Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer. Please note, this chapter contains drug use, curse words and sex, if this offends you, stop reading now.

Chapter One

"Where are we headed tonight?" I ask.

"A party on Jefferson," Alice answers.

I nod my head once and go back to what I was doing.

"Do you want to hit this or no?" I'm packing a one-hitter.

"I thought we were gonna roll tonight?" she whines.

"Yeah, we are," I don't offer her any other explanation. Alice is maniacal about her E, she doesn't eat for 8 hours before she takes it, doesn't drink any alcohol 24 hours before she doses, only drinks copious amounts of water all night and secretly has a mouth guard stashed in her purse along with several packs of gum, it's like a fucking dossier of rules and regulations when she wants to roll.

"Wait this thing isn't all ages, is it?" Fuck, I hated having to wonder if I would be hanging with 16 year old girls tripping for their first time clutching glow sticks and flashing jewelry and random other crap hanging off of them.

"Nope, Tanya's throwing it, 21 and over."

Fuck, Tanya, a previous MDMAistake as Alice likes to call it.

"When do you wanna go?"

"I told Jasper we'd meet him at 1:00."

"Alright, I'm gonna take a shower then, there's leftover pasta in the fridge along with some beers, help yourself," she just rolls her eyes at me.

I get out of the shower wrapping a towel around myself. It's a nice night out, I grab a pair of soft, frayed khakis and a t-shirt that says My child is an Honor Roll student at St. Martin of Tours. Carlisle was pissed I took this shirt from him, I told him I was pissed we had to go to a school named for the Patron Saint of Alcoholics. Esme thanked me for getting it away from Carlisle, he's worn that shirt for the past nine or ten years and Esme does not appreciate a grubby looking Carlisle. I find a pair of Adidas and go out to find Alice filling up a Klean Kanteen with a bottle of Evian. I told her she was being counter productive.

"You want to hit these?" I stick out my hand with two Pills in it, Alice takes hers and pops it in her mouth like a gumdrop and washes it down with the rest of her Evian. I grab a glass of tap water and swallow mine down. I check my phone, grab some cash and debit card, and some gum along with my house key. Alice is looking at me, clearly irritated. I wanted to spend some time chilling before we left so the effects would hit me soon after arriving at the party. After five or so minutes I run out of stuff to do, at least I'm still feeling the weed.

"Let it begin," I say. Alice gives me a gigantic smile and we head down to the lobby and out onto the street. The doorman from the hotel next to my building whistles for a cab, I slip him a $10 bill, he always looks out for my shit, he gives me a nod.

We tell the cab driver the intersection, he drives through the nearly deserted downtown streets like hell on fire, but he has the windows down, the wind feels good against my skin. If I weren't with Alice I would have walked, early summer nights walking the quiet streets surrounded by office buildings, the Chicago River, Wacker Drive, and an always twilight looking light in the downtown sky are inspiring. Not like I'm gonna climb Mount Olympus inspiring, but just get inside your head and work shit out, kind of inspiring. I don't share this with Alice though.

"Alice, what kind of party is this?"

"Tanya throwing a retro loft kind of party. She's got a bunch of DJs and rooms set up, there might be a live performance too, she wasn't sure though when I talked to her."

"What does she mean by retro?" I mean, am I walking into some Studio 54 wannabe crap or retro from like high school? It's too broad of a term.

"Something like DJs who came up through Chicago before hitting it big, she's holding it in a loft that used to have lots of afterhours and stuff. I don't know, Edward, what's the big deal? We're on the list."

Fuck, we should be on the list to make up for that poor excuse of mouthing she tried to pass off as a blowjob.

"There's no big deal, I don't care if we're on the list or not, I just don't want to have wasted some of this," I vaguely gesture to my head to indicate the E I had just taken, "on some aspiring party trying to capture a time in our lives when we were like toddlers, at most. Why doesn't she just call it a party?"

Alice sighs dramatically, "Edward, can you just not be a dick tonight, just chill your shit out? This is Tanya's thing right now, she's all into house music, she's daddy issuing some dude who's like older than fuck who used to own a bunch of clubs, she's just being her regular chameleonic self. Just be tonight. Will you do that for me?"

I reach over and rub between her shoulders, she leans her head against my arm.

A few minutes later we reach our destination, Alice skips out of the car while I pay the driver, after getting out I walk over to Alice where she's standing with Jasper.

"Say, man, got a joint?" Jasper asks me.

