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama.", he replied, eyes glowing behind the mask. He was getting excited, he could feel his blood flowing faster withing his veins and through his unbeating heart. As he was once more consumed by shadows, he felt the excitement grow. It was, in many ways, in anticipation for the upcoming battle. Death excited him, the possibility of it being his own death only adding to the flames.

"Should I not be frightened of my death?", he risked whispering to himself as he appeared in the branches of a tree near Team 7's gate. "But I am already dead, so what is there to fear?", he muttered mockingly to the air.

He thought, for a moment, of those he considered kin and family; they were far more mortal than he, and may very well die this day. Human concern flooded his veins, flowing alongside the fervor of a monster.

The sound of a chain striking the ground reached his ears, and he looked down to see the Team dashing into the Forest. Sasuke was in the lead, though he seemed to be a little skittish; Tsunade had told him of the little talk they had, and Naruto couldn't blame the child. If he didn't focus, however, it was unlikely he'd survive even with Naruto's help.

The shadows welcomed him as he half entered them and followed the group's progress. It was a strain, to be sure, to stay in between the worlds for any length of time. If he wanted to get the jump on the snake then this was a necessary burden, if said snake even showed up.

He watched, ever vigilant as Team 7 had a few fights with a couple of other teams. Knowing the he was only here for Orochimaru, he didn't interfere with these little battles; they were of little consequence to him anyway. The only one that caught his attention was the third fight, in which Team 7 managed to get a Heaven scroll from the other team. All they had to do was make it to the tower now.

After a while, they began to have a muttered conversation about which way to go. From what Naruto could hear, Shino wanted to rest and recover for an hour or so, while the other two wanted to go on and get to the tower as soon as possible, though Sasuke wanted to move at a much faster pace. Then, before Shino could make an argument for his cause, Naruto felt something shift.

Before he could react, which was really saying something, a vicious blast of wind tore through the forest, taking Team 7 with it. What he could react to, however, was the shadow that jumped along after them.

"Time to finish this.", Naruto muttered to himself as he launched himself from the branch, shooting after the snake.

The perpetual twilight of the forest was in his favor, providing enough shadow for him to catch up in no time.

"So good to see you again.", Orochimaru greeted from above. Naruto dashed to the left in time to avoid the air bullet while the clone he was chasing took the full blast and dispelled. The snake stood on a branch roughly forty feet high. "Looks like your reflexes are much better in the shadows."

Naruto didn't waste time mincing words; he shot up to the sannin, lashing out with his claws. Orochimaru was somewhat surprised by the speed at which Naruto could move, causing the Nosferatu to smirk.

"Didn't calculate this, did you?", he taunted, increasing his assault. Orochimaru learned quickly, however, and dodged most of his moves with ease. In a moment of slight imbalance on Naruto's part, Orochimaru took the opportunity to throw several kunai into the vampire while jumping back a good thirty feet.

Naruto didn't grunt as his blood forced the blades out and sealed up the wounds. Orochimaru seemed partially unnerved by the speedy regeneration.

"Very fast indeed. I think I'll have to take a sample after all.", he remarked, wicked grin spreading across his face as Naruto closed the gap.

He backstepped out of the way only to be impaled on Whedabra's blade from behind. Before that shock could register, Naruto tore into the snakes neck, dispelling the clone with an after thought as he drank in the blood.

By the time he realized his mistake, it was too late; the world flipped around and distorted while fire filled his veins.

Suddenly, he was in a large ring of seals in the middle of a barren field. Before he could even get his fangs from the body, each seal began to radiate light.

"You seem rather surprised, Naruto-kun. I would have thought you smarter than that.", a familiar voice taunted from the other side of the array. Orochimaru chuckled as his chakra activated the extra seals, causing them to rise up in a dome shape around the two. "Did that seem too easy?"

"What (Cough), what was in the blood?", Naruto demanded as flames scorched his insides, he wasn't overly surprised that Orochimaru knew who he was. Orochimaru chuckled.

"Silver nitrate and a bit of garlic for good measure; a little technique I learned in the Akatsuki provided the means to move the little meat puppet, and you went right along with it.", he chuckled, brandishing the kusanagi. "Didn't you think it odd that I didn't use this or my snakes? You're slipping, vampire."

"Son of a bitch!", Naruto shouted, tearing Whedabra from the body and spitting out as much blood as possible while Orochimaru laughed. Naruto could her Whedabra groaning in pain, causing him to look down at her.

Her blade was slowly dissolving in the light, which was apparently too intense for the darkness spirit. He quickly sheathed her, though he could feel the sheath suffering the same fate. He didn't know what would happen if it completely dissolved.

"N-naruto... I don't know how he got the light this strong, but I can't fight in this light. I...I'm going to hide in your mind. If you call me, this light will dissolve my form. You're...you're on your own.", Whedabra lamented, her sword form being absorbed into Naruto's body.

"Your true name should-"

"The light is too strong, and there's nothing for me to draw a shadow from to begin with. I...I'm sorry."

Naruto closed his eyes and steeled himself, knowing this was going to be the start of a hellish fight.

"Oh, and try not to let the sounds of Konaha's destruction distract you.", Orochimaru warned, smirking as an explosion went off in the distance.

