"Long Black Veil"

A/N: One shot Based on Johnny Cash's song of the same name. I have barely any memory of writing this. I do recall being obsessed with this song a few years back so that's probably when it was originally written. Angst...of course.

"A man is dead. Son, there's witnesses that say they saw ya runnin' away. If ya got somebody that can get ya outta this mess, ya better say somethin' and say it fast."


"Alright then," the judge stated pausing briefly, "I find the defendant, Remy Etienne LeBeau, guilty and sentence him to hang by the neck until dead."

The sound of the gavel striking the heavy oak podium rang throughout the building sealing Remy's fate.

"Execution tomorrow at dusk," the judge declared to the lawman who in turn nodded his affirmation before turning his attention fully towards the damned young man, "May God have mercy on your soul."

The judge then stood, slowly packing papers into his duffle. The township looked on at him, none moving as if expecting him to say more. He didn't. There was nothing else left to be said. Stepping down from the podium, bag in hand; he wiped the sweat away from his brow and forehead with a cotton handkerchief. He listened to the silence and to the cold wind whipping against the thin glass panes as he made his way down the single aisle. His feet fell heavy echoing through the single room schoolhouse which also doubled as a church on Sundays and the courthouse once a month.

No one dared look him in the eyes. He breathed a sigh of relief as he exited the double doors. He pulled the collars of his wool coat up high around his neck and entered the waiting carriage to make his journey to the next settlement of this newly formed country.

Remy's glassy onyx eyes stared out into the crowd. His best friend, Logan pulls his wife to him as she tries to hide her tears.

Ten Years Later

I stand under the tree, above where I lay. I watch and I wait for her once every year. She walks up and down each row. Her steps are slow and deliberate. She stops every few steps and let the pain subside before continuing, holding in her grief.

I don't move. I know that she'll end up where I am eventually; she always does. She came just for me. I watch and wait. I have all the time in the world.

Finally she stands before me, her beauty doesn't radiate like it used to but it's still there. Instead of sparkles in her azure eyes it hides beneath an exterior that is masked in burden and worn of blame.

She closes her eyes as I reach out and caress her cheek. The wind whips the long black veil about her, exposing her snow colored locks. The chill penetrates her skin through the heavy layers of her black winter garments. I remember warming her flesh on many stolen nights.

She opens her mouth to speak and I wait. She's never spoken before and I pray that the wind doesn't take her words away.


'Ma petit.'

I watch as she turns to leave. I'll see her again next year. My alibi goes back to be my best friend's wife.