"No, not on me, man," I smirk, we spent three years in college getting high while watching Dazed and Confused.

"It'd be a lot cooler if you did. Well all right, all right, all right" Jasper drawls out like Matthew McConaughey's Wooderson.

"Don't start that shit tonight," Alice warns, nearly stamping her foot down on the ground.

"Easy, baby doll, we're all gonna have a good night," Jasper leans down and kisses her on the top of her head. Alice leans in and puts her arm around his waist.

I've never seen two more disparate people fit one another so well. They didn't look alike, hold any of the same mannerisms or social backgrounds or similar interests, but they know each other. Alice is a triple shot Red Eye and Jasper is warm milk with peppermint but they just accept it without question.

"Hey, are you kids enjoying right now?" Jasper raises his eyebrows asking Alice and I.

"Yeah, we took it about a half an hour ago, I'm just starting to feel it kick in," Alice replied. She looked at me and I nod my head with a smile. I was starting to feel it too.

"Cool, me too. Come one, let's make an appearance," Jasper said, taking Alice's hand and leading the way in and up to the second floor.

I could hear the music, but I felt it more so. The thump-thump-thump of the bass is radiating through my body.

We reach the landing and there stands Tanya in all of her strawberry-haired glory. She's wearing some sort of tight butter colored Geisha girl dress with little flowers embroidered all over it that is piped with a sea foam green color. I wonder why I notice all this but couldn't decide to care enough to think about it.

"Hi Tanya," Alice bounces out. Once the E hits Alice she's nothing but giggles and a taut bundle of explosive energy.

"Hey, Alice, Jasper," she pauses and looks me up and down, I am almost embarrassed for her, eyeing me like the last condom and she's a hooker at a podiatrist convention.

"Tanya," I say to throw her off her crumpet. She leans her head to the side and offers me her cheek, I'm not an asshole, I lean down and give it a kiss.

"Edward, I'm glad you came tonight," it's disgusting how she's acting like we're long lost lovers, hardly the case. We hooked up once or twice, both times being chemically induced, she was nothing more than a side effect. Okay, that's a shitty thing to say about someone, but she used me just as much as I used her, I don't have any illusions about it. "I hope you can meet Aristotle this evening, you'll simply adore him I like I do."

"Sounds very nice Tanya, I hope to meet him as well," the music is starting to grow colors, I want some water, and I want away from her before I make another mistake.

Security pats us down and looks through Alice's purse.

"Here you three, there's a tank of nitrous in the main room," Tanya gifts us with three deflated punch ball balloons.

"Thanks Tanya, we'll come get you in a little bit," Alice bubbles and pulls Jasper through the door.

"I'll see you later, Ed," Tanya winks at me.

I kind of give her a smile, hoping I can avoid her for the rest of the night. I enter and notice two baskets filled with glow sticks and necklaces. There are bodies on the dance floor lighting up at random times, their pale green constant glowing movements are more disconcerting to me than anything else.

I look around and find the line for the tank, I walk over and Jasper and Alice are already waiting.

"Nothing better to get a night started than a little oxygen deprivation to the brain," Jasper jokes.

"Sweetie," Alice drips from her mouth, "would you get my balloon filled while I go dance?"

"I'll come find you in a few," Jasper says and trails his fingers down her bare arm. Alice grabs his hand and kisses his fingertips. He watches as she bounces away.

Jasper and I stand in line for a few more minutes and are finally rewarded with three bulging balloons. Jasper leaves me the two so he can go find Alice and we can do the first one together.

"Ready you guys?" Alice bubbles over. I have given Alice the smallest one, she always tips over when she does one of these things, I neither want her to hurt herself nor waste the gas.

We all inhale our first lungful. Fuck, I love this stuff, everything slowed down for a few moments, coupled with the E and it's like I can feel the earth's rotation, hear the decibels float through the sky and watch the light flicker like it's an old 8mm home movie, one where the sound's all garbled.

I finish up the balloon and tuck it in my pocket to get a refill later. Alice and Jasper have started making out so I leave to go check out the other rooms. But first I have to get some more water.

While I stand at the bar Tanya walks up with whom I imagine to be her new complex.

"Oh, Eddie, I'm so glad you're here," she's acting like I didn't just see her 20 minutes ago. What a ridiculous girl.

"Eddie, this is Aristotle, Ari, this is Edward, he's a good friend of mine," I hope she's not trying to make this guy jealous, he can have her, no contest.