"What?", Naruto shouted, whirling around. He cursed his stupidity as the Kusanagi cut a gash across his back. By the time he turned around, Orochimaru was already out of striking distance.

"A little slow in the sunlight, aren't we?", Orochimaru chuckled.

Naruto swore and pulled out a kunai, not knowing how he would fare in this fight.

(At Konaha)

Hinata remembered one thing very clearly from the day that Iruka had explained ninja wars; he said that they rarely last very long, because the strategy is to catch the opponent unaware and unleash everything that you have. It was one thing to hear it in a classroom, and another entirely to see it happen.

Out of nowhere, an explosion rocked most of Konaha; it had come from the East side of Konaha, if she wasn't wrong. It had caught almost everyone off-guard, her father being the only one to start moving as soon as it happened; he ordered the ninja to battle while the civilians were to enter the bunkers below the compound.

So, she followed her father, not knowing what else to do; she felt somewhat naked without Moriko, but she was somewhat reassured by the fact that the plushie was safe in her coffin.

"Evening, Hiashi-san.", a silken voice called from beside Hinata. Several eyes looked over to see Itachi running alongside the young Hyuuga. "I need to borrow Hinata, if that's alright. Don't want her raging near the family, right?"

Hiashi gave a grim nod, both to Itachi and his daughter. It hurt her slightly, to see that nod, but she knew that it was a wiser course of action to stick with Itachi. The two of them broke off and leaped over the walls of the compound and dashed towards the fighting.

"Any advice?", Hinata asked, looking over. She was rather surprised to see Itachi lighting a cigarette. The dagger in his hand, a truly twisted and wicked thing, caught her eye though.

"If they're aren't with us, then they're going to be with the dead.", he replied. "Your orders will keep you from killing Konaha ninja directly, but try not to go into a rage completely."

"R-right.", she replied, trying to steel herself for the fighting. She could smell the smoke and see the ninja now. "Anything else?"

"Don't play with your food."

The Uchiha was suddenly gone, the only thing marking his presence was the glow trail from the cigarette. Said trail was zooming towards the enemy ninja, and Hinata almost pitied them. A sort of excitement came from the pit of her stomach though, catching her off-guard. It was overwhelming, just like the scent of blood that now filled the air.

Red began to tint her vision as she neared, and her movements began to take on a move natural motion, like she wasn't thinking about what she was doing. A hail of shuriken flew towards her, and an invisible hand guided her actions as she weaved through the storm.

Seeing something she wouldn't have before, she grabbed a larger shuriken out of the air and threw it back. Her vampiric strength and agility had put more force and spin to the blade. A wicked grin came to her features as it tore through a ninja. She knew that she should have been repulsed by the action, but she just couldn't bring herself to feel anything other than this unholy excitement.

She finally made it to melee range and began to lash out with her claws in a whirling, perverted version of the Jyuuken. She saw the glow trail speed through a group of ninja, darting this way and that while lacerations and mutilations followed close behind it.

A painful shock brought her from the momentary lapse and face to face with a kumo ninja who had been foolish enough to get within arm's reach of her.. Hinata let loose an enraged howl, tearing the woman's arm off and sinking her fangs into her throat before she could move away.

The blood brought on a moment of dreadful clarity; she could feel the suffering and terror of everything around her, most of all the woman. She couldn't stop herself from drinking, and was forced to feel every second as an eternity of terror as she drank in the kunoichi's soul. Then, a sort of numbness came over her as the cadaver dropped from her fangs.

Strength flooded her limbs, and a iron will seemed to come forth in the flames of her crimson eyes. She took off before the numbness was entirely gone, but moved far faster and more gracefully than she had thought possible. She had been cold ever since her turning, and now she felt warm...

And she liked it.

Itachi scoffed as the Hyuuga started her own little rampage; his job was to calm her if she actually managed to rage, not to stop a wholesale slaughter. She was moving fairly slowly compared to him, though he doubted she'd catch up any time soon; between his training and the stomach full of blood that he had allowed himself for the battle, he was moving at what most ninja would call breakneck speeds.

The red trail was the only way to follow him, and even then there was always the delay and the unpredictability of his actions that stopped retaliation. Waves of kunai, shuriken and jutsu flew towards him to no avail. The speed was burning up blood quickly, but he made sure to keep licking the dagger clean between killings; it wasn't making up for the blood burn entirely, but it would keep him going until he absolutely had to drink.

A familiar cry and the sound of chirping birds came from the other side of a row of building, making the nosferatu smirk. Kami forbid everyone on his team was subtle.

Kakashi wasn't fond of warfare, but he had to admit he was good at it. With allies around it was easier to run through a jutsu or cancel a genjutsu with the Sharingan; the Chidori tore through ranks at a time, though there were always more ninja where others fell. It pained him to see so many of his own allies dying as well, but he focused on the next wave.

This was his home, and he'd be damned if let it fall for want of a pity party.

(With Akemi)

"It'll be alright.", Akemi assured a woman who was trying to calm her child. The red-head was surprised at how quickly the civilians had been evacuated; almost a half hour, and the entire non-shinobi population was in the shelters.

For the most part, she had been quietly showing the newcomers where everything was, and cautioning them to be quiet like she was. It had been a somewhat annoying job, but it was slightly easier than having to make drunks quiet down. She knew that she had been sent here early because of being pregnant with an Uchiha child, and that irked her slightly. Still, she tried to use her "experience" to make sure no one was scrambling around looking for something.

