A/N: I am writing this in response to Shadow-Ravin's challenge. I hope you like it, dude/ett!

I knew not where I was, nor what was happening to me. The world was blurred and skewed, though I knew I was wearing my glasses. More to the point, besides those obvious details, there wasn't much else I could focus on besides the pain.

It burned though by body like wildfire, uncontrolled, unceasing, undeniable… I knew it was changing me. I was not afraid, per se, for anything would be better than the life I currently lived.

What was changing, though? From the feel of it, my whole body was being transformed, twisting out of proportion before settling back into its new shape. There wasn't a doubt in my mind how I had ended up here, however.


The trees were predominant in the area, and I could almost feel them watching me. It was otherworldly how their stares seemed human… But there was nothing human about it at all. It was wilder, more intelligent…more dangerous. I panicked, unreasonably, it seems now. They would have caught me anyway.

I ran. They chased. I fell. They laughed. I attempted to get back to my feet, but I was bowled over by a man who couldn't have been any older than me. He smiled maliciously, baring his teeth at me.

The man was pale, yet not sickly so. He was thin, but in a lithe way. Certainly, he was stronger than I. His eyes were a creepily pale shade of blue. I hardly had time to register this before he shoved something into my mouth.

He held my nose pinched together and clamped his hand like a vise over my spluttering lips. I couldn't breathe – I had to swallow. Whatever it was, I could only describe it as vile-tasting. A tingle went through my body. The man smiled and walked away from his victim. From me.


What was I becoming? A monster? I sincerely hoped not.

The pain dulled, and then came to a stop. My body felt…dirty, as if I hadn't showered for a few days. Being out on the wilderness, I knew that there were no convenient bathrooms nearby, I went to look for a river or stream.

As it turned out, there was one not far from my grassy pyre. With a sigh, I dropped to my knees in front of it and splashed some onto my face. The coolness of it was relief on my heated skin. That was when I saw my refection in the rippling water.

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