"Please, just call me Aro, I don't know where she's come up with the Aristotle shit," he says the last part so that Tanya can't hear him.

I laugh, the guy's kinda funny, he sure knew how to call Tanya out on her pretension. I look at him again; one thing is he must either have a lot of money, one long dick with skills, or really good drugs, because this guy looks like a cross between Iggy Pop and Bjork, black hair hanging limply from his head and white crepey skin. He's like a car accident, I know I should stop looking but for some reason can't tear my eyes away.

"Oh, look, Kate's here, I'll be back boys," and Tanya leans over to give Aro a kiss on his cheek all the while keeping her eyes on me, I figure she's intending it to look hot but it does not, it just looks like she's trying to hard.

"Here, come outside with me while I have a cigarette," Aro invites me with a gesture of his hand.

We weave our way through a couple of rooms and finally make it to a back set of stairs and proceed down, letting out to a surprisingly clean and well lit alley. Which is good, I didn't want to be out here amongst rats and stench. The light is sodium vapor, giving off green and tan coloring. Aro and I lean up along the wall and he reaches into his sport coat pocket to pull out a pack of Chesterfield filters. How old are these cigarettes? I thought these guys would have had to go out of business after my grandma died, she was pissed as shit when she couldn't smoke being hooked up to an oxygen tank. Thank God they never took away her double Manhattans. He offers me one.

"Yeah, thanks," I say, pulling one from the box. Aro does the same. He hands me a lighter, a Cartier lighter. The guy is a cliché. I expect him to pull out a vial of coke from around his neck and offer me a diamond-encrusted spoon along with it.

He takes a deep drag and exhales with his head turned up to the sky. I'm wondering why he asked me out here if he wasn't going to speak. I continue to smoke my cigarette, leaning my head against the building and rubbing the back of my neck with my free hand. I'm craving physical contact and wonder how long before I can get back to the party.

"So, Edward, you and Tanya were a couple?" he asks, although he already knows the answer.

"You want me to be upfront with you, Aro?" I wasn't really planning on having a heart to heart with this guy while high but for some reason he seems curious.

"I don't want you to lie, if that's what you're asking? If you don't feel comfortable saying anything, I can respect that."

I turn and look at him, I think he has a glass eye, his eyes are a light blue and almost watery. I wonder how old he is. I stop myself from reaching out to touch him to find out what his skin feels like.

"We were never a couple, we've hooked up a time or two," I look at him trying to appraise his reaction but he's playing it close to the vest. "I know her through my sister and Tanya likes to, uh, party, I see her around."

Aro doesn't say anything. This guy is interesting, I have no idea why he's asking me about any of this. He can't think Tanya is his beloved or anything.

"What's your interest in her?" I ask.

"Oh, no real interest. I'm not a fool, I know why women are attracted to me. You know, the classics; wealth, recognition, power," he waves his hand dismissively. "I like that I can get young women to give me pleasure in exchange for a few dinners or baubles or the like," he looks at me and slightly shrugs his shoulders. "I don't provide them with drugs, that's not my thing."

I believe him. He's kind of little sad, really. He knows women's interest in him is a purely a falsehood.

"Listen, man," I start, "Tanya's fun, I don't think she's a flake, even if she might seem unoriginal like that. She has her beauty and we both know pretty girls get lazy and see that as their only attribute, at least that's been my experience," which it has been. "If you wanna be honest with yourself, decide if you just want to go along and fuck her or if you want to see if she has any interest in you – and you her," I add.

He pulls out another cigarette and offers me one, but I shake my head.

"She wanted me to ask you into a threesome tonight," he states, he's looking ahead, not at me, thankfully. "Not my thing, but I was willing to oblige her. She obviously doesn't really want to sleep with me, she just likes the decadence I can provide her."

What the shit is this? Fuck, I'm practically tripping balls here, want nothing more than a gallon of water and some soft, girly touches against my skin and I've got Methuselah pouring his shit out to me?

"Well, then, I think you have your answer. Sorry man, not my thing either," and I turn to go back to the party.

"Here, it's my business card, I appreciate you being honest with me, so if you need anything you have my contact information."

"Yeah, thanks," and I stick my hand out to shake his, I'm a man, the guy was straight, with me, he deserves not to feel like a parody. Plus I really want to feel the texture of his skin. He takes my hand and tells me to take it easy, I leave and go up the stairs. His skin was loose but really soft. I have to find something to erase it from my memory.