She moved to the back of the shelter and sighed, feeling suddenly helpless. She knew that stepping outside the shelter was practically a death sentence, but part of her yearned to know that was going on outside. Explosions and yelling could be heard through the walls, and her thoughts inevitably turned to her soon-to-be husband.

He was proud of his skills, but she knew that there were plenty of ninja that were stronger than him outside, and that it was...

She shook her head and focused on the moment; she hushed a pair of young children that had started fighting. Akemi knew that such thoughts were unwelcome and of no help during such a time.

Still, her heart went out in hopes of finding some way of knowing that Sasuke was alright.

(With Team 7)

The gust had knocked the team for a loop, but landing in the middle of a battle gave them little choice but to suck it up and start fighting. From the taunts and shouts of the Oto ninja, something was very wrong. It wasn't until an explosion had rocked the ground that they spoke of the war.

The fight had been evenly matched until Shino used his bugs to take out the one with modified arms; Sakura had caught another in a genjutsu long enough for Sasuke to end him with a fire jutsu that also scorched the last survivor. A kunai from Shino ended that as well.

With the sound of battle on the horizon, and adrenaline numbing the pain and the realization of death, they shot off towards the fighting, intent on joining the battle for their home.

"Please... be safe Akemi!", Sasuke mentally pleaded, Sharingan spinning. He had a person to protect now, and he would be damned if he let any harm come to her.

(With Naruto)

All things considered, he was shocked that he wasn't dead at this point. The silver nitrate had completely halted his regeneration, and though he didn't know if the garlic actually did anything he knew it wasn't helping his current situation.

"You're out of shape.", Orochimaru mocked, brandishing the Kusanagi; it's blade was covered with Naruto's blood, in which there were several silver streaks.

"When are you going to stop talking?", Naruto panted, trying to ignore the pain from the multiple lacerations that covered his body. His armor was in tatters, the only real remaining part being his pants.

"Forgive my habit; I grew accustomed to talking to corpses while I dissected them.", Orochimaru mocked, using an almost apologetic tone.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, doing his best to stop himself from going berserk; if that happened he risked entering shadow form and dissolving in the light. Kunai were proving rather useless against the Kusanagi, but given that he was only as durable as a human in the light he knew it was better than testing his claws. He pulled another from him pouch, knowing there to be only a few left.

"I have to wonder why you aren't using jutsu.", Orochimaru asked as the vampire charged, parrying the blow. He dared to call this little farce of a battle amusing.

"Shut it!", Naruto shouted, fighting a losing battle with his desire to go berserk. He wouldn't admit, though, that he was scared of going berserk. Voices that he thought he had silenced were again gnawing at his consciousness, trying to provoke him.

"Could it be that the light is interfering with your chakra?", Orochimaru questioned, cutting another gash on Naruto's left arm as the two of them clashed. "Or did a certain nightwalker never learn any?"

"Shut up! Worthless cur!", Naruto snarled out, lashing out with claws in his sudden fury. Orochimaru smirked at the nosferatu's pitiful form and slashed the hand twice before leaping out of the way.

The concentration of "poison" in the vampires veins was apparent in his sluggish motions and deteriorating mental state; Orochimaru dared to congratulate himself on a poison well made. Given that it was based off of lore and legend, he was decently proud of himself.

On top of the fact that the invasion was going as planned –he had seen the giant snake summonings success, if the smoke was anything to go by. He was in no position to look for the serpent given the distance, but his minions had radioed in with the results. Konaha was slowly losing ground.

He considered finishing the vampire before him now, but he knew better than to kill something and turn his back to the corpse. Intelligence that had taken years to piece together told him exactly what he needed to do to make sure that Naruto wouldn't be a wrench in any future plans.

Taunt him into berserker state, and thus the shadow form that would be devoured by the light. Judging by the ire in the vampire's motion, he was getting close. A few more cuts and low blows would do it.

"Would you like a break? I have all day. Konaha... not so much.", he taunted, pretending to clean his nails with Kusanagi's point.

"Fucking... snake!", Naruto panted, feeling dizzy. He forced the world to stop moving and charged, roaring with kunai in hand.

He made a swipe at Orochimaru's midstection and was blocked. He whirled around and tried another cut with similar results. The light slowed him pitifully, and burned him all the while. If he actually went to hell during this fight, he doubted he'd notice the difference.

The lack of snake might actually make it more fun.









The voices gnawed and gnawed as his slashes became more and more desperate, trying to land any blow that would draw blood.

Crimson tinted his vision as he went, slashing directly for Orochimaru's throat.

Orochimaru half considered cutting the limb off, but he didn't feel like having to watch the arm if Naruto had any tricks up his sleeve. He was decently sure the sunlight would prevent such things, but assumptions were lethal in the wonderful world of ninjas. Deciding it was the wiser course, he shunshined out of the way, making sure to throw a kunai into the nosferatu's back from the other side of the ring.

"Motherfucker!", was the resulting roar, followed by a long string of snarled gibberish.

Orochimaru smirked, knowing the end was close. A few more cuts and the vampire would end himself with that berserker form.

"You know, it's almost as though you were trying to be the savior to the village...", Orochimaru remarked as though they were holding a casual conversation. "A pitiful thought; how could a monster ever hope to save humans?"

"...Shut Up...", was the growled response.

"Tell me, does it make the defeat that much more painful? This little ruse, that is. You've been trying to convince yourself that at that drop of a hat you can become human.", Orochimaru remarked. "Was it so that you could convince yourself that you'd be able to go see that illegitimate daughter of yours?"


"Didn't you kill her mother?", he asked, shrugging a moment later. "I suppose I'll have to find her though. I want to know what a Damphyr is capable of. That is the proper term, no? Half human, half vampire, correct?"


"Even sounds like "damned". Rather amusing, really, to consider that it means she's been damned from birth.", Orochimaru added. The gears were grinding in the fiery eyes of the nosferatu opposite of him.

Naruto took off as fast as he could, intent on tearing the snake man to shreds. The voices were growing louder alongside the pounding agony from all the cuts.

He slashed with a kunai in his left hand and claws on his right. Orochimaru knocked the kunai from his hand and punted the weakened vampire away.

"I do hope your daughter puts up a better fight. If not, I'm sure I could find that Hyuuga you turned and have her produce a few more Dhamphyrs for me.", Orochimaru added, knowing it would be the final piece in the puzzle. "Wasn't it your fault that she was almost raped and killed?"


Orochimaru was struck by a sudden pressure that he had only experienced when he had ventured too close to a Bijou. At the same time, it was much darker; the aura of a berserker vampire. Now all he had to do was wait and the light would do it's work.

Naruto's form shifted and lost it's physical state, turning into shadows tinted red. The light burnt him as he turned, breaking his form down quickly. Orochimaru watched as the mass was seemingly paralyzed by the light that was eating it away. It was taking as much time as he thought, and soon only a puddle of darkness remained. Suddenly, it stopped, causing the Sannin to pause.

(Naruto's Mindscape)

"It is time...", Alucard muttered, hearing the sound of stone being sundered. It resonated throughout the castle without exception. A roar of rage and hate soon followed, actually startling the older vampire for a moment, though a wicked grin soon carved a wicked path across his face.

Alucard stood and spread his arms, hearing the bashing at the iron door as a herald that would take him to the afterlife after so many years. It would be a quick happening, to be sure, and he didn't know that form it would take, but he was looking forward to it nonetheless. The pounding came louder, and he could see dents forming on the door.

"Come and get me, oh ye monster!", he taunted as the door was finally blown from it's hinges. Darkness flooded inside, with hundreds of reaching claws flying through the air toward the nosferatu. He welcomed them and the grabbed him and tore him from the room, already knowing where they were taking him.

He saw a claw taking off down the hall, one becoming thousands in the darkness. He almost questioned what the raging vampire had in mind.

The claws flew through the corridor like a raging beast, smashing into walls and destroying what was once the hall. As the darkness traveled, it left behind thousands of claws that directly tore at the walls and ceiling, leaving no stone undisturbed on whatever unholy mission they were on. The main cloud twisted and turned though the darkness, devouring the torches as it dove towards the very depths of the dungeon.

The roar of stone had altered her that something was very wrong, though the first sign was the dark whispers that permeated the vampire's mind and resounded from the dark walls. The bestial roar had shocked her, having never heard such a bloodthirsty noise from any sort of beast before in her life. Then they came.

It was a wall of claws that was illuminated only by their own red taint, barely visible in the darkness from which they sprang. To her surprised the tore are the cage, ignoring the seal as they ripped the bars to shreds and continued on to the Kyuubi herself. Tsukiko tried to bash them away with claw and tail, but the claws divided and grabbed her a thousand times over, the smell of blood overwhelming her as she was dragged from her cage.

Normally she would have welcomed the escape, but something was wholly unnatural about this, and the claws reeked of blood. They were undaunted by her resistance and tore her from every foothold she managed to gain, pulling her up through the tunnel the the claws had torn all to hell. She was being dragged tails first, and was forced to watch as darkness consumed the corridor that led to her cage. For once, she wished she was inside the bars instead of the iron, almost liquid grip of the thousand shadowy claws.

She had never been this far from her cage, having only been able to see out of her cage to the stairs that lead up to the first curve. Tsukiko tried in vain to struggle though, finding the momentary lapse had allowed the claws to double their speed. The closer they got to whatever unholy presence was controlling them, the more Tsukiko found herself wanting to go back. It was exciting, but she had never faced an opponent that she couldn't face head on.

Finally, she was thrown from the cloud with a great deal of force into an open space. She managed to make herself flip midair in order to land on her feet, though the sight of her landing pad being a small bit of rock floating above a sea of blood was far from reassuring. Still, she was graceful for her size and landed perfectly, though the rock was barely big enough for her.

"Where am I?", she roared, getting no answer at first, it was like darkness of the purest kind filled the room, while still letting her see. It was so confusing that it was almost like her mind was refusing to process what was going on infront of her.

A scream of indignation came from her right, which cleared some of the darkness. Tsukiko saw that she was on the right left of the massive room, having been thrown from the left corridor. The right corridor, from which the scream had come, soon produced another writhing mass of shadow claws that spat out a small figure onto a rock that floated a bit to the right of Tsukiko's own perch.

"What the hell?", Whedabra shouted, rather pissed off. She had been recovering from the sun damage when the shadows had burst into her room. They had torn her from her bed, much to the charaign of her lovers, and took her down the hallway to the throne room. "Wait, what the hell happened here?"