I'm upstairs looking around for Jasper and Alice, I drink another bottle of water and am making my way through the main room back to the less feverish jazz room. There's some unassuming guy spinning a mix of jazz, hip-hop, soul and spoken word, I've heard it before and I like it. I lean up against the wall and again feel the music flowing through my body, it feels good. A big standing fan is oscillating back and forth and the air keeps hitting my face and my hair brushes about my forehead, it too, feels good. My eyes are closed and the colors are dancing about, I forget about Aro's earlier proposition. I reach into my pocket and grab a stick of gum bending it into my mouth. I feel my body moving of its own accord, everything is soft and blurry. It all feels good. I feel good.

At some point there's something, someone taking my hips and pulling me away from the wall. I open my eyes and look down to a girl. She's looking back at me with unhurried eyes, her lids are not entirely open and her hips swaying, but she's steady on her feet. My skin feels her touch. My blood feels her touch. Waves roll up and down my sides, electricity culminating where the girl has gently put her hands on my skin underneath the hem of my shirt. She pulls me towards the dance floor and starts to dance with me. She turns around so her back is against me lightly and I feel her ass slightly rub up against my cock. I travel my hands from her shoulders down her bare arms and rest my hands on her hips. I feel her hum where our bodies are touching.

We stay like this for a few minutes, hours, I have not a clue. She turns around and wraps her arms around my neck, then glides her fingers down my arms trailing her fingernails, it is so good. I now feel the blood pumping through my appendages. Where her touch has been leaves a tail of sparks and tiny explosions. I return the touches to her, she closes her eyes and slides her tongue across her full bottom lip and slightly juts the lip out. After a moment she softly pulls me down my shirt so she can say something in my ear.

"What's your name?" she languorously drawls out. And before she releases me she gives the shell of my ear a lick with that tip of her tongue. Fuck, that feels too good. My cock, which has been stirring throughout our dance, starts becoming fully awake.

I lean over to her ear, "Edward," I breath out, I see her shoulders give a shudder. "Tell me yours?" I ask.

She leans her mouth back to my ear, "Mmm, you can call me Bee," she pauses to see the somewhat puzzled look on my face, "like sting," and she makes a buzzing sound and loops her hand around before landing on my forearm with her fingertip like she's stinging me. I chuckle in response. I watch as the smile crosses her face, even in this lighting I see her eyes twinkling.

"Oh, Eddie," I am being gripped on my shoulder, pulling me out of the singular moment I'm having with this girl – Bee. I turn around and am faced with Tanya's overly whitened teeth smiling at me. I don't say anything, irritated at her interruption. Bee has taken my hand, pulling my arm behind me while she continues to sway to the music, if Tanya sees this she doesn't let on.

"Eddie, did you talk with Ari?"

"He said his name is Aro," I level back at her. Electricity is flowing up and down my arm and hand, the one that Bee is holding.

"Oh, I know, I don't like that name too much so I call him Ari, he thinks it's cute," during this exchange Tanya has moved closer in to me and has put her hand on my chest.

"Eddie, did you want to leave with Ari and I tonight, I think the three of us could have some fun together."

Just as I'm about to say something Bee turns herself around, in the process wrapping my arm around her waist. She briefly looks at Tanya.

"Come on, lover, I thought you said we were leaving?" And finishing her question she reaches up and trails her fingertips down the side of my face and along my jaw line. I feel like I'm transported by this girl's touch.

I watch Tanya's eyes widen momentarily before turning into angry slits towards me. I pretend like I don't notice.

"I'm sorry Tanya, I have previous plans. But I liked Aro, I think he's a good guy, please give him my regards," I sound like a country club cotillion, but I feel for the guy, he's tired of the merry-go-round and Tanya is on it trying to control the switches. I remove her hand from my chest and take Bee's hand and head out of the room.

Once we make our way through the party and out the door I lean over, "You didn't have to do that," I state to this girl.

"I want to leave," she looks at me straight on. "I want to leave with you."

I look back at her. I didn't notice her beauty before. We're standing in the hallway, still feeling the thump of the bass but the lighting out here is bright, a buzzing fluorescent above us. Even in this harsh, green light, she looks good. Thick and wavy brown curls fall over her shoulders. She has on a white, silky looking strapless top, which gently clings to her round breasts and her shapely torso. While she is a good head or so shorter than me her velvety creamy legs seem so long in her short black skirt. I want nothing more at the moment to touch her back of her thighs and down along her knees. I stop my perusal and look back at her.