It was completely shattered; the walls were cracked, and the floor was gone. They were floating on two pieces of what looked to be what was left of the floor, while below a sea of blood churned in a gory tide.

"Dammit, what did you do?", Whedabra snapped, looking over at Tsukiko.

"I did nothing! I thought the shadows to be your doing!", she roared in counter.

"I can't control them, so how the hell could it be me?"

Tsukiko didn't know if she had even seen the spirit this pissed off before. Before she could level a comment on how her own powers were suppressed by the malevolent aura, a dark laugh echoed through the room over the roar of blood below.

Both of them looked over to see Naruto standing on the back of this throne, which floated in the air much like their own rocks. He was different though, but at the same time it was like he hadn't changed at all.

His hair, once a glorious silver, was now a violent crimson as though it was stain with fresh blood. Adding to it's frightening appearance was the fact that it was waving wildly in the air above Naruto as he cackled madly. Said Nosferatu was shirtless, though a pair of black trousers covered his lower half. His flesh seemed paler than normal, and his eyes burned with a fire that was unknown to both Spirit and Bijou.

"Naruto, what's going on?", Whedabra asked, chancing a question. Her answer came from above.

"He's accepting his side of the line.", Alucard replied, floating above on what looked to be a crucifix. "He is becoming a true nosferatu."

Whedabra and Tsukiko, being attuned to the ebb and flow of energy could see that Alucard's very existence was being drained from him while Naruto drank it in, becoming more and more... there. Whedabra could put no words to it, but it seemed that every second made Naruto's presence that much more heavy and choking. At the same time, there was an edge to it that shook her to her soul.

"Such a glorious moment, isn't it?", Naruto laughed, causing a few more stones to fall into the sea below.

Whedabra and Tsukiko chanced another look down and realized that the ocean of blood below them had at least two hundred individuals drowning in the tide while they floated above.

"What's going on?", Tsukiko growled, tails flailing. She made sure to keep them far from the unholy tide below. The stare that Naruto sent her was sent ice through her veins.

"A moment... a moment...", Naruto repeated, starting his insane laughter again after a moment, throwing his head back while doing so.

"Naruto!", Whedabra shouted, causing the vampire to freeze. She saw the last bit of Alucard's energy flow into Naruto, and the previous No-Life King simply ceased to be. "What's going on?", she asked, trying to stay calm. The voices had just been silenced.

"Such a glorious moment...", Naruto repeated once again, a much more refined and controlled laugh coming from him now. "We should celebrate..."

"What is he going on about, spirit?", Tsukiko asked, looking to Whedabra. She was surprised to she the Darkness spirit looking scared.

"Naruto, please! I don't-", she started

"A Song and a Dance... that will do nicely. And... much drinking...", he said, head coming up finally. His eyes were burning with a violent crimson glow that she had never seen before. Tsukiko found herself staring into the eyes of a true predator. The rocks floated closer to Naruto's overturned throne, beckoned by an invisible hand.

Naruto extended his hand towards Whedabra, a wicked grin on his face. The other was towards Tsukiko, much to the Bijou's surprise. Still feeling her powers restrained by whatever this power was, or perhaps the seal was still intact somewhere, she was at a loss for what to do. Tsukiko looked over to Whedabra to see what she was doing, if only to glean a hint.

She was rather shocked to see the young, nude girl gone. In her place was a fully grown woman, standing close to Naruto's height. Her skin was pale as snow, and her hair was the same color as the girl's, though it fell to the back of her knees. A black dress covered her form, though it clearly outlined her impressive bust and figure. The most startling features were the twin horns that pointed forward from the sides of her head and the acid-green eyes that stared at the Nosferatu with an almost sorrowful gaze. Tsukiko noted a long, lizard-like tail coming from the back of the dress, at least as long as the woman was tall.

"You know the price.", the woman said sorrowfully, an ethereal melody that flowed from her lips. The words sank into Tsukiko's ears like acid.

"What is he doing?", Tsukiko growled, tired of being ignored.

"Come, Sing for me Tsukiko...", Naruto beckoned. He turned his attention back to Whedabra and smiled.

"I will do no such-"

"Dance, Ebon Queen."

The words silenced everything. Tsukiko felt everything shift about as Whedabra somehow began to radiate a shadowy aura. The raw power was staggering. Naruto turned to look at Tsukiko while the black aura condensed around his left forearm and hand. Tsukiko was almost frightened as he smiled at her, fangs gleaming. She knew what was coming; she was going to become like Whedabra. A Spirit bound to a master as a weapon.

She was somewhat disturbed that Naruto already knew the words to something she didn't think possible.

"Sing, Silver Queen."

The name caught her off-guard, to be sure, but she felt something click into place. The plateau of power known as Kyuubi seemed to fall beneath her as this name took hold in her mind. Fur stained red with blood shone silver, bearing the tint of the hunter's moon. She radiated her own aura, unable to stop it from coming out. It was a frightening, though thrilling experience as it coalesced around his right arm. She felt... powerful.

"Come, see the world through my eyes!", Naruto shouted, wicked grin spreading.

The world faded to black, yet turned a stark white at the same time. An Instant of an eternity later, it once more came into focus for Tsukiko.

She saw a pale human standing across from her in a glowing dome; the light was bothersome, but could hinder her. Her pride as a Bijou wouldn't allow it. The snake like man, for that is what he looked like, seem shocked that she was there, but her body was moving on it's own. She paused, and realized that it wasn't her body.

Naruto was Berserking, and she could experience the world though him. There was a whole new level of connection, however, though what felt like her own right arm. Both of his arms raised, brandishing twin war-talons. She saw the silver one upon his right arm and felt as though she was looking through a mirror. The midnight black counterpart on the left arm felt like Whedabra, and she could suddenly feel the spirit's presence, as though she was standing beside her. She seemed sad, but at the same time there was a sort of unholy fury about her presence.

The human spat out words that were lost on the vampire's ears, and thus Tsukiko; she felt her muscles tense for a moment, and then they were off. She found herself almost laughing in joy at the prospect of a kill.

The human was good, but he was scared now. The Grass-sword blocked many swipes, but as it cut along their arm, a hellhound of blood sprang forth, unaffected by the light. It caught the blade in it's mouth and snapped it in half. Tsukiko found it to be a very odd feeling, to have your own blood become a creature of violence and bloodlust.

The human moved away quickly, but the hound sprang from the wound the follow him, ever connected by what she felt was the tail. They came too, soon after the hound, and Tsukiko felt herself resonating with the same wicked joy and excitement as her two "Body-mates".

The broken blade foolishly cut the vampire two more times, spilling a torrent of blood that flooded the ground and tore off towards the man, sending pointed spires high into the air with the aim of impaling him.

"This is existence! The life of the hunter!", she shouted, knowing that Whedabra and Naruto were the only ones to hear her. To her surprise, it was Whedabra that resonated with agreement; had there been time, Tsukiko might have pondered why. As it stood, there was a snake running for it's life.

It's trap was ineffective now, so it ran through the barrier that had kept the Nosferatu inside. Tsukiko felt a slight burn that was remedied in an instant as they flew through the barrier. Then she truly felt Whedabra's power.

They summoned every shadow nearby into attack; thousand eyed beasts cut off the snakes escape as they closed in, letting blood mix with shadow as their power grew. The man tried to do the fast-motion-jump again, but Whedabra called the man's own shadow to tear his arm off, distracting him for a mere moment.

The hunt was over.

Tsukiko felt a wave of almost orgasmic pleasure engulf her as her gauntlet buried itself in the snake man's chest; Whedabra didn't moan, though the connection let Tsukiko feel the pleasure that touched the Darkness spirit. Then a tremor hit them both. They felt their mouth open wide, and a second later it tore into Orochimaru's throat.

Agony and terror ripped through both of them, making them scream as they were assaulted by pain, fear, memories, and emotions that were not their own. They saw images of laboratories and corpses, felt emotions of betrayal and rage beyond measure, and saw a life flash before them. A wave of refreshing power washed over them, but if didn't make up for the trauma that they had felt.

Tsukiko and Whedabra realized, somewhat in a mix of awe and repulsion, that this is was Naruto felt every time he drank. He felt EVERYTHING. And he wanted more.

The blood lust was terrifying as he made the body take off towards Konaha, the shadows of the forest heeding his call. Whedabra tried to pull back from the connection, but was stuck as their body moved faster than a human could dream to. Tsukiko was, for some reason, terrified of being here. She pushed and pulled, but it did nothing as their vision cleared. They didn't know what was more terrifying: the fact that Naruto wanted to experience even more of the agony, or that he wasn't berserker anymore and still wanted to tear through the enemy.

It was... monstrous


He felt their repulsion and ignored it, focusing on charging forth into the fray. The scent of blood and death beckoned him.

The gauntlets upon his arms thrilled him, being a true expression of who he was now; clawed fingers, and blades running along the outside of his forearms. Whedabra was elegant in a very angled and wicked way, while Tsukiko was elegance in a more smooth and flowing way. To him, it meant that he was to rip his enemies apart with his hands, with his strength, with the women that held his heart.

A flood of shadows followed him, and even the sky seemed to grow cloudy as he approached; it was almost as though the sun itself couldn't bear to look upon him.

He liked the thought.

Too long had he straddled the line. He had picked his side, and it felt wonderful. Orochimaru's soul had already lost itself in the waves of blood and agony within him, leaving his power to strengthen the beast that now charged towards Konaha.

His first target came into view, a smirk spreading unnaturally wide across his blood-stained face. The clearing was full of Kumo and Iwa ninja, apparently responsible for the giant snake in the distance. He burst through a few of them, quite literally tearing them to shreds with talon and fang before letting the shadowy wave consume them.

Black spears shot out and impaled several while their blood turned into hellish beasts that tore at the others. Naruto leaped at one and took her head clean off, laughing in the rain of blood as he jumped to another and tore into his throat, drinking as he ran towards even more of the ninja.

His shadow and hounds devoured what he didn't, giving him power boost after power boost, each and everyone coming with a wave of agony and pain that wasn't his. He felt the revulsion of his weapons, and embraced it now. This monster was who he was, and there was no point in hiding it.