"You want to walk or take a cab?" I ask.

"How long of a walk?"

"I don't know, maybe about two miles, we can take a cab, I have money." I'm not a cheap fucker. I just want to keep moving and I hope she does too. I look at her feet, if she's wearing some tall fuck shoes then I'll just get us a ride, she doesn't need to tear up her feet to satisfy my whim. She's wearing a pair of black flat sandals.

"No, a walk sounds good, we can always get a cab along the way if not."

I take her hand and guide her down the stairs. We reach the street and I turn north and we start walking. When we get to Wacker Drive we cross the street to walk along the river.

"Wait, stop a minute," Bee says to me. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a small, black digital camera.

"Here," she moves me over to the railing and brings the camera up to her line of sight. "Do you mind if I take your picture?" she asks after she has spent the past several moments repositioning her camera, apparently to find the right framing.

I laugh, "You're asking me that now?" She doesn't reply. "Yeah, go ahead." I look at the camera, still sort of laughing. The camera is a Leica, smaller than her hand, Carlisle would be jealous. She pops the flash up and hits the shutter a few of times. She then brings it down and is flipping through the shots. She doesn't say anything.

"Shit," and she looks up at me, I grab my phone from my pocket and send Jasper and Alice a text letting them know I left and would talk to them later.

"Crap," she says and puts her camera back in her bag and pulls out her phone. She types and sends off a message of her own. She smirks up at me. We join hands and continue walking.

"Your friend going to be okay getting home?" I ask her.

"Yeah, she's there with her boyfriend, she'll be cool."


We are standing at a crosswalk waiting for the light to change, there are just enough cars that we have to stand for what feels like eternity. She stands on her tiptoes and kisses my neck, leaving gentle licks afterwards. Continues to feel good.

"Come on, we're not far." I want this girl back at my place. My cock is stirring again and I'm curious what this girl will be like. She approached me, deftly handled Tanya, posed me for a picture; I want to see what other things she takes charge of.

Before we get to my place I stop. Even in the midst of my drug-addled state, I don't know this girl at all, and she doesn't know me either. I want to give her an out if she wants one.


"Yeah, baby?" I am not entirely bothered by her term of endearment.

"We're almost to my place, are you sure you want to come up with me?" I look at her face, searching for some type of indication of regret or apprehension. Yeah, I want nothing more than to be sheathed inside of her or have her lips wrapped around my cock or my fingers in her panties, but if she's not comfortable then I'll see her home, if that's what she wants.

She looks at me for several moments, I don't know what she's looking for, maybe something to trust. She takes my wrists in her hands, still feels good.

"You're not like, Patrick Bateman, are you?" She raises her eyebrow at me, there's only a slight hint of teasing in her voice. "I mean, am I like your first? Will I be your first victim but right now you're have second thoughts about carving me up?" All the while she's spewing this out her, fingernails are just lightly scratching back and forth on the inside of my wrist, I'm almost too distracted by it to pay full attention to her diatribe. Although I caught her questioning if I am a serial killing cannibal. I hated that book, I started having to skip over the gruesome parts, I couldn't read it at night, it freaked me the fuck out. I need to change this subject before this turns out all wrong.

"Hey, hey, hey," I grasp her hands between mine, "you asked me to leave with you. Remember? I'm asking you because I want you to have a choice, not to feel like this went too far or something."

She brought her hand to my face, cupping my cheek, still looking into my eyes. I see them change, they soften.

"I can't wait to feel you," she whispers out. Fuck, it takes everything within me not to be a Neanderthal and throw her over my shoulder and carry her back to my cave. Instead I take her hand and we approach my building.

I have to be honest, I don't normally brings girls back to my place. It's too much of a hassle, I'm not trying to make a relationship out of a hookup, but after we finish that's what they want to turn it into. It's just easier, and I rationalize, more honest to be the guy who leaves too early in the morning without a note or a kiss goodbye.

We round the corner and are going past the hotel, Felix, the doorman tips his hat at me, I raise my chin in acknowledgement. We walk into my building's lobby, Gustavo is still sitting at the desk amongst all of the travertine coolness, he also nods his head to me.

We get on the elevator and I hit the button for the 67th floor. Bee has not commented about my building, my building is another reason why I don't generally bring girls back here, they think they can get more out of me by my tony address, the size of my home and the stunning views offered.

"I'm Edward Cullen," I think it's important for her to know my last name. In some circles this name means something, I wait to see if she gives any type of recognition. She does not.

She moves closer to my side, our arms are touching.

"I'm Bee Dwyer."

She's quiet for a moment then opens her mouth, "What was with the Crest white strip girl? I mean, am I getting you in trouble?"

It's the first sign of uncertainty that she shows.

"She was a brief past thing, you haven't caused any trouble," I answer honestly.

We don't say anything else and exit the elevator when it reaches my floor. I go to unlock the door and gesture for her to enter first. I flick on the lights in the foyer and she pauses and looks around. She continues to walk in and stops when she reaches the living room, she's looking out the windows east over the lake and south over downtown.

"Are you kidding me with this?" she turns and asks me, her face is a mix of surprise and humor. I'm thankful this is how she is.

"This is your place?" I think she's asking me if I live with my parents.

"It was my parent's, it's mine now," is all I answer.

"What, did they relocate to something smaller, like Versailles?" she jokes.

I walk over to her and wrap my arms around her waist. I lean down to give her a kiss, pausing first, waiting for her permission, she leans in towards me. Her back is pressed against the glass of the window, she's raised her arms above her head, like she's in full supplication. I take my hand and gently grab her wrists, holding them above her head, my other hand travels down her side and lightly rest on the outside of her ass. I hear her hum in approval.

"I like the greetings here in Le Cullen Castle."

I take my tongue and pull it up along the side of her neck, moving to give her kisses on and behind her ear. She has removed her hands from my grasp and has brought them to my hair and is alternately pulling at the tufts and scratching my scalp, fuck, so good.

"So messy," she says, running her fingers through my mind of its own hair, I stop and look at her, amusement must be showing in my eyes.

"I was afraid you would have had pounds of shit in it, but no, this mess is all natural," she teases.

"Cowlicks," I say nuzzling back to her neck.

Bee is giving little moans, I don't think I can take too much more of this, I press her against the glass and start to lift her up underneath her ass, she cottons on and wraps her legs around my waist, I carry her back to my room, all the while continuing to kiss the base of her neck. I gently set her down on my bed.

Bee doesn't pause, she scoots forward runs her hands just above the waistband of my pants, then she dips her fingers underneath and runs them along there too. When she gets back to the front she tugs me forward and unbuttons the top button and slowly pulls down the zipper, I practically feel each tooth against my hardened cock.

I watch her while she does this, pushes down my pants, I kick off my Adidas and step aside and kick both my shoes and pants out of the way. I hope she continues to take charge.

"I didn't picture you as a boxer boy," she once again teases me. "Quite the preppy," she says before leaning forward and placing light kisses along the trail from my belly button to the top of my boxers. But then she stands up against me and starts kissing me. Yeah, this is nice but not what I had planned at the moment.

Except that her tongue is long and enters my mouth and tangles and strokes my own tongue so that I don't even notice her turning us around until she eases me onto the bed.

I look up at her surprised. She doesn't take her eyes off of me while undoes the zipper on the side of her top and wriggles it past her hips and onto the floor. She reaches behind her and undoes the zipper on her short black skirt and also slides that down kicking it away, probably to join my ball of clothes. She slips her shoes off and she stands in front of me waiting and watching as my eyes travel her form.

The moonlight is streaming in the windows, illuminating her skin an indigo, milky white. Her hair is around her shoulders and back and mussed up just enough that she looks like a French film ingénue. She's wearing a white strapless bra and black lacy bikinis. I take her hips and pull her towards me, the contact filling a need more than just tactile. My whole body is vibrating at our touches and caresses.

"Edward," Bee's speech is slow, and sounds like spun sugar, delicately sweet. When she speaks my name she draws it out, Eedward. It coats me licentiously with sticky pleasure.

"Baby, get a condom, I told you I couldn't wait to feel you inside of me."

I scoot up a bit and reach behind me, pulling out a condom from the nightstand and handing it to her, she sets it down next to her, but not before laughing lightly. I look at her, freaking out a little bit.

"My night keeps getting better and better," she holds up the package which says Magnum on it, I can't help but give her a smirk.

"Here, help me get Brooks Brother off of you," I lift my hips up while she pulls my boxers off. I have propped myself up on my elbows, watching her. She stands next to the bed and unhooks her bra releasing two beautifully rounded and full breasts, she runs her hands down her front, stopping to pinch her nipples, she lets out a little moan, the E still affecting our stimulation. Next she hooks her thumbs on her panties and pulls them down and returns to sit on my thighs.