Naruto laughed as he neared the snake, a wry grin on his lips as he made it's own shadow spear it to the ground. He jumped up, landing on it's head while his shadow tsunami hit Konaha's wall and the snake itself. He dug Tsukiko into the snake's head and ran forward, tearing it's head open. The other head roared in pain as the shadows began to lacerate it and it's own blood boiled and tore it's vein to pieces.

Naruto leaped from the nose of the first head and cleaved the second with a blade of bloody shadows, severing it. He let himself fall for a bit, aiming for a nearby building. The Konaha ninja were unharmed by the shadows, if a little disturbed, though they tore into any other ninja.

"It's amazing!", he cried in ecstasy as he rebounded off a building; he could feel every shadow and heartbeat withing Konaha. The wave began to encircle Konaha's wall as it's master dove into the fray itself.

The kumo jounin didn't know what hit him as Naruto crashed into him and torn him into several pieces with Whedabra; Tsukiko impaled one of his comrade and dragged her over to be drained. The spilled blood from the jounin formed two hell hounds alongside the shadows of the shreds; they lashed out at the nearby ninja.

He could feel fear, the terror of those who saw him. The Konaha ninja didn't attack because he killed only the Iwa an Kumo ninja, but he could fell their own revulsion. He didn't care about them; they were human. They didn't understand.

He tore down the street, laughing like a lunatic as he mutilated anything not wearing a Konaha headband. He could feel the mixture of pleasure and revulsion that both Tsukiko and Whedabra felt as he wielded them as weapons of war.

A large fireball was launched at him, careening down the street. He feared no fire, and he let it strike him. Oh it was warm, and the shock wave tingled, but it was a minor annoyance. It tore his body to shreds, but blood held together until the shadows of the smoke let him reform.

Judging from the expression on the Oto ninja's face, he didn't expect a vampire to come hurtling out of the smoke cloud and tear out his throat. More blood and another soul came into his possession, followed by more as hell hounds and shadows began to act on orders within the walls. It was a grand thing to him, to be in the ocean of fear and pain.

"Naruto?", a familiar voice called, gaining his attention as he lashed out and took off another ninja's head. His gaze settled upon Itachi, standing amoung bodies and close to a slightly shaking Hinata. Said Hyuuga was shocked to see her master in such a state.

His blood soaked hair warped and twisted in a chaotic wind that just wasn't there, though it seemed to delve into shadows when it got the chance. His countenance was stained with blood, and only a ragged pair of ninja pants covered him, save for the gauntlets.

"Good hunting, brother!", Naruto shouting in greeting, turning and darting off to continue his wholesale slaughter.

"I-Itachi-san... what was wrong with Naruto-kun?", she asked, trembling. She had come off her rage a few minutes ago, possibly due to the strain, and the reality of what she had done caught up with her. Seeing her master covered in blood and looking eager to spill more didn't help. She didn't know if she'd ever seen someone with that level of insanity in their eyes.

"That... would the the No-Life King.", Itachi replied, gripping his knife tightly. He could sense something big about to happen. "Things are about to get freaky in here..."

Hinata wasn't sure if she wanted Itachi to explain. Something that could disturb someone like the Uchiha was... a frightening thing, indeed. The Insane laughter that seemed to ring throughout Konaha didn't help.

Naruto could feel that the shadow wave had encircled the wall of Konaha, and decided to prey on the humans in a final grand show. He tore though ninja after ninja, heading for the top of the pole in the center of town square.

A kumo shinobi tried to take him out with a raiton jutsu only to find that, despite hitting him, Naruto wasn't overly affected by the jutsu. The ninja, on the other hand, found Tsukiko to be very effective in cutting him in half. A few more shinobi and kunoichi got in his way, making him smile even more as he approached.

Their shadows nailed their feet to the ground, surprising them for the instant it took him to close the gap and use Tsukiko and Whedabra to rip most of them in half; hell hounds of their own blood devoured their bodies as he leaped forward, the pole in sight. Decapitating another Oto kunoichi as he passed, he jumped into the air and landed gracefully on the pole.

With grace and method derived from a once-in-a-lifetime situation, Naruto strengthened the synchronism between the three of them, and used Tsukiko's chakra and Whedabra's shadows simultaneously.

The wave around the wall began to rise, slowly encompassing Konaha and flooding it with the bloody shadows. They killed the light and muted the sounds they touched, leaving those inside blind, deaf, and mute. Just before it reached him, Naruto uttered the technique's name. His whisper cut though the silence and reached every ear in Konaha.

"Aria of the Moonless Night."

Itachi felt it as soon as he heard the words. Naruto was one with the darkness; he was everywhere and nowhere at once, and the world was silent as he conducted the orchestra of the assassin.

"An Aria sung by the greatest assassin of Konaha...", he thought as Hinata latched onto his arm to know he was there. He didn't pay much attention. "The words are the only thing that assassins can say... nothing. Silence reigning in the dark. Aria of the Moonless Night indeed, my friend."

Itachi could feel the deaths as they started to add up. Naruto was everywhere, killing everyone and drinking their blood or just flat out slaughtering them. The more oppressive the aura became, the more Itachi knew how much the nosferatu was killing. He would find it amazing if no Konaha ninja were killed during the song, but he didn't know how much control Naruto had with such power.

Then, it happened.

All of a sudden, the silence was lifted, and the shadows rose up in a maelstrom of wings. It spiraled skyward, capturing the eyes of every ninja in the village as it moved towards the Hokage monument. There, atop the mountain, the swarm spiraled into a center point with a seemingly endless number. Terrified gasps and screams rang throughout the village as waves of blood rush towards the mountain, and then flowed up it's face. Blood and bats met in the center, creating a humanoid creature until finally, with the last bat and drop, a monster stood.

He was 7'9", and had long, crimson hair that bore silver streaks though it, weaving wildly though the crimson waves. Bright crimson eyes glowed from a sharp, ashen-skinned face. His garb was much like his hair; crimson and silver, though black was present as well.: A tunic, a trenchcoat, trousers and boots covered his form, and two katanas rested at his hips; one with a black sheath, the other with crimson with silver designs.

He looked over the village, knowing every enemy to be dead and bolstering his own strength. It boiled behind locked doors that wouldn't open against his own iron will. He felt rage and agony, pity and sorrow, and no small amount of joy.

Hundreds looked up to him standing there and shuddered. Naruto turned and walked off, knowing that he was now the monster of Konaha, and that he no longer walked the line. He was Nosferatu, the No-Life King. He had no worries about being human, for he was himself and nothing more. That which was a mockery of human behavior was merely a part of him, and that which was the behavior of a predator was also a part of him.

For the time being, however, he had a date with his death, and he didn't want to be late.


Naruto sighed, sitting on the bed on the upper floor of the Namikaze mansion. His shadows let him know that Konaha was bouncing back in record time; his Aria had wiped out the enemies completely, and they were taking advantage of that. Tsunade had tried to send Itachi to get Naruto so she could talk to him, but the Uchiha refused.

The moonlight shone in through the large doorway that led to the balcony. Naruto sat in only his pants, letting the moonlight strike his flesh. Itachi was wise to stay away.

He felt arms wrap around his torso and a set of large breasts press into his back. A chin rested on his left shoulder.

"I guess there are worse ways to die.", Naruto said finally, looking over to find Whedabra's eyes locked onto his, though he saw her wry smirk.

"You're already dead.", she whispered, color coming to her cheeks as she let one hand drift down and slide under his waistline. Her voice, for some reason, was a more normal. "But you still have to give me a life; that's the price."

It was a odd moment for the vampire; he had been expecting to be ended, not to have this happen. "This" being Whedabra's older form, what could be called her true form, telling him that he had to get her pregnant since she couldn't kill him... or didn't want to kill him.

"Thought you said it worked on the undead.", he replied, trying to keep and even face as she gripped him.

"...Pretend that I lied...", she countered. "You... will join me as a lover now. Until you die, however... I shall be your wife. That is the human term, no?", she asked, starting a steady motion.

"Why?", He asked, somewhat confused, "I felt how revolted you felt when-"

"You... are a monster.", another voice called from the other side of the room.

Naruto looked over to see a tall woman, much the same height as himself and Whedabra, leaning against the bedpost. She had long, flowing, red hair and deep, ruby eyes. Her skin was fair and smooth, though he noted several markings on her nude form. Nine tails came from her tail bone, and fox ears were in place of normal ones.

"Tsukiko?", he asked, stunned. She crawled, somewhat clumsily in the human-esque body, over the bed to sit beside the vampire.

"You are a monster that terrifies us...", she repeated, flushed. "A predator of the highest teir... and as such..."

"Old instincts declare you the best mate we can find here. Congratulations.", Whedabra whispered in his ear. She seemed rather eager.


"I was a dragon at one point.", Whedabra answered, smirking. "Tonight though... let us dance with the devil. You are the biggest, baddest monster around... that means you get the biggest, baddest women."

Naruto laughed, fangs gleaming alongside his eyes.

"Just like that? You hate me twelve hours ago, and now you want kids?", he asked Tsukiko, who had begun to press herself against him. She growled lightly.

"You are the strongest male I've ever met. I don't like you, but you'll give me the strongest kits possible. So I'll tolerate you.", she replied, trying to keep up the growl. Naruto rolled his eyes. "Instincts... are hard to ignore."

"You know, I'd argue normally. But you know what? Fuck it.", he replied happily. The village was safe, he was alive, and he had two hot women trying to screw him. "I think I've earned a vacation."

"Don't think you'll be getting much rest. I've been trying to fuck you for years... and I want to make up for lost time...", Whedabra growled, her own deeper than Tsukiko's. She threw a look at the fox-woman, "Care to join us?"

"Watch it, Spirit."

Naruto supposed there were going to be consequences later, but he was to weary to care. He had killed his mark, and he had no complaints about the next two bedding him.

Besides, there would be more time for killing later. Nights unsuited for love, and more suited for Song and Dance.

And thus ends the tale of the Aria of the Moonless Night.

Three things really quickly:

1: I'm sorry for the shitty fight scenes.

2: I know that the part with Whedabra, Naruto, and Tsukiko fighting as on was confusing as all hell.

3: I'm sorry if Tsukiko and Whedabra seem too... OOC at the end. Instincts, however, say that the strongest male gives the best kids. Naruto is the only one who scares then(meaning he's very strong), and is thus a prime choice. For humans, instincts can be ignored. For Whedabra, she can choose to ignore them, but chose to listen. About half of Tsukiko's actions are dictated by instinct, this was one of them.

THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL! Right now, it looks to be called "Symphony of the Hunter's Moon".

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