She takes the condom ripping the package and slowly rolls it down my length. Even her touch practically makes my hip buck.

"You're pretty big Edward, I'm kinda small," shit, my night keeps getting better and better too, "I'm gonna have to take it slow at first."

"I'll be gentle," I promise her, "take you time," I hope she doesn't take too long though.

She poises herself over me, reaching down between her legs gathering her generous wetness, swirling around, rubbing her clit, when she dips one, then two fingers into herself she lets out another moan, she pulls her fingers out and brings them to my mouth and rubs her wetness along my lips, I lick, tasting her delicate musk.

"Whew, that was hot," she leans forward and kisses me. When she stops, she reaches behind her to take my cock and guides it to her entrance and starts to settle down, bringing it into her.

"That's it baby, feel me," I say rubbing my hands along her shoulders and down to her breasts pinching her nipples in the process.

"Uhhh," she breathes out when I'm fully inside of her, "wait for just a moment," she asks. She is extremely tight, she waits for her body to adjust to my girth. Slowly she starts to ride me, I grab onto her hips and guide her. She bends down and is licking my nipples, it all feels so good.

Our movements become frenetic, both of us striving for completion, for climaxes.

"Baby, are you close?" I ask, I feel my balls tightening up and know I'm close, but I want Bee to cum first.

"So close," she takes her middle finger and puts it in her mouth and brings it down to start rubbing her clit while continuing to take my length in and out of her, I move one hand to her breast and start massaging it, my other resting against the her ass, my hips are meeting her movement for movement, she speeds up her pace. I watch as her eyes scrunch up and she starts to practically pant and cry out. When she reaches her climax lets out one last cry causing me to cum, I grunt and thrust to ride out the wave.

"Ooof, fuck," Bee say, rolling off to lie next to me on the bed.

I remove the condom, tie it up and toss it into the trashcan. I lean over her kissing her, my hands planted on either head, my shoulders flexed by the action.

"Oh, baby, that was so good," she sounds like she just ran around the block.

"Yeah," I kiss her neck and down to her breasts, she puts her hands back in my hair. I roll back over to wait for my pulse to slow down.

"You know, sex with a relative stranger is usually sort of awkward, it wasn't with you," she states. I hum in agreement taking her hand in mine, stroking her long and slender hand.

"Edward?" Bee asks a several minutes later. "Do you mind if I take a shower? I kind of want to wash that party off of me," she explains.

"Yeah, sure, the bathroom is through that door, there's clean towels in the closet," thank goodness I have a housekeeper who takes care of the shit I never think of.

Bee goes to our discarded pile of clothes and slips my honor roll t-shirt on. I watch and think the good Brothers of St. Martin's never intended this shirt to be worn like this. I lean up on my elbow and watch her and she gets her purse and goes into my bathroom. After a moment she's calling for me. I get up and walk in to see what she wants.

"How does this thing work?" she points to my glassed in shower, it is probably overwhelming, there's three levers and a dial to control temperature, plus a control panel outside of it for the steam function. It really is ridiculous.

I reach in and turn the water on, leaving the side sprays off, I open the door for her to get in. She pulls the shirt off and enters. I turn to leave.

"Aren't you going to join me?" she asks.

Normally I don't like to fuck in the shower, too many balance issues and slippery surfaces, but Bee was right about washing that party off, so I open the door and get in with her.

We just let the water hit us, turning on the jets, kissing each other lightly over one another's body. She takes the soap to wash me and I return the favor. When we get out I hand her a fresh towel and watch as she bends over to dry her hair then wraps the towel around herself tucking in the excess around her breasts, she looks fucking stunning.

"Um, Edward, I'm kind of tired of tripping my ass off, can we go get something to eat, or can I make us something?"

"Yeah, I have stuff in the fridge, we can make something together."

We walk out of the bathroom, I give her a fresh t-shirt, this one says, My boy hit a homerun today! Another shirt wrestled away from Carlisle. Bee looks at it a rolls her eyes at me.

"Real subtle, Cullen."

I shrug my shoulders. I put on a clean pair of boxers and hand her a pair as well. She pulls them on folding them over so they stay on.

We make some breakfast and sit in the living room to watch the sun come up over the lake.

Bee spends the rest of the weekend at my place.

I am sitting in the back of the auditorium named after my adoptive family. I watch the stage as Sr. Cope goes through announcements for the upcoming year, letting everyone know about the new teachers, new activities and additional volunteer opportunities. Students are sent to return to their classrooms to get schedules, locker assignments and books list.

Tomorrow I start my job as an English teacher here are St. Jude's Academy for Young Women. This wasn't my planned job but this is how things worked out and will for the next nine months.

I don't have a have a homeroom to attend to, just three classes, Freshman English, Junior English, and Senior Honors English. I have been scrambling for the past month coming up with lesson plans, I was given Miss Tanner's plans and wanted to make some changes to it, to make it less staid and more interesting for both student and teacher.

Tomorrow will be my first day of teaching in an all girls' school. Jasper thought it would be one porn fantasy after the next, he had changed my ringtone to Don't Stand So Close To Me, I told him he was an unoriginal fuck.

As I was leaving the auditorium to complete copying the syllabi for my three classes my phone vibrates, I pull it out and see Bee Dwyer and a picture of her eye and eyebrow she had taken the morning after our first night together. I smile and open the message.

-Just finishing my first day and am thinking about your tongue. Can I see you tonight?

I laughed to myself, Bee hated texting, although she did it, claiming it was a necessary evil, but foresaw our language in the next 10 years being reduced to numbers and letters with the longest word being Yes. She combated it with typing all words out properly. I stepped out into the empty lobby.

We had not called what we did this summer, dating, although spent most nights together. Bee didn't want to label anything, she said she had to start school in the fall and needed to focus on that, but would be around and hopefully we could still hookup. Somehow for not dating we spent nearly the entire summer with one another. She had been vague about school, I didn't tell her about my job, that was just the way we were, she didn't have issues by it and I figured if I pushed she would go. I like being around her, after our first night it was like we never were off the Ecstasy; we actually did few drugs over the summer. I liked her, she wasn't full of issues and deception.

-Yes, please, Im almost done 2

She wrote back almost instantly.

-I'll see you at 7:00.

I slipped my phone back into my pocket and returned to the English Department to finish my tasks.

Bee left by 10:00 PM saying she had early classes tomorrow and needed to go, she kissed me and said she hoped to see me this weekend or next. I walked her to the elevator and watched her leave.

Since I was such a late hire I do not have a homeroom, homeroom teachers received extra money for the additional effort, I had enough money, I didn't need to take a job away from someone who needed the income, plus, I enjoyed my relatively light schedule of just three classes. I arrived at school by 8:00 AM, Esme had come over before I left with a brown bagged lunch, I laughed asking her if she would do this every morning, she told me no, but wanted me to know how proud and excited she was of and for me. I thanked her and gave her a kiss on her cheek, leaving to walk to school.

My first two classes went well, Junior English and Freshman English back to back followed by two free periods and Senior Honors English being the last period of the day.

I sat at my desk not looking up, re-stapling the syllabi, I had found an error and had to reprint the second page. I heard snippets of conversations as the girls walked in.

"…and Ben's taking me to…"

"…I hear this new teacher…"

"…Bella, why didn't I see you on the 4th?..."

I smiled to myself. Bee was supposed to go to Lake Geneva for a party of a friend's of hers, she skipped at the last minute and we spent the night of July 3rd, in my living room on my couch while I went down on Bee as she watched the fireworks going off out my windows. Jokingly, I had put on the Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, her climax hitting right at the finale. She laughed once she had caught her breath telling me I was over the top in my cheesiness, but then kissed me wanting to taste her patriotic pussy on my lips. I told her that her alliteration was shameless.

I finished what I was doing as the girls had settled in their desks.

"Ladies, I am Mr. Masen, I'll be teaching your class this year. Uh, where you're seated will be your seats for the next year, change now if this is not okay." I went to my podium to get the list of students and the seating diagram Alice had made for me so I could write the names in the assigned seats.

I started to take attendance.

"Rachel Black?"


"Rebecca Black?"

Jasper was going to have a field day with twin girls in Catholic schoolgirl uniforms.

I proceed down the list.

"Jessica Stanley?"

"Here, Mr. Masen," I looked up to see an overeager girl raising her hand, flapping her hand in the air.

"Isabella Swan?"

"Here," I hear spun sugar and quickly look around the room to see where the voice is coming from. In the back row I see waves of chestnut brown hair cascading across shoulders. Bee looks up and holds her pen seductively against her full, bottom lip.

"Uh, Mr. Masen, I go by Bella."

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